Def Jam vs. Interscope


Who had the better year? Both labels had some big records as well as some high profile flops (cough, cough, Yayo, ahem, Bleek). If we’re talking numbers, I think Interscope has it when you add up the combined sales of Game and 50’s album. However, this is Nah Right and we don’t talk numbers. So album for album and song for song who wins? As much as I want Jay to win and 50 to lose, Def Jam was on the R&B tip a little too hard for my taste in 2005. Especially when they have completed albums from people like Redman and Ghostface that they act like they don’t want to release. On the other hand, 50’s album was trash and he wouldn’t let Styles P drop.  To tell you the truth, the only decent records to come out of Interscope this year in my opinion were Be and The Documentary. The only albums from Def Jam that I really enjoyed were the Kanyeezy and the Beanie joints. Now that I’m thinking about it, these two labels that are supposed to be the two powerhouses of the Hip Hop majors, aren’t making very much good music at all are they? What do you think, am I buggin’ or did neither of these labels win this year?

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39 Responses to “Def Jam vs. Interscope”

  1. e dubbs Says:

    Interscope had 0 good releases for the year.. Def Jam had 1 which was Kanye.

    Def Jam 1
    Interscope 0

    Def Jam wins

  2. g-unitnigga Says:

    easy Interscope

  3. g-unitnigga Says:

    all about da sales duh, its what people like so its obvious Interscope

  4. doc Says:

    i gotta go by quality albums, but that is hard considering i only have Ye’s/i think singles-wise/def jam/they had/alright i changed my mind/i dont know/

    sales-wise i go with interscope….although i like kanye more than i like any artist off the scope.



  6. FELY FNM Says:

    Def Jam also had Sean Paul’s album. Interscope hasn’t made anything good since Encore. I personally didn’t like games album (with his cute little butterfly tat). Don’t get me wrong I do like some songs off of the album. If it’s about what music is better this year, then Def Jam is responsible…. I’m going to regret this ESKRIZL but Jay won…..

  7. Billy Sunday Says:

    I smell you NahRight(no homo) but there wasn’t really too much good music coming from either of these powerhouse corporations. KANGAY’s was the only joint that deserved serious rewind.

    With the rap game slowly being culled into two outlets(Koch Records notwithstanding) I think that commercial rap is going to suffer a slow death. The people at the top of these food chains(GAY-Z and PRETTY FITTY) are too scared to let the best artists put their plates on the table(STARKS and JADA).

    SLUM VILLAGE is doing car commercials for Detroit automakers. JA RULE still sucks. And the greatest rapper of all time is on crystal meth(EM?!?). The prospects for good music look bleak, and I am not referring to the kept man/umbrella carrier from the ROC.

  8. big ran Says:

    Def Jam had Kanye and Jeezy
    Interscope had Game and Common

    Def Jam wins by far

  9. T Nelson Says:

    Kanye has the album of the year as far as hip-hop goes and although im not really a jeezy fan i do see that he has potential. plus Go Crazy was probably the joint of the year with a vintage Jay-z type of verse

    Def Jam wins

    Yo Esk whats the track list for the cd

  10. T Nelson Says:

    I must add that Styles P “I’m Black” was one of the realist joints I’ve heard in a while before the industry shut it down. Black Power White Radio aint gonna work

    I got to show my homeboys love
    First thing you learnt in the hood is homeboy love
    (I’m Black)
    And I’m mad if I ain’t nuthin else
    (I’m Black)
    I’m beautiful and I love myself (Say together)
    YEAH! (Love myself…Ohh yeah)

    Thats that shyt u dont get from G Unit

  11. eskay Says:

    ^real talk

    here’s the tracklist

    looks boring, i just liked the cover

  12. DefJamIllestWorker Says:

    Def Jam all da way….Chea

  13. DefJamIllestWorker Says:

    Da cd iz hot….listen 2 it

  14. T-Money Bags Says:

    damn, a lot of kanye fans here. can’t respect that at all.

  15. mr. pilliam Says:

    come on, it was KOCH by far. $8 a record?

    nah, right.

  16. e-dubbs Says:

    “And the greatest rapper of all time is on crystal meth(EM?!?).”

    ^ see what I’m saying man.. mental reconditioning.. “the matrix got us mannnn” -dame dash on backstage..

  17. Tego Says:

    Def Jam’s on the come-up again. Interscope are going quite far up their own rectums at the moment focussing on hit single and such. Def Jam had Jeezy and Kanye who although had big singles, they were not (in my opinion) the traditional (2005 style) Scott Storch or Lil Jon radio friendly tracks. They were a lot more representative of the albums and the artists. Saying that, Interscope did ‘The Documentary’ (which is more then a little tainted for me), ‘Be’ (me and Common don’t get along too tough) and the ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ OST’ which was a million times better then ‘The Massacre’.

