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Papoose – Menace II Society 2


1. Papoose – DJ Kay Slay (Intro) (1:24)
2. Papoose – Menace To Society Part 2 (6:57)
3. Papoose – Flashback (Produced By Thug-A-Cation) (2:52)
4. Papoose – You Made Your Choice (Produced By DJ Kay Slay) (2:47)
5. Papoose – Raised With Them Gangstaz (Feat. D-Block, Mcgruff, Black Rob & Razah) (Produced By DJ Kay Slay) (5:43)
6. Papoose – The Hardest Out (Feat. Hell Rell & Remy Martin) (Produced By Amadeus) (2:20)
7. Papoose – Fashion Statement (Produced By N Tellect) (3:13)
8. Papoose – Streetsweepers (Interlude) (You Know You Done Fucked Up) (1:43)
9. Papoose – Street Rules (Produced By DJ Green Lantern) (3:26)
10. Papoose – Hummin’ Like A Slave (Produced By Eminem) (3:18)
11. Papoose – New Era (Produced By Ron Browz) (4:14)
12. Papoose – You Can’t Ride Like Me (Produced By Emile) (2:38)
13. Papoose – Lyrical Murder (Feat. Thug-A-Cation) (3:59)
14. Papoose – Streetsweepers (Interlude) (Tat Tat Wut The Fuck Man) (1:34)
15. Papoose – Touch The Sky (Produced By Bink) (2:01)
16. Papoose – The Beast (Feat. Talib Kweli) (Produced By Keezo) (3:47)
17. Papoose – License To Kill (Produced By DJ Green Lantern) (4:41)
18. Papoose – Streetsweepers (Outro) (DJ Kay Slay’s Answering Machine) (1:17)

Papoose – Menace II Society 2 – Link is good for 7 days, so get it while it’s hot. 

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20 Responses to “Papoose – Menace II Society 2”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    I used to like this guy till I seen how much of a horrible dresser he was.. Must be from Queens. After looking at that pic, I’m convinced him and J-hood are brothers.

  2. strongchef Says:

    woah, u r right almost twins!

  3. Ill Will Says:

    Great minds must think alike eskay.

    Lol, yeah, sometimes I’ve seen his dressing be off pretty bad, but that was only one time when he must have borrowed one of Slay’s Louis Vitton jackets from the Lean Back video shoot. And he’s from Brownsville, Brooklyn.

    And damn he sure does have a J-Hood look about him

  4. e-dubbs Says:

    The Mix CD’s pretty fair. I wanna like him but his affiliation with Kay Slay is killing me. I only have so many slots open for mix cd artists anyway.. Saigon way better by the way.

  5. eskay Says:

    >>Saigon way better by the way.

    No way.

  6. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ All day.. I can’t believe you disagree with that. Saigon catalog KILLS Pap’s.. Saigon catalog pretty much kills just about everyone though, so its no knock on Pap.

    I run with gold rhymers
    that know dramas
    the ghetto goldminers
    split a fine and roll a whole dime of trauma bid with old timers
    trying to perpetuate the minds of the multitude
    collectivism distorting they mechanisms eating they food
    who blunted who walk the line to find a fraud and confront it
    put one in his stomach
    run with dudes thats 22 hundred
    nothing change I could be probably plotting robbery
    never monogamy prison I wear pornography
    living is ideology god body illogical slugs lobotomize you
    demonology trapped lord more then the local fraud
    got hit by the board put a sword through a niggaz vocal cord
    jakes contemplated licking him victims was sick of him
    know the god creeped him but couldn’t peep the curriculum
    fake scarred in tri-state it wasn’t hard to migrated
    ya’ll niggaz got ate broke down to a carbohydrate
    I’m the veteran only nigga I aint never met a nigga better then
    lyrically hitting you in your head again
    fuck Exced-a-rin you gon need more medicine
    slick raps will push your wig back like George Jefferson
    you like me F it then you aint got to represent
    real niggaz know Saigon flow is excellent
    shit is mad evident why you think niggaz is giving us all these dead presidents
    when we criminally negligent

  7. e-dubbs Says:

    By the way.. What Papoose ever spit that can touch the verse below?

