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Power of the Quarter


50’s estranged first cousin, Michael ‘Two Five’ Francis, recently did an interview with the AP in which he airs out his superstar relative for being stingy with his family despite his enourmous success. Suprise surpise, Francis also happens to be a rapper and he says he is currently working on his debut album. I don’t know what would make this guy think that 50 would ever let him live in the industry. It’s one thing to be an established artist and you get blacklisted, but if you’re a unsigned aspiring rapper and you have beef with the most powerful crybaby in hip hop, I think it’s safe to say you’re gonna be in career limbo for a while. All I know is that kid has a straight Curtis face.

AP: Does 50 Cent give back to his family?

Two Five: Nah, he don’t give back to his family not one bit. He’s supposed to take care of my grandmother and my grandfather because they took care of him. I don’t think he wants to put that situation out there. His whole excuse for not bringing me on is, "It’s dangerous, people trying to hurt me, people trying to do that to me, and the closest thing to me is you." And that’s true, but my whole thing is why you are bringing the camera crews around the same house you know your family is still in. All that money you got you can’t help your family get out of the hood. Maybe not even me, but you do have cousins who have children and aunts who got bills. But you buying your homeboy a hundred thousand dollar chain.

Damn Fitty, let me find out you still got your grandparents living in the hood. You got a mansion in CT with like a thousand rooms doggie, you can’t put them up in a broom closet or something? The pool house at least? That’s weak right there. I don’t respect 50 for a lot of reasons, but he really stole it with that one.

First one talkin that family shit/and get a lotta dough and don’t give the family shit –  Jadakiss

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35 Responses to “Power of the Quarter”

  1. Demiks Says:

    He bought Hav and P lamborghini’s, he bought Yayo a house, but he still can’t give back to his grandparents? (The ones who raised him.)

  2. Bird Says:

    I need some kind of corroboration to believe this story. Ok if you don’t take care of your whole family, but at least get your caregivers out of the hood and let them know some comfort in their lives. If the cousin is a good rapper then I hope he makes it I guess. But he should want to make it on his own merits because from what Game says you have to kiss 50s ass till your lips is dry and crusty to be in his crew. He should have more pride than that.

  3. e-dubbs Says:

    “just because you my cousin?/i aint gotta give you shit, stop grubbin”

  4. e-dubbs Says:

    S, how come you aint do a story on how Jadakiss still got his son living on Elliot St? Now thats f*cked up.

  5. 50/50 Says:

    I wouldn’t want my lil soft ass cousin in some beef he can’t handle neither.
    At the same time, if I cared about him I would ensure his well being. That’s the part that doesn’t make any sense. I bet their family reunion looks like Planet of the Apes.

  6. Karrine Steffans Says:

    50 is not as tough as he seems. In fact, he and Game are still close. It’s all a publicity stunt. They’re really secret lovers. I’ll air it out in my next book coming in 2006. Thank You to the many supporters of my last book, “Confessions of A Video Vixen.”

  7. Rizz Says:

    i think 50 might be scared of getting his cousin a deal cause he might be better either way ill buy his album just so 50 has something to worry about i think people will buy it and be like oh its 50’s cousin i bet ill like it and then cry when there are no pop songs

  8. Free T Says:

    Didnt 50 buy a House for this Grandmother

  9. Free T Says:

    Why Dont You Make a story out of this, I bet you cant because its a positive story about G-unit.

    GUnitWorld.com: Sponsored by The G-Unity Foundation, Inc., its founder 50 Cent and his G-Unit Records recording artists Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Spider Loc, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., and Olivia, surprised children at three nonprofit organizations across the country, making the holiday season bright and cheerful.

    On December 23 in Compton, California, Spider Loc visited a nonprofit that he knows well, the Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum. The Museum’s main purpose is to make aviation accessible to children who lack the access and opportunity to experience such. One hundred children were treated to iPod Shuffles and a party. Spider also presented director Robin Petgrave with a check for $25,000 to support Positive Vibrations, their youth mentoring program.

    Eighty-five children at the Springfield Family Inn in Jamaica, New York were surprised when 50 Cent, Olivia, Lloyd Banks, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., and Tony Yayo appeared with plenty of toys, winter coats, hats, and gloves for everyone. And to make the celebration even more joyful, the children were treated to a concert given by the incredible Boys Choir of Harlem. In the spirit of giving, a grant for $25,000 was presented to Homes for the Homeless to fund their Healthy Living Center Project expansion project.

