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Lil Ballerina ‘P Is At It Again…


Prodigy, aka Lil Ballerina ‘P, recently sat down with SOHH and continued to defend his title as raps biggest lil’ dun dun.  Besides calling Nas ‘Milkshake’ again, he reiterated that him and Hav can work with whoever they want in the industry….as long as daddy says it’s ok. Here are some choice quotes:

"I got beef with everybody that don’t like me. I don’t give a fuck about none of those niggas out there. Anybody that got beef with 50 Cent got beef with me. That’s the King… Mobb Deep-G-Unit!" 

"Hav can shop beats to whoever he wants to, we could still do ads for [clothing company] Southpole, it just doesn’t make sense. It’s about what is going to make the most money. Hav works hard for those beats. Should he give a beat to someone that isn’t going to do nothing with it or someone like Eminem or Dr. Dre for The Detox? Niggas come around with the right check they can get a Hav beat. Matter [of] fact, the right check might get you a verse from P."

"There are nine million more people out there, we want those Eminem sales. We know about the demographics: 80% of hip hop audience is white, 6% is black. Mobb Deep been had the hood, we got the hood. It’s the white consumer that we haven’t had. We had them a little bit, but we want that audience Eminem got, 50 got, Dr. Dre got."

I almost fell out of my chair when I read that part where he said, for the right check, you can get a P verse. Negro please, you stopped spitting fire 2 albums ago. And what are these guys smoking talking about doing ‘Em and 50 numbers? Somebody should pull this guy aside and explain to him that you have to have some kind of mainstream appeal to put up numbers with the big boys. Right now, P you need to either step your flow back up to somewhere reasonably listenable, or take some voice lessons so you can hit them high notes with your boss. Otherwise, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see middle America running out to buy Mobb Deep albums by the truckload.

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18 Responses to “Lil Ballerina ‘P Is At It Again…”

  1. krucial Says:

    G-Unit is over. Any album they try to come out with will FLOP. I love that.

  2. AGeezee Says:

    i think these dudes be talkin greasy like this just to make it look like they got confidence. Everyone that knows anything about hip hop knows they’ll never put up M & M numbiz.

  3. e dubbs Says:

    Atleast he knows 50’s the king, he smart.

  4. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  5. T Nelson Says:

    slurp slurp

  6. krucial Says:

    One of em has sickle cell, but they’re both midgets.

  7. Demiks Says:

    “Or take some voice lessons so you can hit them high notes with your boss.”

    LOL! G-Unit’s about to turn into some singers. Even Yayo’s singing now.

  8. Jay Smooth Says:

    “Should he give a beat to someone that isn’t going to do nothing with it or someone like Eminem or Dr. Dre for The Detox?”

    Uhhh, Dr. Dre and Detox might not be the best counter-example, if you’re discussing having a bunch of material and not doing anything with it….

  9. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  10. Reninatronix Says:

    I rides for have an P and ‘nem cuz..at the end of the day..you know
    them naggus is gully on the strength….

  11. eskay Says:

    repeatedly getting beat up and your chain stolen=not gully

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  14. Duke From Queens Says:

    I think it’s P with the very large tongue not Hav….Hav is about the paper and I respect that….He never talks grimmy about anyone – I think he never talks grimmy about Nas becuz Nas pays alot of respect to his Brother Will….

  15. Masta Says:

    hell yeh game is single handedly bringing down G-Unit just like G-Unit brang down Murder inc. 50 sed it himself What goes around comes around, and wta the fuk is this prodigy cunt talkin about either his fukin sickle cells have mutated into tumor in his brain or this cunt is straight trippin he Wont even get into a NAS concert how the fuk is he going to battle him

  16. M-A-S- Says:

    mobb deep is alright i guess, there first 3 or 4th album was coo now there just old they spit the same shit over and over back when infamous came out they where the shit everybody loved that album. hip hop wasnt as big as it is now so more power to them trying to go commercial. Ima stay fresh with down south movement f*** all that other commercial.

  17. N.A.T Says:

    Prodigy was that muthafuckin nigga back in the day. His lyrics were fuckin insane. Did u hear cradle to the grave. ’95’shit on tha infamous lp. i don’t fuckin think so if u thought p was always weak lyrically. Prodigy troubles started when he was talkin shit on the 2nd trak on the infamous lp. He was talkin a lot of shit.

    prodigy ran his mouth a lot. u ain’t see havoc runnin his mouth or talkin greazy bout nobody. he kept it gully and made his $ like the average hustlin type of nigga. Hav had more love than p did. cause he kept his mouth shut. p was tryin play a tough guy role. thats cool. but some shit u keep to your self. Besides, that p and hav made bangerz after bangerz

    shook 1’s II – banger
    apostle warning -banger
    hell on earth ( frontlines)-banger
    quiet storm-banger
    animal instinct-banger
    drop a gem on em-banger
    get dealt wit-banger
    right back u-banger
    start of your ending-banger
    eye 4 an eye-banger

    just wisen up and make your paper. wipe them g-unit tats off your hands and spit some real q b type shit. word, my niggas

  18. C$ Says:

    After the summer jam pic how could anyone take this fool seriously

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