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Corrupt Cop Arrested, Hip Hop Blamed


A corrupt NY police officer was arrested yesterday after a search of the SUV he was sitting in with 3 other men turned up several guns, ski masks, and a bulletproof vest. Police believe the group had been shaking down and robbing area drug dealers and possibly posing as cops as a cover. What I found interesting were the comments his wife made upon hearing of her husbands arrest.

Medard’s wife – who had been frantically trying to reach him for more than 12 hours – told one newspaper he’d been under the influence of hip-hop.

"I’ve been trying to call him since last night," Kimberly Medard told The Post as she broke down in tears. "It’s him, he’s been hanging out with these rappers. I don’t know who these people are."

Yeah, it must have been the hip hop. Because a grown father of two who’s been to the military and the Police academy couldn’t possibly be responsible for his own actions. No, it must have been a combination of that new Kay Slay mixtape, and those hooligans in the baggy jeans he’s been hanging out with.  I’m very curious to see who exactly these ‘rappers’ are who forced this poor guy into this life of crime.  

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7 Responses to “Corrupt Cop Arrested, Hip Hop Blamed”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    Must have been 50.. He hangs with the police.

  2. dCs Says:

    this is retarded. he could be under influence of friends, but to say it was hip hop is ridiculous. i know ive done shit cause my boys were doin it but ive never done shit cause i heard bun b talk about it on a track

  3. jimmy Says:

    Damn you, Drama King! DAMN YOU

  4. Rizz Says:

    yeah rap music always makes me want to jump drug dealers
    thats the last thing i want to do after listening to rap
    every song that mentions dealers mentions shootings and deaths
    so yeah

  5. Shock Says:

    ^ Word.

  6. tay Says:

    that is a bunch of bull his wife must be white to believe that crap

  7. Da Kid Cassidy Says:

    Fuck U E Dubbs 50 Don`t Hang Wit No Fuckin Police I Watched Da Damn Movie And Dat Wasn`t Really Snitchin And Its A Wrap

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