    Homes for the Homeless (HFH) is the nation’s largest provider of residential, education and employment training centers-serving over 630 homeless families and over 1,200 homeless children each day at five separate sites across New York City. Dubbed American Family Inns, these sites function as communities of opportunity, carefully integrating a network of on-site education, employment and family support services that address the multiple causes of homelessness.

    Last but not least, on December 19 in Nashville, Tennessee, Young Buck visited seventy children at the Fannie Battle Day Home for Children. The children received toys and were treated to a pizza party. On top of that, the organization was greatly surprised when Young Buck presented a check for $25,000.

    “I was very, very taken back,” executive director Sara Longhini said. “It’s an amazing donation for us and our families.” The grant will support establishing a new Infant/Toddler Program, or their Summer Enrichment Program.

    A grant of $10,000 was also awarded to the Boys Choir of Harlem, Inc. The G-Unity Foundation previously supported the Choir and its Choir Academy with a grant of $150,000.

  10. co sign Says:

    why you give alot to community cos you know it wud be on tv but give nothing to your own blod who cared for you and brought you up makes no damn sense if you give millions or billions to charity and foundations and you r won family stil suffers dat damn dumb

  11. Free T Says:

    By the Way weres the story on How Mary J Blige cut all ties to her family and called her mother biter and jealous about her becoming a singer. Also cutting ties with her sister, I know you remember her she was in the “Family Affair” video they look just alike.

    And the story is Fresh I heard Miss Info talk about it Yesterday

    And the only reason I said this is because you show everyone else love, but when It comes to Gunit it always some Scandals negative shit.

  12. The God Says:

    If that is true that’s horrible. I don’t believe in karma but this would definately be a situation where I wouldn’t be surprised about some bad-luck come 50’s way! As for the rest of the family….yall nigguz need to grow up! 50 aint here to support your tired, broke-asses!

  13. fuck-ny Says:

    Fuck ny city rap and all of your pussy ass rap beef and any of that other lame shit that’s goin on up there. And fuck this site. Dirty South For Life.
    “I Got A Hundred Gunz A Hundred Clips Nigga I’m From GA!!!!!!!!!!!!” FUCK NEW YORK!. Yall got some fine ass hoes up there tho’ so I ain’t talkin bout them.

  14. dCs Says:

    yeah mary’s a bitch i heard. messed up what she said about her family, but maybe she’s got a reason for some of it. still, she cut all ties, which either means shes a twat or she got like molested. i forget what it was.

    T, we dont allow positive gunit posts here. this is a biased site, kid. go to CNN with that shit son!

    im from NY and i like dirty south the best, but later for that shit man, why you sayin fuck new york. you said fuck the beef shit but you just started beef with NY people (aight not really its a website but you know what i mean). at least you respect the girls, but id do anything for my woman to have a southern twang for just a week.

  15. fuck-ny Says:

    you cool dog DCs, but most cats from NY ain’t like that. They born wit no respect folk. But Fuck it. It’s all “G”. Real recognize Real and real is what most dudes from ny ain’t never been

  16. posta child Says:

    Free t needs a towel for all the sweatin’ coming from that way. While you hold g-unit nuts for FREE take time to think that when you have money like that you have your money managed. Its tax write off time for non-for-profit sh!t. THEY RAISED HIM! Its sick how blind people can choose to be. Its like fox news channel. Oooo, I likey 50 because he does this. He a swell guy. He can do the right thing. If he can toss out chains and high end gifts to his boys the very very least he can do is do for those who have done for him. His boys have plasma widescreens and the whole nine. His family has the tv with hangers and foil for the anntena. Fork to turn channels. (J/k ya know what i’m sayin’ though.)

  17. Shock Says:

    I think 25’s mad he ain’t sign on G-Unit Records, that’s all. I just don’t believe the hype.

  18. AGeezee Says:

    I saw the little thing on MTV and I was wondering why his peeps still lived in that house. You can tell you gotta kiss his butt to be down, look at how Mobb Deep is all on his hutz. It’s ridiculous, I lost a lot of respect for them dudes, for ridin fiddy’s nutsack like they are. I guess money talks..

  19. KingML Says:

    I think this is his only way of getting in the game, because if he was a decent rapper at all, he’d be releasing tracks instead of being a hypocrite and talking shit about his own family.