    The winners weren’t KOCH. Jim Jones got some people hyped about KOCH. You can’t blow on KOCH, the people selling over there are only selling because of major labels in some way or another. A lot of them are creating ridiculous over-heads for themselves to begin with and not seeing reimbursement until the interest has grown to way over the income. A lot of people aren’t talking about that. Just seeing the “$8 a Record?!?!?!”

    But yeah, if it wasn’t Interscope, Def Jam or KOCK, then I’d say it’s Warners. Not only did they release big albums from unexpected artists (Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Bun-B) they’ve also got a very, very serious 200 lined up. Lyhor did a job over there.

  18. deep Says:

    Def Jam wins it in the respect dept, thats for sure. What true rap/hip hop fan actaully RESPECTS Fiddy Cent and his band of goons. Other than 50 who’s just a sellout that can barely make a meaningful song, the rest of those clowns suck. What self-respecting hip hop fan likes G UNIT? They are terrible.

    Def Jam on the other hand, even though they’re not at some crazy level lyrically, i still think Kanye Beanie and even the flopping Bleek can all bust some sick rhymes. Even though they are going the R&B route as well, their songs are catchy and get some decent play. ALSO, I would much rather bone Rhyianna than Olivia, thats for sure.

    Def Jam 1
    G UNIT – 100

  19. T Nelson Says:

    Speaking of Bleek who do you guys think is the most underachieving rapper ever?

  20. deep Says:

    in my opinion AZ is the most under achieving rapper ever. dude is sick lyrically, always has a few beats by dj premier, is nas’ boy, but barely any “mainstream” hip hop fans know of him.

    i listen to all his cds and really respect and like him.

  21. lar Says:

    warner bros. did have more impact then anything this year. they brought in the swishahouse cats- end of story if we’re talking 2005. kanye comes right behind so then def jam. interscope dropped a bunch of hot garbage this year and they’re only gonna get worse.

  22. big ran Says:

    born and raised in queens new york. black professional, no criminal record. that Jeezy album is the hottest album of the year…classic in my opinion. most slept on album this year, shoulda got a grammy sho

  23. thekid10705 Says:

    Between each label and Hip Hop overall the year wasn’t anything memorable….Sales might have been good but to me the product was horrible….As for the battle of each label, give Def Jam a little more time to grow and I guarantee they will be putting out better music…Interscope has Em’ & 50 so they will always do there numbers….

    I’m not hating on Kayne but if he is Hip Hop album of the year that isn’t saying much for Hip Hop….The music is good but c’mon there fuckin’ bubble gum raps…I think my drunk freestyles on the benches in Fay back in 93′ could give him a run for his money…

    Fuck it Es, when we get Jim Kahn and Jigga to sit down….OHHHH, Def Jam will be ” Rockin’ it Sucka’s”…..

  24. Ves Says:

    Jay needs to make some chess moves this year; like ESKAY said,
    [ they (def jam) have completed albums from people like Redman and Ghostface that they act like they don’t want to release.] thats true but i also think its time for DEFJAM to invest in some more artists before interscope buys the whole industry.

  25. Krome44 Says:

    Yo can ne1 tell me whats goin on wid Ras Kass,DMX and saigon signing to G-unit im quite disturbed by these rumours????

  26. Steve Says:

    Anyone realise that Be was not a Interscope release? It came out on Geffen/G.O.O.D. Music. Anyone kno when Stat droppin?

  27. e-dubbs Says:

    “I’m not hating on Kayne but if he is Hip Hop album of the year that isn’t saying much for Hip Hop….The music is good but c’mon there fuckin’ bubble gum raps”

    Even my superficial raps are super-official -kanye

  28. str8frmjozi Says:

    The documentary was something else fa sho!!!!! but nothing else worth mentioning from interscope this year! Especially nothin by fiddy the fag! i don’t really dig Def Jam but they kicked Interscope Ass this time a
    Def Jam does it once again!!!!!

  29. eskay Says:

    >>Anyone realise that Be was not a Interscope release? It came out on Geffen/G.O.O.D. Music.

