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It’s Official..


50 lost to Mariah. Ok, so it’s not really really official since technically there are two more days in the year, and I guess it’s possible that 50 could move the 32,000 units he would need to surpass Mariah, but I think it’s safe to call this one now. I hate doing two 50 related posts back to back, but I’ve let a few things slide without comment over the last couple of weeks and I don’t want you guys to think I’m going soft. Anyhoo, as much as I would like to spit a couple paragraphs on why this is great news, I think Status Ain’t Hood summed it up pretty well:

"…it’s a fitting story to end 50’s year: this guy started out invincible, even though he made an inert and mediocre album, and he made plenty of headline-grabbing career moves in 05, but he still ended up looking vaguely weak in the end. He never effectively responded to Game’s endlessly fascinating year-long character-assassination campaign, his movie bricked, his video game didn’t set the world on fire, and his proposed line of sex toys is some bizarrely embarrassing insane-dictator shit. And the top 200 tells the story of a couple of other painful losses for 50: no placement whatsoever for his pretty-great Get Rich or Die Tryin’ soundtrack (which, admittedly, was released late in the year) and Tony Yayo’s truly awful Thoughts of a Predicate Felon only coming up at #152, two places below Ja Rule. The Massacre may have sold a kajillion copies, but 50 still somehow came out of the year not looking so good."

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18 Responses to “It’s Official..”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    I think just about any major artist would be more than thrilled to have the year 50 did. This reminds me of when Jordan haters would be like “he had a bad game” and dude had 30 pts. But they so use to him getting 50pts that a great game by normal standards is a bad game by Jordan standards.

    I’m sure you heard of the Jordan rules, I guess these are the Curtis Rules.

  2. dCs Says:

    i dont have much of a problem with the dude, but i he’s got this regal attitude and the dude aint a king. hes not untouchable, hes not the best, and hes not even close. but i guess in the game theres no room to be humble or anything. thats my small problem with the guy. but that talent show sounds like a good idea. theyll be lookin for something that g-unit has seriously lacked lately… talent.

  3. 50/50 Says:


  4. Rizz Says:

    i wish i could put pictures on here cause i would show you the kids i know that bought 50’s album
    the same white kids who say they jump people and then challenge you to fights at the mall so when they start to lose security will jump in and if you show up they dont do anything the just give you dirty looks
    it hasnt happened to me but a friend of mine was in that situation and i came to watch them beat him up and there were like 15 of them in g-unit shirts and they just looked at him and he was by himself

  5. SSS Says:

    What did he lose, I swear some people have lose their mind. Im very fair minded when it comes to all Artist, 50 was part of over 13 millions records sold world wide( The Massacre 7 million, The Game 4 million, GRODT sound track 1 Million and counting). And Im suppose to believe he lose, or had somewhat of a bad year SMH.

    Same Goes for Tony Yayo I didn’t like his album, but he is close to Gold, and there are over 100 artist that did worst.

    I like this site but it seems every story on G-unit is a negative one. I dont see no storys about how Sheek, AZ, Jim Jone, Bleek, Sigel, Young gunz flopped.

  6. co sign Says:

    well you know it wasnt all that bad in the real sense but bad in the sense that 50 feels so invincible you know if he was just some humble dude all he did would be regarded an achievement rather than a flop, i dont have problem with anybody makin money but when you start to feel the world revolves around you then make sure you better live up to that

  7. dCs Says:

    SSS, youre right, you dont hear any real stories about it. but people do say it. theres room for enough hate for everybody here! haha nah just playin but yeah we do talk about it occassionally, just SK dont post it, thats all.

    rizz, i like how you went to go see your friend get beat up. i gotta respect that for some reason. but yo if i was one of the 15 kids i wouldnt stomp one dude, either. you gotta have some respect for dudes, you know? at my old high school 2 years ago there was some words between an italian kid and a black kid in a class. after school they were gonna fight, and the italian kid (granted, the dude’s an idiot) went alone. the black kid had 8 friends with him (all with g-unit shirts on haha) and stomped this kid’s eye out. literally. his eye fell out the socket. crazy shit to happen in a high school. they were stompin on the kids face, man. the guards just sat back because there is some racist shit goin on in that place. but yeah thats another story, the point is that i think its fucked up when you got your boys with you and you knock some kid by himself, you know?

