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Sadat X Arrested in Harlem


Sadat X, of the legendary crew Brand Nubian, was arrested Thursday in Harlem on weapons possesion charges after he flashed the burner at a group of kids on 158th and Broadway and reportedly threatened to "kill everybody." This seems kind of strange to me, ‘cuz Sadat always came across as a level headed guy, not the type who pulls out on random teenagers. The rapper was actually teaching the 6th grade for a while, but he recently took a sabbatical to focus on his music and drop his second solo joint Experience and Education, which I’ll admit I slept on. I did catch his verse on Beanie’s album this year and I understand he also spit on Missy’s new joint. While this was definitely an unfortunate incident, situations like this do tend to help rappers more than they hurt them nowadays. Hold your head Sadat, and leave the burner at home next time homey.

Sadat X Interview at AHH from November.

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2 Responses to “Sadat X Arrested in Harlem”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    Sadat always been one of my favorite people. Although he never really could hold down a solo-gig as an artist. He did make some of the best music of the 90’s as part of the group, Brand Nubian. The reunion album “Foundation” was also very slept on and one of my all time fav joints..

    “We made men in this world, digging for bones
    The untraceable ones come with no clones
    100 years from now y’all can still get this bomb
    on the Brand Nubian dot com
    My name should be mentioned with the Portier, not the Gualtier
    although it smell good, I still get mad at Rosewood
    A Nubian card member since that faithful December
    In the 80 years, from tears to cheers, things we did should be listed in a
    pyramid, studied by a little kid
    Talked about by old jacks with slacks
    Can I move the black is my first and foremost
    Can I get a little land for me and mine?
    Grow vegetables, maybe make a little wine
    Build with the Gods and the bright sunshine
    Before we save others we gotta save our own kind” – Sadat X

  2. Nah Right » Video: Sadat X Interview w/ RS Radio Says:

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