    He prolly was on 50s nuts and realized he wasnt going to get shit, so he figured this was the best way to grab some attention.

    Whats with the names anyhow? two five and 50 cent? maybe that just means i wouldnt pay 25 cents for this guys album cause i sure as fuck wouldnt pay 50 cent for 50s album

  20. DEEZ NUTS Says:

    lol@fuck ny except for the hoes. haha. fuck white america sounds like what niggas should be screaming. pussy ass crackers!!

  21. fuc-ny Says:

    Oh yeah, DEEZ NUTS, Fuck dem crackers too. Preciate you for keepin me on point

  22. posta child Says:

    Get bitched or die tryin’ 50s new fan club. Contest for members only. Write a story about how you will carry his nuts. How he is not as fucked as he really is, and how he isn’t doing anwhere as good on paper as you make yourself believe. Grand prize is to carry his nuts for free and keep them warm and protected. Until he isn’t on videos and shit anymore. He is not the flavor of the month. Then you act like you wasn’t feeling him anyway. Lames

  23. Demiks Says:

    If you seriously look past your nose (50 Cent fans), you would notice how crazy 50 and Ja Rule are alike. The sing/rap, both got a female R&B singer (Olivia/Ashanti), both have labelmates who stab (Young Buck/Black Child – and ones “young” and the others a “child,” that just raises more questions.), both have a monotone sidekick (Lloyd Banks/Cadillac Tah a.k.a. Tah Murdah).

    I mean when you seriously look, 50 Cent and Ja Rule are the same person. Looking at Ja Rules past career is like looking into 50’s future. It’s like cloning Murda Inc. and throwing some Shady/Aftermath into it. All 50 did was just add some vitamin water.

  24. BK Reppin' Says:

    When 50 was in BX shooting his movie he threw $12,000 dollars to random fans in the crowd. Just last week him, Banks, Olivia, and Yayo spend time with needy children in NY and gave away money. He has the G-Unity Foundation. Young Buck was in TN giving to charity, and Spider Loc was in LA giving to charity, but 50’s tight with his money? Don’t sound right to me. On the NEW BREED DVD you see he bought his grandma a car. Cousin probably just has a grunge cause 50 ain’t helping him get on in the rap game. Jada can’t give his family shit because right now he don’t have shit, and I respect Jada but damn that post someone wrote right above is true what about his Jada’s brother on Elliot Street? What about Game letting his Brother Fase go broke and members of WhackWallStreet? Fat Joe let his friend Big Pun’s family go broke. They had to sell Big Pun’s chain on Ebay! If you gon talk shit about 50, talk shit about everyone. Everybody got shit that should be aired out, not just 50.

  25. BK Reppin' Says:

    * Jada’s son

  26. u already know Says:

    The only records you can say fifty sing/rapped on is “Build You Up”, 21 Questions, and So Amazing”. Sheek Louch was talkin bout candy shop was soft. What about his song, “One Name”?

    “I ain’t hardcore enough to hide the way I feel”

    “If someone scratch your face there will be drama”
    -Sheek Louch

    How soft and candy is that shit? Candy Shop was about a nigga gettin some pussy, last time I checked wasn’t shit wrong with that. And 50’s song Best Friends, was part of the movie so can’t nobody say shit bout that. I don’t think 50 is the most lyrical, but he is a fuckin smart businessman, he and Jay-Z got the right fuckin idea.

  27. Demiks Says:

    Nobody gets it that 50 is rapping. The “business” thing should stay the fuck out of your mouths. This is suppose to be music, not a commercial market. It won’t be too long until Pepsi sponsors rappers and ex-rappers….. oh wait, check out P. Diddy.

    If 50 is a businessman, then he should stop rapping. Period. Plus any rapper could be rich if he wanted too, its not about being smart, its about ho-ing the industry. (MC Hammer went triple platinum.)

    How many “soft” songs can you name from Sheek Louch? And how many from 50? “One Name” is some corny shit, but he had too have a commercial record because TV and radio won’t play anything different.

    50 sings on the new M.O.P. joint off the GRODT movie soundtrack. He sings on “Window Shopper” and Yayo’s singles “So Seductive” and “I Know You Don’t Love Me.”