    damn man how’d i get into that? i dont even know

  8. posta child Says:

    50 has more booty on his tracks than Oprah. Rizz was dead on as the people 50 appeals to. Punk ass kids who need this “role model” that they can copy like xerox. 50 has the draw of a boy group gone bad. Think about it. I mean these same kids have everything down to the do-rags. What in the fΩ@k do they need do-rags for? Other than to play the role. Off the top dcs is is white. The reply is the same old “you know..” story that is always used in attempt to counter a real situation or scenario. The only thing is 50 gets most all the heat because he is leading the pack of the hella wack cats that get checks for selling the image of the “typical black guy”. Its cool in videos and on radio. These people won’t be “where the block is hot though”. Busted @ss lames.

  9. J F Says:

    I’m sure 50 has many excuses to these defeats.

  10. Rizoh Says:

    sometimes i don’t know why but i love Mariah and i’m glad she did her thang in 05 cause people would soon start getting tired of her shit. Suffice to say, G-Unit is on top the nosedive list.

  11. Luis Says:

    SSS and E-DUBBS I agree with you. I don’t see ANY type of news about other rap artists having a fucked up year. Dudes want to talk about how 50’s video game never saw the light of day, well what about artist that have flopped this year and thensome? When jada (FINALLY) reached platinum status this past week it’s posted up BUT when he couldn’t get over that platinum sales hump NO ONE QUOTES! 50’s killing the rap scene and I am happy to see this dude shine. I would also be proud of other rap artist shine as well BUT unfortunately they have no type of consistency like 50 does! C’mon, you all say that Mariah beat 50……..well you guys are comparing 50 to a woman who made love songs on her album and you know for a fact that bitches love to hear that shit due to previous relations ships/love memories! G.r.o.d.t. movie soundtrack was beaten by a country singer when it first dropped on the billboard charts……….you’re comparing 50 way too much and yet he still comes on top! 50 is 50 and will always be 50 cent…..BOTTOM LINE…..HATE IT OR LOVE IT!!!!

  12. dCs Says:

    dont read too much into it, dude. i wasnt defendin whites, i was givin my opinion on the situation. if those dudes had done it, theyd be huge pussies. but whatever man its all good. some of those kids may be hard and thats the style they livin, but most of them are probably from some rich place in town and try to dress and act gangsta. it makes me laugh really.

  13. eskay Says:

    >>I like this site but it seems every story on G-unit is a negative one.

    there’s no fooling you is there.

  14. posta child Says:

    These 106 and park/trl muthafuckas will not see that 50 is a front. He is no more than a manufactured “thug”. Proof is how these people who are lost in his pubic hairs never see that he is just that. I mean his grandparents. How blind are you. He came out talking about how he was shot nine time all you and ya boys was runnin’ right out to the flea market get fake ass shit, tryin’ to be g-unit, to run home turn on the tv and see if you look like this fake mc. 50 fan club. Get bitched or die tryin’. getreal.com lmao 50 is not the only thing wrong in rap (hip hop is the culture). He makes an ass of himself and sell cds so there’s alot to talk about. Holla

  15. joecritic Says:

    excuses excuses 50 said if he didnt sell more than 11 mill he would be a flop well he didnt even hit half of that so what does he call himself now.He needs to worry about his own and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.

  16. e-double Says:

    ^ MJ also said if he didnt make the playoffs with the Wizard the season would be a failure. Sometimes you shoot for the moon and hope to hit a star, uh huh.. yeah

  17. Happy New Year Bitches! Says:

    Happy New Year Bitches!

  18. strongchef Says:

    and the season wasw a failure, thats a bad comparison

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