    Geffen is a division of Interscope

  30. King_Koopa Says:

    wow, kanye west hip hop album of the year? come again? i dont think so that shit was garbage. talent wise u can’t overlook artists like chamillionaire, bun b, ras kass who all put out real hot albums this year

    also to look at anything but the numbers is retarded cuz then we’re just gettin into opinion and who gives a shit about some dudes opinion on an internet blog
    numbers speak volumes and even if 50’s album wasnt as “hot” as his first one he still did crazy numbers, 1.5 mil. in one week? or sum shit like that, give me a break interscope ran rap this year and will continue to run rap until other labels realize u might have to put out that one borderline pop joint to play in the clubs and grab up a bigger fan base, make that paper. 50 is a marketing genius and everyone hating on him is straight up jealous of the success he’s having, so fuck all y’all. G-G-G-G-Unit
    That’s The Sound of Revenge

  31. eskay Says:

    >>to look at anything but the numbers is retarded cuz then we’re just gettin into opinion and who gives a shit about some dudes opinion on an internet blog

    that’s the problem with you kids these days, all you care about is sales as if whatever numbers your favorite rapper do have anything to do with your bottom line. you wanna talk about sales, ok. what the fuck did Chamillionaire, Bun B, and Ras Kass do this year? i’m just sayin, i don’t care, I know Trill was dope, but I know he went wood. oh, and you give a shit about some dudes opinion, cuz you’re here reading it and commenting on it.

    >>1.5 mil. in one week?

    yeah so? N-Sync did numbers like that to. was their album dope? you said it right, 50 is a marketing genius.

    >>everyone hating on him is straight up jealous of the success he’s having

    come on with the G-Unit fan club handbook material. that’s the best you can do? i hate on 50 cuz he’s garbage

  32. SEEUNO Says:


  33. Teenage Millionaire Says:

    Best label of the year? Def Jam – come on the two best albums of the year were both classics and these were Late Registration and Thug Motivation 101. If you compare these to The Documentary and the Massacre, you can see a clear difference. I for one will NOT be bumping Doc or Massacre in 2 years to come.

    Firstly it feel’s like Kanye and Jezzy were given there budgets and told to write the best album that they could muster. Rather than given a beat cd and told to come up with any old lyrics. Kanye a producer himself enlisted the help of Jon Brion to come up with a new flavour for his sonic arsenal. What a step! I personally though that most of it worked even though some songs needed a harder edge. Jeezy looked at the J.U.S.T.I.C.E league and others and designed a surprisingly eerie soundtrack to his “motivational speaking”.

    How did the Massacre or Documentary break new musically ground? Answer neither of them did. There were tight verses on the Documentary though – How We Do is amazing and hate or love it remix. But for me that’s about it.

    So in conclusion Def Jam, a real test would to see how the Roots are received next year when they drop on Def Jam. Can anyone spell comeback?


    Teenage Millionaire

  34. Ez Says:

    DefJam got Juelz Santana 2… dude’s doin his thing right now!

  35. g unot killer fuck game Says:

    its easy interscope won stop hatin def jam’s only hope in the future is kanye west young jeezy’s next album will flop cause he’s corny with that yeah and damn every to words.

    lets do the math
    kanye west 3 to 4 million
    young jeezy 1 to 2 million and everybody else flopped
    but i liked beans joint

    now for interscope
    game 5 million
    50 8million
    yayo 625,000
    get rich soundtrack 820,000
    all are from g-unit stop hatin cause yall sound stupid and the most important member of the interscope family didn’t drop an album if em had dropped it would have been worse. a word for def jam get some talent cause juelz is trashhhhhhhh and d bumbs are not going to help sheek louch did 35,000 copies who the hell got this is crazy sheek is trash to maybe def jam will win if jay comes out in 06

  36. eskay Says:

    there you go with the sales again. you kids are incredible. listen here: “Fuck sales, who made the better music!”

  37. state property Says:


  38. Milk Says:

    I dont know the numbers as far as sales but i would say interscope has to have won that battle. BBUUUTT as far as quality Def Jam has it. And in reguards to the Ghostface and Redman cd’s i sure hope Hova is wating to drop them for some sorta 2006 jumpoff.

  39. SDOT Says:

    Yeahh Def Jam is waaaaaaay betta, 50 cent has no talent and you cant go by numbers coz 50s got that 13 year old white suburban kid demographic on lock. But Def Jams owns it and i dont know how you can hate on kanyes album that was mad he talked real shit with ROSES n shit and had goood rhymes and of course good beats. But yeah you gotta give it to Def Jam anytime its 50 cent verse JIG its gotta go to Jay lets be honest here. “Only dudes movin units – em, Pimp Juice and us” – Jay Z

    CLickety clank clickety clank???????!!! give me a break
    p.s ESKAY shoutout to Byron Bay if you are who i think you are maybe not but yah.

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