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Skillz – 2005 Rap Up


He kills it as usual. 7 minutes long!

Skillz 2005 Rap Up Re-Up

Choice quotables:

"Everybody read Superhead’s book, except Fantasia." 

"…then Kanye said Bush didn’t care about black people, and we was all like yeah what he saying is true, but I’m like ‘Ye, white people just started caring about you!"

*BonusSkillz – Ghostwriter (Live, with names!)

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26 Responses to “Skillz – 2005 Rap Up”

  1. T Nelson Says:

    Yo esk is it possible to post this as a different type of file i cant download it for some reason

  2. eskay Says:

    I emailed it to you doggie. what was the problem though?

  3. J F Says:

    the files are fine.

    and i wonder if skillz will ever able to check his cheques after this.

  4. dCs Says:

    the rap up is hot as usual for him but yo if he wrote songs for mase and diddy… i can see why they didnt pay him…

  5. AGeezee Says:

    Y u say that? I’m at work and couldn’t listen to the file, was it somethin he said in the rhyme?

  6. dCs Says:

    yeah basically he said that he did rhymes for diddy, mase, kim and some others and they never paid him. i like mase, but most of his rhymes are pretty bad. unless he wrote some of mase’s hot shit back in the day, he shouldnt be gettin any money for stuff he wrote.

  7. Tangie Says:

    Yo! That Rap Up for 05′ was Fire! He done dun it again! You killed it Skillz!

  8. e-dubbs Says:

    dont gotta even listen to it to know its good. SKillz always been tight even if he is a fake Lord Finesse.

  9. Rizz Says:

    how come ive never heard of this guy?
    i listen to pretty much all underground stuff but ive never heard of him?

  10. Rizz Says:

    how come ive never heard of this guy?
    i listen to pretty much all underground stuff but ive never heard of him?

  11. Rizz Says:

    and he disses game?

  12. DjBigDaddy Says:

    I was surprised when I heard this earlier because I could have sworn that he said he wasnt doing another one. the tradition continues though.

  13. dCs Says:

    rizz youve never heard this dude? i heard him on XM last year with his rap up. then maino’s Rumors came on… thats good to hear back to back

  14. T Nelson Says:

    He had a joint a couple years ago called “head nod” i think dude is nice doesnt get enough props he had an album called “From Where” lyrically it was tight but beats were wack he has been around for a minute

  15. bonhed Says:

    ya’ll cats neva heard of (Mad) Skillz?! that used to be his name but he just dropped the Mad recently. he used to be in them emcee battles back in the day w/ Supernat’ & them. He always was nice but i guess it take more then “skillz” to make it mainstream.

  16. timevslife Says:

    In the 06, I feel that things really need to change in this crazy world of hip hop………the black eyed peas need to stop making music,words cant describe how bad that shit is…………Our favorite artists need to do them and not run with whatever is hot…….listen to the new reaggaeton bullshit with the three six mafia and twistas new song and you will see what I mean…….twista and the fucking three six mafia doing reggaeton……..my god…….the weak beefs need to stop,if you got problems than you got problems but d4l and the franchise boys beefing over “snap music”……..get the fuck outta here…….I know whats next……..Im a hater,why am I hating blah blah blah…….I dont hate on any man getting money,but I will hate on an artist putting out garbage ass music

  17. Magik Says:

    Yo,Skillz has been around for a guick minute.Remember when he used to rhyme wit Timbaland and missy?It was called Superfriends.Guess it didn’t work out.Are they still friends?

  18. V!RTU Says:

    put the new link up…..that one is expired

  19. ad Says:

    …where’s the beat of this from again?

  20. heemerdelux Says:

    the beat is upredictable by jamie foxx and Rizz have u been in a cave or something. skillz been around since forever and he gave props to the game for bringin the westcoast back n not beefn with jayz because everyone knows he would of gotten killed.

  21. KiLLaMJ02 Says:

    50 sucks, g-unit is proof that hes in it for nothing but money,cause half these guys would be pretty decent artists but now they forever will be associated with pussies. horrible!!!!! This TRACK IS HOT CAUSE IT EXPOSES ALL THE STUPID THINGS RAPPERS TRY TO TALK ABOUT IN THEIR SO CALELD SONGS .dONT GET 2 EXCITED DOG



  23. Sami Says:

    ayyy would it be possible to put the 05 rap up on a myspace cuz im feenin too put it on

  24. Sami Says:

    ayyy would it be possible to put the 05 rap up on a myspace cuz im feenin too put it on

  25. Knockout Says:

    Dis nigga skillz said sum funni shit man.Dat nigga Bow Wow like 4 foot I know he aint layin da pipe.

  26. Cooki Says:

    Your links have expired

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