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New Chappelle Show Episodes


Comedy Central just announced that it will be airing some never before seen episodes of the Chappelle show that the comedian had shot for the doomed 3rd season. Apparently this material was shot before Dave lost his mind and  ran off to Africa for his ‘spiritual retreat’. According to MTV News, the new skits will include a spoof of the Morgan Spurlock movie Supersize Me, as well as an MTV Cribs bit. The episodes will initially air on the network’s Motherload broadband network and then on Comedy Central at some point next year.

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2 Responses to “New Chappelle Show Episodes”

  1. es Says:

    yeah I was watching comedy central, and something came up.. looked like a skit, and it had dave chappelle talking about how he quits. but comedy central already had a couple of episodes… and shit. i dont know if it was a commercial they made prior to dave going to africa or before.

  2. http://www.domeafavorbuddy.com Says:

    Where are we gonna get our best catchphrases from now?

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