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FACK = Worst Song of 2005?


I can honestly say that I’ve never heard the song ‘My Humps’ by the Black Eyed Peas in my life. At least I don’t think I have. It may have been on in a bar or somewhere I’ve been and I didn’t notice, but who knows. My Humps has been said to "hurt the mind" and be "the musical equivalent to a perfect storm", and is widely believed to be to worst song of the year, comparable only to the disaster that is ‘Laffy Taffy’ by D4L.

Since I haven’t heard it and have no intention of infecting my laptop with wackjuice, I can’t personally vouch for it’s wackness. I have, however, heard Eminem’s FACK. I even posted it here when it leaked last month. I’m gonna ride with FACK as worst song of the year. It recently made Pitchfork Media’s 15 Worst Releases of ’05 and I think they summed it up well:

Eminem: "FACK"
For those that think this list is pussing out by not assigning a specific rank to each track, I’ll give this the #1. Holy god. That there was a worse track than "My Humps" this year is the kind of thing that gets saved for history books. I actually had to pause it in the middle to get my bearings. Unfortunately, nothing I could possibly say about "FACK" would drive home my point like a lyric sample. Are you ready? Are you sure? Okay, careful now: "Ow I’m so fuckin’ hot/ And you’re so fuckin’ hot/ Oh my god/ I wanna fackin’ fack/ No, not fuck, I said fack/ F-a-c-k, f-a-c-k, fack, fack fack fackin’ freak me!/ Ohh yeah, girl, see baby, they call me Mr. Freaky/ Let’s call your sister, 3-way have some 3-some me so horny!/ And you’re such a fuckin’ babe I wanna go down on you, fuck, you shave!/ Ohh goddamn, here I go again!/ I’m gonna come, I am!" And finally, the chorus: "Owwww owwww owwwww (oh goddamn!)/ I’m gonna fuckin’ come! (Oh shit!)/ Fuuck fuck fuyyuccck (fuck, I am!)/ I am, I’m going to come (I’m coming!)." Soooo…yeah.


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9 Responses to “FACK = Worst Song of 2005?”

  1. Rizz Says:

    is that song for real?
    did em run out of stuff to rhyme about?
    i dunno though i think i still hate my humps no matter what

  2. Lene Says:

    I really hate that guy. The sad thing is, he can released shit like that, and people will line up to buy it. smh…

  3. J F Says:

    Even the I’m gone song is annoying. I just want to say STOP the Bitching about your life or whatever. Just keep it to yourself. Don’t make it a selling point. And then you bitch about you family is under public eyes.

    Sick of him.

  4. KF Hut Says:

    Compared to the majority of hip hop out here, Em’s is like a breath of fresh air. I don’t have to hear anything about “diamonds in my grill” or “hoes” or female rappers degrading themselves (Trina) and misproperly calling themselves classy. A lot of true hip hoppers feel this way. There is no need for true lyricism at all. Admit it Em’s got lyrics. Even Busta Rhymes and other top dogs in the rap game commend Em. So what’s your deal?

  5. Rizoh Says:

    Rizz says:
    is that song for real?
    did em run out of stuff to rhyme about?
    i dunno though i think i still hate my humps no matter what

    lol, who’s the impersonator?

    i still haven’t heard “My Humps”

  6. Rizz Says:

    no impersonator here
    thats just what people call me

  7. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  8. posta child Says:

    Rap has become a joke. It is as silly as Ashley Simpson. I mean as talentless as pop stars are how much different is rap. Rap has been run over, pimped, and sold. I mean damn, Laffy Taffy. That track should have never gotten passed the point where them cats had studio copies trying to get people they knew to listen to them. The real talent is few and far between. More should be done support those who have heart. This isn’t even funny anymore when any jackass can release any bunk sh!t at will. Then sell it under the title of ‘RAP’. If that crack baby would have been kickin’ it at somebodys house trying 2 spit that sh!t he would have be cut off, sat down, or told ta bounce if he didn’t shut the fu@k up with that garbage.

  9. I Agree Says:

    Holy fuck, I just heard the first two minutes of this song today. This is not just the worst song of 2005. This could quite possibly be the worst song I’ve ever heard. This “song” isn’t music, this is garbage. Total fucking garbage.

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