Dipset vs. G-Unit?


I understand that Juelz Santana was a no show at the G-Unit Christmas concert last night, and was thoroughly cursed out on stage by someone from 50’s camp, possibly even 50 himself. Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of information on this right now, and it’s still mostly rumor, but I’ll keep you posted. If anybody was there, holla at ya boy and let me know what went down, ‘cuz lord knows it’ll be a week before the ‘real’ hip hop news sites post anything about this. Rumors of this beef have been bubbling for at least a year, but for some reason nothing has popped off until now. Whatever happens, I just want Cam to get involved because beef just isn’t beef until Cam disrespects somebody’s mother. 

UPDATE: I love how I waited all day for info on this and 5 minutes after I post it Juelz calls up on Angie. From what I understand, Juelz beef was with the concert promoter not G-Unit, which is why he didn’t show up. Yawn….

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82 Responses to “Dipset vs. G-Unit?”

  1. Boo Boo Says:

    It’s funny how everybody says G-Unit isn’t gangsta enough because only white kids from the suburbs by his music. Now selling a combined total of 20-22 million copies on 2 records is crazy. Obviously ,theres a lot more diversity than white people buying these records. Good music is music thats going to sell regardless. 2pac, the most proclaimed thugged out rapper of all time has sold over 73 million albums worldwide with most of his albums being sold by guess who? Yup, white people. He brought all types of different styles on his records. He did slow songs, violence, and different types of struggles he witnessed or experienced. But I guess that means nothing because album sales to the American crowd dictates whos more about the hood to you guys. Now for entertainment purposes let me read the dipset lineup: Cam’ron , Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, X-Rai, 40 Cal, Freeky Zeeky, J.R. Writer, Max B, Hell Rell, and Jha Jha. LOL…aww man you guys are killing me. These artists are proclaimed by you guys to be hood. Just one more note. Some statistics. Your CEO and leader of Diplomat Records, Cam’Ron: Killa Season album (2006) US sales 227,913 copies as of July 22nd. Tony Yayo sold more than that in his first week lol. Cam better do like D-Block and spit a couple of verses on Mariah’s album so he could sell.

  2. R-Mac Says:

    Fuck who has more record sales. That matters in no way. Look at peeps like Immortal Technique and 50 Cent, Immortal Technique has a small fan base, he’s unsigned. Last I knew Immortal sold less then a hundred thousand. But does that matter? No, because I’d rather roll with Technique then G-Unit anyday, because he’s a lyrical fuckin’ genius, and would end 50’s career. He’s a lyrical serial killer. So next time people ask who’s better, don’t think record sales.

    I know this aint about Immortal Technique, but that’s my way of saying album sales don’t mean shit, money don’t mean shit when the question is “Who’s Better” or something like that

    I’m tired of hearing “D-Block doesn’t sell” cuz that aint got shit to do with it. Go by fucking Kiss of Death, one of the sickest CD’s in a long time, same with Kiss Tha Game Goodbye, And I’m tired about shit about Cam bein’ whack. I like Cam’s earlier shit, but still he’s better then 50, and Juelz is gonna’ fuckin’ run this shit in a few years. Same with JR.

    If I were a big rapper and had the choice to sign with G-Unit, I’d say fuck no, because 1. They aren’t who they say they are and 2. I’d be hated by 90% of REAL gangstas. Fuck I remember seein’ people going to a fucking G-Unit concert, all lil white posers. I aint sayin’ all white people who like rap are posers. I’m white, but I don’t walk around like these 13 year old G-Unit Fans with fucking bandanas and shit, throwing up a fucking Westside sign on the fucking eastcoast. G-Unit appeals to the douche bag little posers that don’t know the first thing about good fucking music

  3. Gz Up all day Says:


  4. dipset sukks Says:

    you think 50 is gay check this shit out:
    Money make a pimp, pimp hoes, hustlas sell dope, thugs gun smoke
    What [echo]
    Money make the world go round, as the world turns
    Money make the world go round, as the world turns
    Nigga I need money to main-tainn
    Hustalin aint a gamee
    Nigga go and gets the grainn
    Gon’ get tore out the framee
    T.Vs in the Rangee
    I’m in ta nice thanggs I slang weed (snort)
    Coc-ainee and Herio-anee
    50 Cent
    Thats my namee
    Nigga I bring the painn
    You thought shit stay the samee
    Nigga shit gon’ change
    Put a bullet in your brainn
    Nigga at close range
    Run away wit ya rollie, your rings, and your motherfuckin chainn
    Aint nuittin funny mangg
    I’m about my money mangg
    Bitch get down on that track and get my money, I aint playinn
    Better understan what I’m sayin,
    What I’m sayin, I aint playin
    I’ll be, In front of your crib, layin, wit the mack ta start sprayinn
    Any nigga thats in the game, for the fame, gotta be a lamee
    Crackers’ll put ya in chains
    Box’ll drive you insane
    Sun cant shine all the time, man its gotta rain
    That whole loose? is ill
    You better crack the whip mang



