The Top Selling albums of 2005


Here is the list of top selling albums for 2005. As you can see rap artists grabbed 4 spots on the list, which is 3 more than last year when Em held the lone spot with Encore.  Two of the 4 albums on this years list were garbage and two of them were pretty good. I think you can guess which two I didn’t like.

1.) "The Massacre" 50 Cent 4,805,105
2.) "The Emancipation of Mimi" Mariah Carey 4,576,141
3.) "Breakaway" Kelly Clarkson 3,182,857
4.) "American Idiot" Green Day 3,163,741
5.) "Monkey Business" Black Eyed Peas 2,719,642
6.) "X&Y" Coldplay 2,503,914
7.) "Love.Angel.Music.Baby" Gwen Stefani 2,381,327
8.) "Documentary" The Game 2,260,162
9.) "Late Registration" Kanye West 2,250,854
10.) "Feels Like Today" Rascal Flatts 2,154,647

What will 2005 bring for these artists? Will 50 release another album this year? If he does, it’s a safe bet that it’ll go platinum, but will it outsell The Massacre? Game’s next album, The Doctor’s Advocate, is scheduled for release in early 2006, but will it match the success of the Documentary? How will this new beef with his brother, and his obsessive campaign against G-Unit play with his fans? And what about Kanye? He has his work cut out for him over at his G.O.O.D. label, will he be able to balance his other artists projects as well as his 3rd joint, Graduation? I could care less what the Black Eyed Peas do, hopefully they’ll go away and not come back.

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14 Responses to “The Top Selling albums of 2005”

  1. Rizz Says:

    i think the games new album is going to sell more copies than last time
    most of his fans appreciate him more now due to the whole g-unit thing
    because all of those songs are good and i listen to them more than i do the documentary

    but im surprised that kanye has less sales than game when kanye had way more promotion than game did and was on tv more going “oh buy my album or ill get mad”
    meanwhile game was like”i just want people to hear my music”

  2. T Nelson Says:

    I feel u Rizz but white people will cop a nigga killin nigga’s but a nigga talking some college shyt the want no part of….and who the hell bought the black eye peas album

  3. dCs Says:

    nah i dont think it was about Game shootin or killin anyone. it was a 10k sale difference. how we do was the hottest shit on earth for a while, and so was gold digger. it just happened that game came out a lot earlier with his shit; ‘ye could have outsold him if he had the same amount of time. no comment as for the BEP shit

  4. co sign Says:

    DC tru talk

  5. Luke Says:

    “I feel u Rizz but white people will cop a nigga killin nigga’s but a nigga talking some college shyt the want no part of”

    Except that, on average, roughly 3/4ths of all rap records are purchased by white people. That means – given the current available data – that 3/4ths of Kanye’s and Game’s records were bought by white people.

    “….and who the hell bought the black eye peas album”

    Mostly little white girls and boys, but no one likes them anyway.

  6. Demiks Says:

    Didn’t like any of those 4 albums.

  7. P-Matik Says:

    Nah, I was feeling Late Registration. I was just buggin’ off of how people kept giving this guy the “genius” tag. I guess for real with all the sewage the industry put out there, heads will be thankful and overrate anything that resembles fresh product.

  8. Rizz Says:

    i got games album because of his lyrics and how he raps its good
    most white people were looking at the titles of songs
    and alot of the people bought his album because he was with g-unit
    every wig i see is always wearing gunit and they think they know rap
    i think there is a possibilty that game will get more sales now he is out of gunit

    i didnt like late registration cause kanye is too busy experimenting to make hits and i think he shouldve just stuck to the way he was on college dropout

    black eyed peas should get into beef rapping so they get shutout

  9. T Nelson Says:

    i luv late registration because its different and kanye raps about real real life situations like losing a grandmother, getting intimate with u girl, etc.. not that i do a drive by everyday and other bullshyt musically game’s album was tough no doubt but he wasnt saying shyt

  10. strongchef Says:

    oh then t definately listen to dreams!

  11. Plug industries Says:

    My hump, My hump……….? I though I was the only one who hated that ish! Them Dudes are so commercially wack……..But D4L is catching up fast. I’m Sorry dirty souf but that laffy taffy mess is just like black eye peas……. crap. Yall better pop back in the grey Screw tapes.

  12. e-dubbs Says:

    Kanye’s album was the only good release of the 4. Game’s was fair, I suppose. He had only one song I really liked which was the one where he breaks down the time line of his career.. “about the same time Randy Moss caught his first touchdown for the vikings”.. Massacare sucked except for “Skimask way” and maybe 2 other songs. Black Eyed Peas.. smh.. Will.I.Am is actually pretty damn nice but hanging around that wierd ass lookin’ break dancin’ fake tarzan face motherf*cker just makes his stocks drop. And why do they have a song called “Lady Lumps” which is performed by a flat chested, flat ass’ed amorite bitch? go figure. Change the name of the group to “Black Eyed Peas with some crackers”.

  13. FakeGangsterHunter Says:

    “Bucky-Beaver”(50 cent) will probably go Platinum, again. Interesting how a lot of these self-proclaimed hardcore rappers forgot the f*ckin’ street code (for the big mouth shit talkin’ muthaf*ck@s)….you’ll never see the sh*t comin’ until it’s too late. A lot of these dumbasses runnin’ around playin’ cowboy role(with the f*ckin’ theme music in the background) when they should have been more like the d%mn indian….silent and deadly.

    That’s the music business…mothaf*ck*s will lie, cheat, steal from you, and cut your f*ckin throat….friends and families all f*cked up….at what price?

  14. posta child Says:

    I’m hear that first comment that t nelson put down. Chuck d said that he isn’t suprised that given the turn rap has taken it has become this phenomenon. X-Clan, Public Enemy, and Paris, or any one like them will never get to see the results that 50 has seen. For all the obvious reasons.

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