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Miss Info’s Celebrity Drama Showdown


Miss Info, who recently joined us in the world of blogging, and who I will forever love for airing out Miss Jones, has posted her Celebrity Drama Showdown over at Hot97.com.  Besides the fact that you can vote on the year’s craziest incident and leave comments, the list makes a perfect 2005 Year in Review. And what a year it was:

Nas and Kelis get married in Atlanta: But his baby mother Carmen claims that Godson did not do enough to make sure his daughter was at the ceremony

Jay-Z countersues R.Kelly in response to R’s $75 million dollar Best of Both Worlds 2 lawsuit: Pepperspray replaces button-downs as the hottest fashion accessory in the hood.

Jay-Z becomes president of Def Jam Music Group: Bathrooms in the office are made unisex and neon lighting is installed.

Nas and Jay-Z stop beefing and discuss a possible Def Jam contract for Nas. The greatest lyrical rivalry in hip hop history is lost.

Eminem allegedly steps to Source’s Dave Mays at a Detroit radio station and spits at him. Mays’ partner allegedly saves Em’s saliva and attempts to record a duet with it.

Lil Kim is found guilty of perjury and goes to the slammer. Lil Cease is criticized for testifying against his former Junior Mafia homie: The Queen Bee is forced to wear flats.

50 Cent and The Game hold a press conference to announce their truce and donate money to charity. Proving that females aren’t the only ones who know how to "fake it."

Cam’ron is shot in the arm while driving his Lamborghini in D.C. Cam’s goes straight from hospital to studio to make a freestyle about it.

Dame Dash sells his share of Roc-a-Wear to Jay-Z, ending al business ties with his former partner. Almost overnight, Naomi Campbell, Posh Spice, and Dame’s children are replaced in the Roc-a-Wear ads.

Suge Knight gets shot at Kanye West’s post-Video Music Awards party in Miami. Kanye almost shoots someone else because Suge’s injury is stealing his spotlight.

The Lox call P.Diddy a slavemaster on The Angie Martinez Show and demand their publishing back. Later, The Lox announce they have reached a deal with Diddy and apologize for threatening him.

Murder Inc’s Irv and Chris Gotti are acquitted of money laundering. Irv, Ja and Ashanti immediately plan a remake of Biz Markie’s classic tune, "Vapors."

50 Cent continues to make sideways comments about everyone from Kanye West, Jay-Z, Game, The Lox, Nas, Samuel Jackson, Lil Kim and the rest of the world. Rap’s new mad rapper but with more hit record.

Foxxy Brown holds press conference to announce that she is deaf: Tyson Beckford clings onto Foxy in desperate attempt to share spotlight.

Miskeen Originals stop making the popular "angry Snowman" tees for star Young Jeezy after figuring out what the Snowman stands for. All that time they thought Jeezy was putting out a Christmas album.

Superhead talks about sleeping with everyone from Ja Rule to DMX to P.Diddy: Married rappers across the country start moving their stuff into the doghouse.


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8 Responses to “Miss Info’s Celebrity Drama Showdown”

  1. doc Says:

    my favorite was the lox airing diddy out. the second has to be with supa head coming on the radio and pimpin her ho-lifestyle. my third would have to be JZ pulling a str8 up brooklyn-style jack move for his shit. (ie: roc-a-wear and rocafella), and then being semi-successful while at DJ…meanwhile DD @ DDMG aint doing shit but promoting sizzla…if that motherfawtha was smart he would be at VP records….DD aint never put out a reggae/dancehall artist before…he dont know what he doin….-1-

  2. e-dubbs Says:

    i’m not really a fan of miss info.. all she do is real allhiphop.com and then gets on the radio like she got some damn inside scoop.. oh yeah, she could never air out my x-wife Miss Jones. No matter how much weight Miss Jones gains, I cannot deny the fact that she had one of the most desirable pieces of p*ssy in the mid 90’s.

  3. eskay Says:

    oh please, I post shit before AHH half the time…and Miss Jones should be shot and stuffed.

  4. eskay Says:

    figuratively speaking of course…

  5. e dubbs Says:

    Miss Jones is the boss. “i got you boo boo” jonesy..

    she reads nahright too, i emailed it to her.. sup my future x-wifey

  6. eskay Says:

    >>she reads nahright too, i emailed it to her..

    good i’ll be sure to do a feature on her.

  7. anon Says:

    fuck u niggers

  8. BigMarsh Says:

    Damn I love Miss Info. She fine as hell. And I’m not just saying that cause I got a thing for Azn women. I just think she banging. ‘Nuff said.

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