  28. posta child Says:

    He needed to toss some of that $12000 out to his grandparents who help his ass when he didn’t have 50 cents in his pockets. The cat is a manufactured talent. No different than a boy or girl band. He’s g-unit are the new New Edition. Handing out loot like he did is helping pay muthafuckas to go back in his nut hairs. Just because dude is saying he needs to look out for family doesn’t mean he’s hatin’. Its sh!t like comments, like some of those posted, that speaks on the typical mindset of the average 50 cent fan.

  29. hiphopper4life Says:


    ABSOFUCKINLUTELY….he was taught by the man himself…

    50 raised his cousin TWO FIVE (not 25 cent, or 25 or 2-5). 50 was and remains VERY overprotective of his cousin because of who 50 was and the problems he had in the street. YES, Two Five is 6 years younger than him. Not only did they grow up in the same house but they were as close as brothers could be. 50 would come home and teach Two Five everything he learned from Jam Master Jay, from the Trackmasters why? because he had noone else to talk about it to when he was excited after learning everything….NEITHER 50 or TWO FIVE had any brothers, they only HAD EACH OTHER….The name 25 was given to Two Five by Tony Yayo when Two Five would come around his cousin when he was on the block hustlin..he would say, “Ay, yo, there’s your brother quarter water”. When looking for a name during his time of coming up as a rapper, Two Five decided to drop the numbers and keep his nickname…why? why should he change the fuckin name that he has been called since 1996 because his cousin turns out to be 50 to the rest of the world….

    Two Five chose to do his own thing as a rapper and not go with G Unit. Not only did he not want to stand in his cousin’s shadow, but because 50 raised him to be exactly like him, A BOSS, not a SOLDIER…When Two Five started coming up musically, he NEVER advertised who he was related to..Wendy Williams put him into rotation on her radio show, Sony offered him a $1.2 million dollar deal which after calling 50 to see about him jumping on the project or how he was involved in it, 50 replied that he does not support it and the deal was reniged. Two Five never advertised who he was related to, 50 put HIM on blast with the all hip hop article FIRST after he shut down the deal….


    AS for the AP Article :


    The article is 100% TRUE. Every word. AS for the part where he doesn’t take care of his grandparents, the wording was misquoted. When Two Five says, “He’s SUPPOSED to take care of my grandparents because they raised him that’s what YOUR SUPPOSED to do…..” 50 does take care of his grandparents but THATS IT.

    Noone in his family wants to EAT off of 50. But at the end of the day, dawg, this is your fam…if they are strugglin…all it takes is a phone call to get em a job..I mean come the fuck on…let’s be serious here….300 million…? spreading a mil around the rest of your family won’t even DENT your pocket….but you wanna kiss Game on the cheek and yet you can’t even SPEAK to your cousin? that’s some raw dawg shit…and its FUCKED UP.

    AS for Two Five’s music and him “sounding” like his cousin, I don’t know one fuckin up and commming rapper who doesnt want to SOUND like 50 at this point..the MAIN difference between Two FIve (or Five for short) is that he HAS AN EXCUSE, this has been his mentor, his big brother and his example SINCE DAY 1….this is all he knows…how do u stop being who u are? your own damn mother can’t tell the two of you APART on the telephone? COME THE FUCK ON PEOPLE…WAKE UP…


  30. not interested Says:

    get a life; with all the time yall spending talking about some shit that don’t concern you… if yo ass live in new york, do some volunteer work; you go help the family. if not shut the fuck up!!!!!

  31. D-Boi Says:

    50 Cent iz a damn pussy!!!!!!!!!! How u aint gon give back 2 yo folks shawty dat nigga jus low.

  32. wow Says:

    wow you are a fagit fuck ny i dare you to come down to brooklyn and say that shit to gangstas face youll get hung on the street light get your brains blown out and probaily get raped.dont get on the internet and talk shit cause you probaily just a little white boy.and fuck all u bitches on that strippers dick its game over 50 all day every day in ny

  33. SHADY SOLJA Says:

    am from the u.k and av jus heard two five and man tht nigga hot ,50 has been ma fav rapper for along time , but this nigga gonna tear tha rap game apart hes real tiiiight.
    the same as 50 but with betta lyrics damm dre pick this nigga if murda inc was to pick him up then fuk man hed be 50s enemy tht would real hot ne

    shady/aftermath pick this fuka up now
    g G g G G g G Gunit


    Hate it or luv it the shady solja on top , am runnin the u,k rap game non stop , so all uz americans betta envy me cos am real am tight and am craze E ,

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  35. Hopp Says:


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