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Ballerina P Says He’d Win a Battle vs. Nas


Peep this interview with Mobb Deep from some European magazine. Lil Ballerina P, who has been on a roll lately with his absurd comments, says that he would win a battle against Nas. It’s amazing how you don’t even have say anything to discredit this guy, because he does it himself everytime he opens his mouth. Somebody tell twinkletoes that maybe, and I stress the maybe, 5 or 6 years ago he could have possibly battled Nas and not been totally embarrased. Today though? P you couldn’t win a battle with Bow Wow. Other revelations from the article include the fact that ‘gangsta’ Hav hasn’t commited a crime since he was 17 and that P cries when he stubs his toe. Click the image above to read the whole interview.

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6 Responses to “Ballerina P Says He’d Win a Battle vs. Nas”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    i mean look at his tattoo on his hand… you gotta be a real idiot to tattoo the name of a record label that you just met yesterday. Havoc gets a year-round pass from me because he plays the background and regardless to how average he is as a rapper, he still can make beats that are hot fiyah.

  2. Mo'Nique Says:

    Ballerina P Says He’d Win a Battle vs. Nas”


  3. Randall Cunningham Says:

    Who cares, prodigy has aids and cried when tupac made fun of his sickle cell. i seen this nigga at the mall buyin shit at Old Navy talkin bout he rich. No you aint.

  4. Al-Boogie from Bed Stuy Says:

    Whats funny is that P is getting mad old. He got to be what, 30 now? He need to get his grown man on. He look old as shit

  5. FakeGangsterHunter Says:

    LMAO:) Fake-azz gangster rapper. Looks like he needs a blood transfusion.

  6. g-unot Says:

    prodigy u cant b serious nas already destroyed u on the bridge is over and u didnt say shit. now u signed to a snitch u got alot of mouth i used to like mobb deep but i stoped listening wen u signed to g-unit so fuk u. ggggg g-unot

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