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Those of you joining us from outside of NY have probably heard about the massive transit strike we’re enduring at the moment. 7 million daily commuters were left stranded last night after negotiations between the MTA and the TWU union broke down without an agreement.

Although I agree with the union members that they probably deserve more money and a better contract, I think they’re wildin’ out with their demands for 8% increases each year for the next 3 years. The city is gonna fine their asses so much money per day while they’re out, it’s gonna cancel out whatever increase they eventually get, if they get any.

My job says we have to use sick and vacation days to cover any days we’re out, but I’m not sure if my department is gonna actually enforce that. I stayed home today because I can do that, but as the New Negro pointed out, that’s not exactly an option for everybody. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly, but last I heard the MTA is refusing to negotiate further until the workers return to work. If that’s the case, this could take a while.

Anybody else from NY (or elsewhere) got any strike stories? Opinions?

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7 Responses to “STRIKE!”

  1. e dubbs Says:

    MTA, get your money!

  2. JGhost Says:

    i was walkin to the train station on 149 st in 3rd ave. and mad ppl was around the train station, so i decided to go take the train, evryy1 saw that i was goin to make a fool of myself so i waited for the bus, yea i pretened like i was waitin 4 sum1 , then walked away!

  3. MRS-TJ Says:

    I live in Iowa now, but I was in NY when there was the last big black out.
    No trains or anything. We were standing around looking crazy for a minute. When we finally got to where I was trying to go LI – we had a black out party and all was good. Cooked all the food that was going to go to waste.
    I am down for the train workers but damn! How are folks going to LIVE.
    I can see if it was a smaller city, but they are crippling millions of people.
    That’s just not right!

  4. LouBANG5 Says:

    im in brooklyn

    had skool today def aint go

  5. e-dubbs Says:

    “I am down for the train workers but damn! How are folks going to LIVE.
    I can see if it was a smaller city, but they are crippling millions of people”

    You should ask the MTA workers how does the MTA expect them to live on them lousy salaries. I mean 42k a year? Who can really live off that? If your a single person, yeah, its a decent salary. But any person with a wife and or child cannot survive with the cost of living in NY.

    Besides, if the MTA itself is a billion dollar corporation, come up off that grip. Because they would fail to exist without the hard work of their employees.

    “Gimme the Loot! Gimmie The Loot!” – Christopher Wallace

  6. eskay Says:

    Yeah the MTA is trife. They stay finding a billion dollars here, and then losing it, and finding it again. I don’t believe a word they say…

  7. Tia Says:

    I know it’s harsh for the worker for workers to go on strike and do this to the commuters. Especially in the cold. However, they have to pay their bills too. Making $40G in NY is nothing. I hear Bloomberg and other commuters saying the workers are “selfish”, that they don’t think about anybody else but themselves. However, the commuters calls these people selfish are obviously just looking for themselves also. Obviously, they want the public transportation to open back up so that it would be a convenience to them. For real, I’m sick of these major corps making all the money while the front-line workers gets bullsh*t pay. A billion dollar surplus yet they don’t wanna pay their workers the fair, liveable wage.

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