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Congratulations Nas!


I’d like to send a congratulatory shout out to the Little Homey Nas for his Street’s Disciple album finally being certified platinum. I know what you’re thinking: "But it took him a year, that’s not much of an achievement for a major artist like The Little Homey." True, but when you consider what an awful album SD was, you have to give him credit for conning 1 million people out of their $16.99 or whatever cd’s retail for nowadays. I mean let’s keep it funky, that album had more filler than Lil Kim’s lips.

Whenever I debate this album with Nas fans they like to counter with: "Well,  it’s hard to pull off a double album, look at Jay’s Blueprint  2", to which I say: Street’s Disciple is no Blueprint 2. You can actually listen to most of BP2 and Jay resolved most of the problems with that album when he re-released it as 2.1. The fact that they even re-released BP2 tells you something, whereas Sony wanted no part of Street’s Disciple after it hit the shelves. I guess they figured it would be better to just act like it never dropped and chalk it up as another mediocre Nas release. 

Sidenote: Since SD was a double album doesn’t that mean that each disc counts as a sale? If so wouldn’t that mean that it actually took The Little Homey a whole year to go gold?

Disclaimer: Not only is Nas one of my favorite M.C.’s ever, but I would never use the amount of sales=good album formula. I do however, like to irritate Nas Stans any chance I get.

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13 Responses to “Congratulations Nas!”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    You are correct, it only sold 500,000 but equats to one million albums sold because its a double album. I still disagree that this album was bad. Not great but was still good. Blueprint 2 was in the same class but I’d give the edge to Nas’s SD over the BP2 because of that horrible Frank Sinatra sampled record on BP2. Nas had alot of conscious songs on there which gave it approval from me despite how horrible Nas’s beat selection skills are.

  2. DAN O Says:

    Lets keep it real, SD was a good able. When u compare that album to todays standards it is. My knock on the album is maybe the beats, it should of been better. When compared to BP 2 its about the same. BP 2 was just more radio friendly.

  3. T Nelson Says:

    the fucked up thing is that chart is for shipments not sales so he still hasnt soundscanned a mil. dayum that nigga need premo, pete rock, q tip etc…. Nas is a legend lyrically but he need someone else to pick his beats or fire whoever is… That shyt he had with Maxewell was the worse shyt i ever heard in my life.

  4. Rizoh Says:

    i’m happy for my nigga Nas, but let’s not forget that plat in the case of a double disc means 500 thou instead of 1 mill. Congrats regardless

  5. Rizoh Says:

    by the way, am i reading that chart right or did DC3’s #1’s go plat in less 3 months already?

  6. eskay Says:

    well their certification date is 11/30 so they went plat in about a month.

  7. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  8. eskay Says:

    but here you are every day CAPS’d out…

  9. junior burough Says:

    it sold a mil. for a double to qualify as a double scanned album (life after death, all eyes on me, etc… it has to total over a certain length in time. 120-130 minutes or something like that. SD was short. The AZ song that didnt get sample clearance was said to be part of the problem, but nas went gold in a good month or two. he just drug it out to go plat. kinda dumb that this could be double plat right now because of a few minutes, right?

  10. TBLANX Says:

    besides billboard.com where can you find out the data about sales?

  11. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  12. joecritic Says:

    nas is a bum and he is now going to be a jayz ass kisser

  13. Bulletproof-KUFI Says:

    lets go there then

    if streets disciple was worse than blueprint 2


    nastradamus > kingdom come

    underrated rappers—

    royce 5’9
    the game (think about it nuccas front on jayceon for all the wrong reasons)
    i know i missed some more but i cant think of anymore right now

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