  6. mcdonalds Says:

    forget all this talk about beef, if u really want beef come to mcdonalds

  7. wu tang clan aint nuttin to fuck wit Says:

    all you people sayin fuck gunit gay unit and all that bullshit need to shut the fuck up cuz your all a buncha fuckn posers…you know you were sayin gggunit back in 2002-2003 you were blastin that shit your all a bunch of front runners and your bitches and as for game…hes a pussy ass coward…if you got beef wit some motherfuckers and one of your boys says nah b i aint down wit yall and walks away what the fuck you gunna do? you gunna be like thats ok you can go to your crib and you dont gotta be down…nah you wouldnt you would be like fuck you bitch ass nigga you aint down so fuck you and you wouldnt be chillin wit dat nigga the nex day.same shit with game…he sed nah b i aint doin it and gunit was like fuck you then puss you aint down then you out …so he flipped on these niggas but obviously he didnt think they was faggots to begin with he was screamin gunit wearin fuckn gunit bandannas in the videos and shit puttin out fuckn mixtapes sayin him and banks is low ridin through cali and fuck that nigga who said game quit so they hired a crip cuz mothafucka spider loc was on gunit when game was you fuckn child go get your fuckn facts straight.i said gunit in 2002.im sayin gunit now cuz i aint no pussy ass posin ass front runnin bitch like all these gunot niggas so fuck that shit games just mad cuz he cant sell records no more. cuz he knows aint nobody gunna buy them ugly ass lil hurricanes.oh and fifty aint hard? what hardbody niggas you know got a fuckn buttafly tattoo on they face?if you seen a dude in yo hood wit a butterfly on his cheek you kno you gunna say that niggas sittin on poles.so fuck all that fake ass gunot shit.fuckn front runnin ass niggas.aand mobb deep would shit on dipset so dont even talk about the dips speakin about gunit or fuckn them up mobb deep would shit and them niggas and
    camron is a herb,talkin about…. “That rooti, tooti, fruity, Louie, what I usually do”…what the fuck is that about he needs to just chill wit that shit cuz im laughin at his clown ass

  8. dipset all day everyday n***a Says:

    a yo check this out aiight fuck g-unit g unit is wack they cannot rap and 50 cent is gay.50 cent cannot rhyme alright and g unit cannot fight g unit is pusssy.

  9. dipset all day everyday n***a Says:

    g unit is soft aiight thats why they beefin wit dipset cuz dipset will fuck dem niggas up all 50 do is talk shit and don’t do nuttin thats why he scared of fat joe.Last night i went out with olivia and i ate the box and fuck her and i nutted in her face bitch.

  10. young assassins Says:

    fuck dipset and fuck game and all ya’ll niggaz riding with that stripper ass nigga fuck all ya’ll bitches young assassins 4life get at us bitch.

  11. Killa Cal Says:

    Yall niggaz need to stop hatin on DIP SET DIP SET DIP SET!!!
    niggaz know the Diplomats cold as hell especially the mixtapes.
    Before Cam went to Roc-a-fella J was only the only nig platinum status on the ROC, but Killa went PLATINUM his first ROCAFELLA album thats why Cam and Jay-Z at it he was jealous of my manz cause he was movin units and Dame was finna make him VP of da ROC so get off his dick he CEo of his own record label.
    (On that pink shit ya’ll hoe azz niggaz was wearining that shit too, he set trends and u hatin niggaz is mad cause u ain’t him.)
    like Cam said “IF you dont fuck wit da dips suck a dick”.

  12. young assassins Says:

    killa cal are you member of dipset if not take there dick out your mouth nigga young assassins all day bitches

  13. sneakers Says:

    This is rap music and Dip Set is RUNNIN sh*t right now…Stop playin yourself…Them bottle poppin club G niggas cant even smell one JR verse…OR .40 cal…Listen to any Dip mix tape and then you can wake up…Get Righ was HOT. No lie. But then they all just crumbled….No disrespect, but only suburbian white kids buy 50’s music now. And thats good loot factor so I cant hate…But please dont say they are nice….DIP SET! Too bad Purple City imploded, but thats a diff story…

  14. john Says:

    yo i didnt go to the show but get this dipset and g-unit are both good but g-unit is better i mean dipset has got a couple new blazin songs out with jim jones but 50 is killin the rap game thats how i feel