    “I said listen, I’m a nigga on a mission
    Do what I gotta to get my people in position
    Help ’em envision a better living condition
    Stop putting so much trust in your religion
    They couldn’t conquer without division
    Boy you still black, I don’t care if you Catholic or Christian
    Police’ll still fuck you up, young buck
    Bust you in your head, leave your body by the dump truck
    Revolution got me pumped up
    But it’s still a fact black people still think so fucked up
    How they got money to go war with whoever wrecked the buildings
    And none forever cuz HIV infect the children
    That mean the money for a life they can save
    They rather use it to send a life to a grave
    And that’s not righteous ways
    That ain’t even half, my real-a-real
    I could write for days, but I don’t know how they might behave
    You seen what they did to the ‘Pac’s, Martin’s, and Marvin Gaye
    Could you picture the Black Panther party today?
    Usin’ hip hop to say the same thing Marcus Garvey would say?
    Imagine Malcolm X over a beat
    Tryin’ to rally up the troops and take control of the street
    Still in the window holdin’ the heat
    But now we got soldiers on the corner like police patrollin’ the beat
    Fuck G.E.D.’s – Niggaz need DP CD’s
    We don’t need PCP; we don’t need flat screen TV’s and DVD’s
    We need more knowledge of who we be”

    That kid Sai is a f*ckin beast man.. “DP CD’s”.. You know I’m on that.

  8. T Nelson Says:

    i dont get too hyped about rappers until i hear thier official releases just remember canibus was a mixtape killa to

  9. eskay Says:

    My lyrical tendency’s equivalent to a critical felony
    Precise behind bars like a criminal’s penalty
    Pinnacle definitely, hold so much jewels in my miracle memory
    It’s like I’m a physical treasury
    Deep into weaponry, psychotic niggas who envy me
    Wanna be nuts, so I bust nuts like my genitals sexually
    Punished in my mother’s stomach by swimmin through Hennessy
    I was born with a difficult destiny, not your typical mentally
    Givin my vision through treacheries
    Syllable therapy, invincible visual energy
    No artist identity resemble me, I flow like a mineral chemically
    Cause I flow with a chemical chemistry
    I can flow like the river through Tennessee
    The mystical seventh sea, or currency at the Senegal embassy
    At birth although it’s umbilical regulary
    They cut a mic chord and disconnected me
    Leaders political threaten me for what I write in my lyrical melody
    While others broke laws, I broke lyrical legacies
    Flip forever, live for infinite, respect the P
    It’s Papoose, I conquered this caliber, next degree

  10. e-dubbs Says:

    I like that verse alot but it can’t touch the political content of Sai’s.. Just my personal preference.

  11. eskay Says:

    Hey I hear you. that’s one of the best arguments in rap right now. in all honesty I think these two need to do a whole album or mixtape together and shut the game down.

  12. T-Money Bags Says:

    You used to like him but not anymore because of his fashion sense? That’s some fag shit right there. I bet you judge rappers based on their looks too.

  13. e-double Says:

    ^ Can’t you sense the sarcasm? I mean, he is a horrible dresser though. Myself on the otherhand, I am quite fashionable. Now me “T”ea baggin’ T-Money Bags girl on the other hand, no sarcasm in that. File that in the “how to cook’ em” folder.

  14. T-Money Bags Says:

    You think you pulled my card with that? Damn, we got Ellen Degeneres posting comments here.

  15. e-dubbs Says:

    You gotta have a card to be pulled, homie. I don’t know whats easier to cook, you or hard-boiled eggs.

  16. Tego Says:

    Papoose is so wack. Come on now people. His voice, his flow, his “Smart raps for dumb cats”. He’s terrible.

  17. eskay Says:

    so that verse up there is wack? if so God help hip hop.

  18. JGhost Says:

    Pap and Sai’ did this sh*t together called “Head of State” download it and lissen to em. NEway they both nice !

  19. JGhost Says:

    BTW….This mixtape is cracc!!!!

  20. Yung Ceazar Says:

    i dint give a fuck wut none if yall niggaz say dat nigga Papoose raw as hell and dat Menace to Society 2 is hot as fuck

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