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The Real Killa Cam?


Those of you outside of NY may not have heard this story, but it’s been all over the local news for the past week. That gully looking dude up there fatally shot a cop in Brooklyn 10 days after critically injuring another in a failed hold up attempt. So, what we have are two cops shot in less than 2 weeks, and 1 thugged out looking black man in a wifebeater doing the perp walk out of the projects. You can just imagine how this kid is gonna be toast once he goes to court, and how, unfortunately for him, his trial-by-media is already under way.

Now, I’m not gonna get all into my own personal opinions on cops shooting people, getting shot, and the circus that passes for a justice system in this country, so let’s just say I won’t be donating to PAL anytime soon and leave it at that. But here’s my beef with the media: Where are all the outrageous descriptions and suggestive headlines when the Patrick Dorismond’s and the Timothy Stansbury’s of the world get their shit pushed back for no reason? Why are trigger happy cops given the benefit of the doubt, but not the victims of police violence? I’m just sayin. 

Bearing this in mind, just imagine how happy the media must have been to learn that the suspect, Allan Cameron, was an aspiring rapper. According to this article, Cameron went by the stage name ‘Cam Killah’ (sounds familiar), and was close to signing a deal with a label called True King Records. A quick search on the internet turns up nothing on this ‘record label’ except for the stories about Cameron, so I think it’s safe to say this kid was some non-rapping wannabe with little to no chance of ever getting on. Yet, the local rags jumped on the chance to connect him in any little way to hip hop. They even managed to work the name Osama Bin Laden into the story for crying out loud. Right to a fair trial my ass.  

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7 Responses to “The Real Killa Cam?”

  1. Gio Says:

    Could it be because, due to their job descriptions, if an armed individual is causing a problem, such as holding up a store, the cops have to be there, against their interest, will, and better judgement. Who wants to go running towards a person who’s willing to use a gun and providing that threat forthright? If you start shooting at cops, you’ve made it a goal to bring violence and you’ve made it your point to put life in danger. If other cops show up, it’s because that’s what their job says they are supposed to do. Now, that’s not to say that people don’t make mistakes without the intent to do so. It’s also not to say that there isn’t a nut or two out there with a badge who’s a little to easy to reach for his/her weapon. But, it should be pretty clear that there’s a different between someone who’s in the business of criminalizing others by using weapons to threaten or harm others in furtherance of that goal and someone who’s negligent in their duties because they are scared out of their minds with what they perceive as their situation. I’ll conceed though, nothing hurts 200,000 cops more than one corrupt officer.

    Your other points about the media being racist I can’t disagree with at all. It’s clear and apparent.

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  3. born7allah Says:

    Peace 7 . That’s my man,he didn’t shoot the othe cop in crown heights. He don’t get down like that robbin people and shit. He don’t rap that’s more b.s. His nick name is tall man cause he 6 5 or 6 6 . He from trini wit a strong accent he don’t rap. Probaly chat a little but nothin serious. The devil beat up his pops when he went to see him. If you notice in the pic in the wife beater he had no bandaid. Then in this pic wit da hood on is when they left the precint where they beat him up. Then on da island they beat him up numerous times sent him 2 the hospital. Their excuse he keeps attackin them,more b.s . The devil bein devil. U dudes better wake up and learn 120 the knowledge of self and stop lookin for a mystery(not real)god in the sky. But like a god told me somewhere there’s some devil(whiteman or woman she devil)saying we done kill these people rape these people taught them to hate each other and call each other dog(god backwards cause the blackman is backwards)kidnapped them a made them work for them,keep them livin in fuckup condition,puts aids crack and a I can go on 4 almost ever with alot other shit but you know what I don’t mind. You know? Cause they still wanna be my friend. Peace to the Gods. And yeah even peace to you NIGGERs(blackman mentally dead that can see the reality but except the illusion).

  4. Shaun Johnson Says:


    Seriously, what kind of message do you think you bring across with your poor grammar and spelling? That whatever sect of Islam you practice (which, the Nation of Islam is universally derided by real Muslims as being a cheap ersatz version of the faith) cares more about selfish self-promotion (calling each other God?) than education. You speak of knowledge of self, but can’t even spell it properly. Brother, pick up a book and put the blunt down. Mohammed wouldn’t be out there smoking weed and drinking and chasing after women. And even though I am black and have experienced racism throughout my life, not every white person is “the devil”. This is the ignorance you want the world to see? And you expect respect from anyone other than your neighborhood lackeys? It’s people like you that cause police/the media, to expect us to act like caged animals all the time, looking to rebel against “the devil”. Grow up, educate yourself, and quit being ignorant. Or you’ll be the next one making the front page of the Daily News, wondering why “the devil” is always after you.

  5. Kim Says:


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