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Stray Shots


What’s this about…Ed Lover wanted for punching a chick in the face?

Kanye isn’t so sure he deserves Album of the Year anymore.  

Incredible. Eminem releases a compilation of songs we’ve all heard, two shitty new joints and one decent Hailie song and does 440,000 in a week.  

Ludacris vs. Oprah?

Lil Wayne vs. Nas and 50?

Every month in Ozone Magazine they publish stories from groupies about your favorite rappers. This month there are a couple of not so flattering stories from the G-Unit tourbus.   

Short Nas interview from this months XXL.  

4 men murdered in Boston rap studio.  

Who is Ice Cube talking to on his new track ‘Child Support’

After a very high profile flop in theaters last month, 50 now wants to get into movie production. Well, at least he didn’t say he wants to direct. Any Hollywood exec that lets him anywhere near a movie set is out of their damn mind.  

Why Arnold killed Tookie.  

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16 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. e dubbs Says:

    Calling 50 cents movie a flop is liking calling his last album a flop. Might not have did projected numbers but they are making alot of money off that movie. It will not be the last movie either.

  2. T Nelson Says:

    the dick sucking continues

  3. eskay Says:

    dubbs…come on, you know it was a flop

    “… the film has dropped off the box office Top 10 chart after only two weeks in release and seems destined for a quick conversion to DVD. Since its mid-November release, it has grossed less than $30 million in ticket sales, which is well below expectations.”

  4. strongchef Says:

    and lets not talk bout how much they spent on marketing….
    grodt movie=flop

  5. e-dubbs Says:

    yall so maddd.. wanna talk about flops, look at every jadakiss solo lp.

  6. e-dubbs Says:

    only d*ck sucking is T-Nelson hanging on to every post I make. I’m not gonna f*ck ya girl dawg, its cool. You can go back to relaxing. She like me, but she a duece.

  7. doc Says:

    grodt is a flop…all that hype and promotion and it didnt even do well. some movies get way less promotion than that and they do better than 12 million the first weekend….look at you got served…

  8. doc Says:

    oh yeah….ed lover=faggot no man who hits a woman can be str8….there’s more to that theory later.

    luda vs. oprah….i heard his interview on angie martinez’s show….*turns my face up at oprah* she discriminating against rappers, and then gonna turn around and tell him that “they”said she could have but so many people on her show. WTF? aint no they oprah is the they!

  9. demo Says:

    I knew 3 outta the 4 killed………

    Its a sad day

    And I denounce all music glorifying violence …….

    I won’t record a word of it……. Not even for the elevation of my career……..

  10. eskay Says:

    damn sorry to hear that dog. what you think that was about?

  11. e-double Says:

    Sidebar.. I dont think anyone wanted to see Ludacriss on Oprah anyway.
    No harm, no foul.

  12. demo Says:

    @ eskay…….

    I don’t know…….

    Its stupid

    It was way too methodically executed for it to be over something little.

    Noone knows……..

    I hope they find the killer……..and beat his ass!

  13. e-dubbs Says:

    Well, one of the 4 dead was a white male. What does that mean? Yup. The killer will be caught. R.I.P to those who passed but I guess if your gonna get merked, get merked with a white person so the killer can get caught.

  14. demo Says:

    That’s a bad way of looking @ it…. It really is. And actually the gentleman was of arab decent if I’m not mistaken. Its not about black and white and to tell you the truth that’s pretty insensitive to say. People are dying, fuck who they died with. Bottom line is stop killing……..it does nothing but harbor and generate more violence and animosity (sp?).

  15. e-dubbs Says:

    It is a bad way of looking @ it but you know whats worse.. The fact that its a reality. Just for the record, I dont condone any violence.. Well, yes I do. To qoute Minister Khallid Abdul Muhammad @ the Million Youth March.. “If the police try and stop our march, take their guns from them and kill them”

    Other than that, I’m pretty much for peace.

  16. Reninatronix Says:

    Arnold killed Tookie cuz Arnold is tha Tuhmahnatah…Duh!!!!

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