Statements From Game and Big Fase


Game and his brother Big Fase have each released statements addressing the fued that has erupted between them. In a nutshell Game is saying that dudes took advantage of him and his success and Fase countered that he is responsible for Game’s career and that the life he portrays on record is actually Fase’s story. Below are exceprts from both statements:

The Game:  

I was forced to switch the domain of my former website to due to the disrespect shown towards me from ex-employees who decided to turn their backs on me and my imprint, because they felt they weren’t getting enough money out of me. In the past year [2005] I have spent over $1.5 million dollars on my homies and employees of The Black Wallstreet label. I bought n***as new cars, gave n***as thousands of dollars in cash daily, paid for n***as to go on trips that hood n***as will never be able to go on in their lifetime. I took care of n***a’s kids, paid n***a’s rent, gave n***as jewelry and a lot of other s**t that I didn’t have to do. All that, and I HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR ANYTHING in return from them. I let n***as live, let them make money off ME using my name, selling my s**t all without asking for a cut, and gave them the opportunity of a lifetime to do whatever they want, opening the doors very few ever see to get in the business and giving them the chance to make something legal, positive, and legit out of their lives.

Big Fase:

Basically, what I’ve done is I’ve set the stage and I created the backdrop for The Game. I mean, his n***as that have been visible for the past year, those have been my n***as. Basically, what I did, I provided the background story for Game. I got so much love where I am, and you know me and you never heard of my brother – you love him too. We don’t share the same mother, we share the same father. For lack of a better word, I certified his gangster. A year later, me and everybody that loves me, we’re left out here with nothing…My hood, which is Cedar Block, ain’t never been like the big gang where there are 200-300 n***gas. My hood is real family based. We got our perimeters. I don’t say have, because we really not that no more. The gang is the gang, but the opportunity that was before us was the possibly and the opportunity to turn all this into positives. And somebody that opposed me said, "Why would you let your brother represent your hood when he wasn’t really from there’" I did it to bring closure to this gang s**t.

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108 Responses to “Statements From Game and Big Fase”

  1. StraightOuttaGermany Says:

    I Like The Game´s Raps
    50 Is A Fukkkin Snitch.He is A Snake In The G Unit.
    Banks,Everybody Know You Aint Gangsta.

    Fukkk The G G G G G G -Unit
    Westside Westside Compton Compton
    We Do It!
    G G G G G G -U Not !!!!

  2. G_UN!T K!LL@ Says:


  3. King-Blood Says:

    Hey that shit all a load of shit,Game should stop tryin to test Big Fase,cuz he shows a pure luv for they hood,and he the eldest so Game should get over himself,he aint shit with out Cedar Block.Blood is thicker than water.

  4. Instinct Says:

    F**k that faggot game man he a straight up pussy that lil bitch he aint gangsta for shit and b4 all u haters keep callin 50 a snitch get some solid evidence all i heard and seen is pure bullsh*t oh yea and that faggot bitch muthaf*cka jus signed that bitch pussy kevin federline to his label ( who has nothing on em) man talk about losing street cred man that dude claims he rolls with thugs and gangsters man he jus a plain piece of shit man, dont get me wrong westside rules but this fag aint the one to represent them man he could never replace 2pac so he dont have the right to call himself the king, and finally he cant call 50 a snitch if he told the cops bout sumone from gunit shootin his friend. F**K THE GAME STRAIGHT UP WANKSTA


  5. Santa Says:

    stop snitchn stop lyin soundtrack ‘he wears a red bandanna’ 50 is done kevin federline is not signed to black wall street. but think kevin federline make a diis trck about b.spears homie from the bidness aspect that equals money. and dont be stupid, yo man 50 signed mase right!! Whats the difference one is black and the other is white???? The Doctors Advocate get ready to jump back on GAMES dick.

  6. BigFase100 Says:

    Real niggaz know whats up with me,B4 Game could reach the suberbs that most of you call home,he had to get the hoods approval.
    I am the reason he got that nod of approval from the hood.

    “who the fuck is game,nigga say he from Cedar Block, I dont know that nigga!
    “Thats BigFase lil brother dogg,he straight”
    “Oh,OK,he all good then.”

    FEEL ME!

  7. tank Says:

    bloods thicka then cash man thy real need to resolve this there broths man anyway fuck g-unit GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGUNOT BWS FO LYFE BROS OR NOT STILL HOLD SHIT DOWN MAN

  8. mizzil Says:

    luk yeah, u people sayin ~”50 wrote games songs” did any of the people on here buy The Games and 50’s album? cause if you did, you would definately know that 50 didnt write the games stuff. The documentary doesnt sound like the massacre!
    You gotta give game his props!

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