  15. g-unit represent Says:

    fuc* dipset 50 cent will murda all them boi

  16. FLA Says:

    man i hear yall on dis shit….im from da south so i don’t know much bout yall hoods and ight….fuck a D4L my nigga who ever said dat one….Game ight ……I fucks wit 50 and some of his crew..Young buck a ol bitch ass nigga….he ain’t reppin nothin from da south with this fucking lame ass…banks tight….shitttt some of D-block str8 niggas cool..but fucking dip-set is a fucking joke…sometimes i have to ask myself are these niggas for real…why the fuck can they make up words and not even finish a fucking verse…man them nigga’s some hoes


    dats fuckin joke man dipset has da worst rhymes a nigga ever heard man i dont give a fuck if dey from harlem dat dont make dem hard and how da fuck can these niggaz be callin dem selfs true artist nigga when dey rhymen da same words twice in a fuckin row does niggas gota get some shit straight u gota know how to rhyme and not just flow my nigga u gota have it all 50 is runnin da industry and ya little niggas is mad because gunit get money and camron got lucky with one album homie and juelz santa oh boy dats a whack ass artist jim jones moans on his tracks ballin is a perfeckt example fo dat and how can he talk about Jay z or Nas dey fuckin desinegrate his bitch ass in a fuckin flash does niggas is legends and he a serial box rapper nigga if gunit is so wack man why dey make money oh and all ya niggas hatin on banks new rotten apple cd ya niggaz need help fo real son i never heard niggaz frontin like dat shit is major he spittin on dat shit compared to dat New game cd where he cryin about dr.dre and shit man dat nigga would suck dre’s dick to get signed again lol Fuck game and Fuck Dip set GGGGGunit still runnin it!!!!

  18. DA Shit Says:

    Fuck 50 that fag cant rymhe and cant rap. All he talking about being shot nine times and says G-Unit. that faggot sucks. I a meant I use to listen to that shit but when I heard Dipset and The Game. Im now GGGGG Unot Black Wall Street for Life and Dipset for Life so Fuck 50 and G-Unit

  19. Visar Says:

    50 and cam its funny fuck em both both bitches!! Cuz fiffty just dissin them on small part and cam is scered to say somthin about g – unit!! But it will be a good beef betwen them!! If 50 saw cam cam willd get his ass beat belive me!! but than if the whole cew was there then g -unit will get killed!!!! G – unot and fuck 50 snitch to i die

  20. SUCKIT Says:

    If fifty cant wrap why does e sell so much fuck game and dipset dipset a fucken joke em and fifty mixtape is outsellen all these muthfuckas y u even talk shit jada cant rap worth shit neither fifty and g-unit are runnrn this shit shady records to and if u wanna talk shit look at the sales theres a reason for that more people feel there shit the all yo fav wack ass rappers so the the fuck up cuz u got put

  21. SUCKIT Says:

    Visar prolly use to bump fifty now he think he hard like game when did u get your CHANGE OF HEART

  22. SUCKIT Says:


  23. DipSetAllDay Says:

    Dip Set Bitch,50cent is just commercial crap,yes maby he sold more albums but in streets hes disrecpected as hell,btw check this out







  25. true rider Says:

    fuck all yall westside conect gang

  26. true rider Says:

    fuck all yall westside conect gang

  27. im just that dop*** Says:

    yall niggas is buggin, yall aint nuttn real if you think g-unit is better than dip-set. 50 mad cuz he a lame and a punk. He all way’s makin beef, and when it get to big 4 his bean head a$$ he tries to squash it. IM FROM SYRACUSE NY fucka 50 nanks killa him

  28. steven Says:

    man fuk g-unot
    The Game reked up those chumps
    know those bitches wanna fuk wit da dipset
    50 cent is a bitch

    Mann fuk g-unit


  29. steven Says:

    man fuk g-unot
    The Game reked up those chumps
    know those bitches wanna fuk wit da dipset
    50 cent is a bitch

    Mann fuk g-unit


  30. steven Says:

    man fuk g-unot
    The Game reked up those chumps
    know those bitches wanna fuk wit da dipset
    50 cent is a bitch

    Mann fuk g-unit


  31. Larry Flint tha Hustler Says:

    Listen up all this beef between Dip set and G Unit is s ome bull shit anyway them G UNOT niggas cant fuck with the BIRD GANG they know it my niggaz done laid out the street mixtape hustle for all you broke mother fuckers. Im an up and coming artist and I feel them Dip Set niggas cause we move packs and hustle just like them niggas so we can relate. Fuck any motherfucker sign with the White Boy and get pimped like slavery. That nigga fifty is garbage plain and simple if it wasnt for DRE and The great white hope he would have had a nice album. You niggas better wake the fuck up DIP SET IS THE TRUTH YOU DUMB BITCHES everyone of my niggas spit flame G U NOT cant come close. How my nigga JIm JONes say that shit MIddle name 40 on the wrist, Last name you cant afford me BITCH, Get a Camcorder Bitch Thats Jay pop no I mean Larry Flint the Hustler

  32. G UNOT Says:

    the game, dipset foreva.

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