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Bitter Vibes?


It looks like a certain Vibe staffer is a little unhappy with their work environment and went and started an anonymous blog to air out some of the dirty laundry. So far there are only 3 posts up, but provided they haven’t found the mole yet, I expect there to be some good stuff posted here in the future.

From Bittervibes:

Lord, help me find another job before those critters at Vibe Magazine suck the fucking life out of me. The place is a cess pool full of marginally talented men and women who sit around all day smelling their own shit! There’s this one Asian Editor who knows as much about Black music and hip hop as Adolf Hitler. He thinks Young Jeezy is the greatest rapper alive. Speaking of Young Jeezy, he is not attractive and his music is wack. It’s like he got that shit out of a crackjack box.

Why is Mimi Valdez still the editor in chief of Vibe. Hasn’t she dragged the magazine down long enough? Her latest misstep is having 15 year old Chris Brown on the cover. Why? Why? Is she trying to get her next gig as EIC of Right On! magazine????

 (Via Spinemagazine)

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7 Responses to “Bitter Vibes?”

  1. Ill Will Says:

    And thats exactly why blogs are the shiznit

  2. T Nelson Says:

    yeah fuck the media

  3. Dude Nelson Says:

    why do I smell asian hate there

  4. eskay Says:

    >>why do I smell asian hate there

    i didn’t really read it like that, but its possible. I mean this person is obviously a hater but it makes for some funny reading.

  5. DEEZ NUTS Says:


  6. e dubbs Says:

    do people really pay for vibe? I mean I had a free subscription since forever ago but I’d be damned if I ever bought a copy.

  7. Alexis Says:

    ummmmm why is she tryin` to slay Chris Brown like that cuz he is def. not 15 he is 17 and if she is so unhappy she need to get up and leave and get another job

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