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Stray Shots


Kanye wants his damn Album of the Year Grammy or there’s gonna be problems.  

Does jail time hurt record sales?

Em gets back with Kim. I guarantee they talked him into this in rehab. The dumbasses probably never heard ‘Kim’

Ridiculously long, yet very informative and entertaining Jaz-O interview. He airs out everybody from Nas to Jay-Z to Big Daddy Kane to 50.

Ethan Brown on the DVD mixtape phenomenon.

Corporate Grafitti Sucks Balls. Well said.

Looks like Fitty’s Mojo went missing.

SOHH has an interview with the Lorenzo brothers attorney who is now 1-0 with the feds.  

T Pain is one of these guys that I literally just heard of last week for the first time in my life. Anyway, if anybody cares, AHH Rumors says that he got his chain jacked.  

NYCNN has a fire new Papoose joint – Flashback – on some back in the day reminisce shit.

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7 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. Krome Says:

    yo jaz-o goes on a way wid jiggers name!!!

  2. Lisa Says:

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  3. Billy Sunday Says:

    STRAY SHOTS was a dope post for all the info that was collected.

    How greasy does JAZ-O feel that JAY extended the olive branch to NAS before him?

  4. e-dubbs Says:

    Kanye should get his album of the year grammy, artist of the year grammy and damn near anything else musik related.. Best dressed grammy if possible too..

  5. Nah Right » Blog Archive » 8 Grammy nods for ‘Ye Says:

    […] of the Year for Goldigger. Kanyeezy has stated that if he doesn’t win big this year there’s gonna be a problem, leading many to speculate that the Chicago […]

  6. gr3um5 Says:

    where’ s da papoose flashback track !?

  7. Eastern_Digital Says:

    where’ s da papoose flashback track !?


    I wanna hear that shit too.

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