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Where’s Brooklyn T-Shirt


Look at this joint from Undr-Crwn, called Where’s Brooklyn. Now go check out the Limited Edition version. It features a remix of two of sports most iconic logos and comes packaged in a replica Wheaties box. These kids got some other crazy shirts too, peep game.

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17 Responses to “Where’s Brooklyn T-Shirt”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    not bad… not down with hanging the jordan jumpman logo upside though.. thats like hanging a crucifix upside down.

  2. T Nelson Says:

    40 for a t-shirt thats crazy

  3. eskay Says:

    >>40 for a t-shirt thats crazy

    but dog, it comes in a Wheaties box! nah, but I know, that is kinda crazy

  4. Krome Says:

    yo eskay im begining to feel that you dont like me its a shame your the only other person on here who talks with sense nahright. I quite like the T-shirt but upside down jordan does kinda bring images of the anti-christ to life. The wheaties box is cool though.

  5. e-dubbs Says:

    stop being cheap yall.. $40 for a tee is going rate.. stop living off them pro-lab white tee’s 6 for $20.

  6. Demiks Says:

    The east coasts finest shirt with Biggie is nice! But the shirt only comes in a L(arge)?! Damn, I don’t wear clothes that fit! I wear clothes a size or two bigger, its just more comfortable that way.

  7. eskay Says:

    >>But the shirt only comes in a L(arge)?!

    nah, they just sold out of the big sizes quick

  8. eskay Says:

    yo, but what are the chances of me and the Fader posting Undr-Crwn shirts on the same day:


    Now, I jack shit from Fader every once in a while, but I always credit them, so you know this one was pure coincidence. freaky huh.

  9. T Nelson Says:

    Im not cheap im just saying for 40 i can go cop a polo shirt why pay that much for a T that fall apart after u wash it twice…thats why niggas stay broke

  10. T-Money Bags Says:

    where else can you buy UNDR-CRWN shirts??? their website ain’t even up yet.

    i found this one of slick rick…shit’s hot:


  11. e-dubbs Says:

    dry clean ya tee’s dawg..
    either way, its worth $40 for the sake of being unique.

  12. T Nelson Says:

    u crazy to dry clean a t shirt. in the immortal words of chris rock “black people are the most money wasting motherfuckers in the world, black people spend money like each bill got a experation date on it, niggas would put rims on a toaster if they could”

  13. e dubbs Says:

    I dry clean my joints because I dont wanna deal with shrinkage. (no homo) You know when you put your tee’s in the wash them shits come back all lopsided.. Back sticking up looking retarded.. no homo

  14. jaycan Says:

    fresh designs with a whole lot of character and detail. i rather pay the price for the quality and fresh art

  15. t$ Says:

    yo this is sickness. where can i git one? who are these cats?

  16. jaycan Says:

    CHECK OUT http://WWW.UNDR-CRWN.COM, so fresh and so clean

  17. miso Says:

    just copped one at barracuda on melrose. this shirt is hotness. barracuda has one of those east vs west tupac and biggie tees that were on digitalgravel a while back. too bad it was a medium cause i wanted that shit for daze cuz i misst it back then too. and to t nelson – dry clean it boyeeeeee.

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