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The Chappelle Theory Exposed


Well, the culprits behind the Chappelle Theory website have come forward.  I should have know Charlie Murphy had somethng to do with this. It turns out the site was an elaborate viral marketing scheme to promote The Chappelle Theory Exposed, a short film by Charlie and Neal Brennan, a writer for the show. 

View the films trailer here

Also, be sure to check The Cosby Theory.  

(Thanks to Defamer for doing my job for me!) 


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8 Responses to “The Chappelle Theory Exposed”

  1. Farenheit Says:

    I had BEEN saying this was the deal

    glad they came out and said it

  2. Arson Palmer Says:

    just so it wouldnt get out of hand like the serena email, my folks put this up a couple days ago.


  3. Tyler Says:

    linky no worky for movie

  4. eskay Says:

    yeah i know, it’s on the site though, I have no control over it….

  5. Jay Smooth Says:

    has anyone actually seen the trailer? Because this movie thing just looks to me like another hoax..

  6. Tony Sin Says:

    I can’t tell if that’s real or not. I read all of what was on chappelletheory.com and actually believe. It seems 100% plausible, but I’m not sure if this movie is for real. Does anyone know? And if it is real, then will it be in big time movie theatres or what?

  7. Just us Says:

    In never amazes me how people can be so shallow, beliving that they know everything and can sum up situations dealing with factors unknown to them without even considering that they may not know certain facts beyond their grasp or knowledge. Few know (or dare speak of) the links between the perpe-traitors against Dave. These powerful players ARE linked together by an “Negro” elite secret society called the Bou’le. The Bou’le (Bou – le) was formed around 1904, and their name means something like “servants of the king”, so you can see why I call them “Negro” instead of Black or African – American (latter term invented by Malcom X). There is a book written by Charles Wesley on the history of the Boule , speaking on Henry Milton, founder of the Bou’le. Its called “The History Of Sigma Pi Phi”. Bill Cosby, prominent member of this secrey society used to plug all the Bou’le (prominent) collages on the Cosby Show when he could. The halls on these campuses are named after their famed members. Its a seperate – but equal (don’t make me laugh) version of White America’s ivy league collages where elite blood line members are inducted into the 1st degree of the Illumanati. Not that these blacks become members of the Illumanati, but they become “servants” or subsurvient to them. People like Cosby,Vernon Jordan, former Virgina govener Douglass Wilder (until exposed in scandal with white multi-millonaire’s wife according to the papers) belong to this organization. But if they are so concerned with the black people’s IMAGE, instead of all the more concreate things and factor plaguing their people. It’s just like in the movie White men can’t jump, when Woody Harroldson told Westly Snipes that blacks are more concerned with looking good. Policing blacks image is a good plausible cover-story, until you understand who they are serving. The fact that one sent asassins to kill the greatest African-American leader of all time(in his ignorance, not knowing that the CIA had compromised his organization) and another knowingly set-up the assassination of the second greatest African-American leader, another a known CIA ass(set) tells the real story, that birds of a feather stick together. The real shame is that these powerful black people would resort to bully, intimidate, and seemingly kill their own with a spiel of self-serving, pompous bullshit to cover their spinless servitude to those who murders their sons and daughters for daring to try to be a real man , is oxymoronic. Investigate that! So to those who think they know everything – Shakespere was right – there is more things in heaven and earth than is drempt of in your philosophy. I hope that Nah Right is not funded by the Boule, but the truth is more important!

  8. mrsP Says:

    “Just Us” is an idot.

    YES I am Black

    YES I am educated

    YES I DO travel in the circles of the rich & famous as well as the poor & underpriveliged and what “Just Us” wrote is a crock, its a crock.

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