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Wipe That Smirk Off Ya Face


This guy acts like he can’t get 20 years. I gotta say though in all seriousness, I hope they beat this case. I mean if you think that Irv and Chris Gotti are squeaky clean and never touched any of ‘Preme’s dough then you’re probably just being naive; but on the other hand the Feds case is mad weak and they’re trying to act like Irv is some kingpin and was all involved in street shit like the E Money Bags murder and all that nonsense. I’m sorry but I just don’t see it.  Anybody from the hood knows Irv’s gangster is far from certified, but it’s gonna take a big expensive trial to prove that to the Feds. Oh well.

As much as I hate ‘The Inc.’, a victory here will be a victory for Hip Hop. As Hashim points out over on SOHH’s Murder Inc Trial blog, the presence of moguls like Jay-Z and and J.Prince of Rap-A-Lot in the courtroom could be more than just a show of support for a buddy. Both of their labels have long been rumored to have been started with proceeds from the drug trade, so they have a lot more at stake then just losing a friend to prison. A verdict is expected today.

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7 Responses to “Wipe That Smirk Off Ya Face”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    Feds thought putting Irv and Chris under pressure would make them fold up on Supreme. Try again. As much as IRV annoyed me with his overnight gangster image and constantly screaming “its murdaahhhh”.. Definetly don’t need any more young men in the prison system.

    I just hope he doesnt adopt the Gotti image even furthermore if he beats the case.

  2. T-Money Bags Says:

    E-Money Bags and 3 other men pistol whipped and beat the shit outta Ja Rule’s manager at Irv Gotti’s birthday party in 2001.

    Six months later, 2 of the 4 were found dead. Ja Rule’s manager is also charged in the money laundering case.

  3. eskay Says:

    >>Ja Rule’s manager is also charged in the money laundering case.

    yeah didn’t he turn states?


    “looking to get my money up/
    make my 20’s and double up/
    pots still bubble up/
    haters still looking to keep the trouble up/
    when you this hot you need to connect all the dots/
    four dot, six dot, a red dot and unlimited pairs of s.dots/
    just so i can see how it feels to walk in that man’s shoes instead of those g-unots/”-quotes from the album CASH CHECK OR CREDIT

  5. T Nelson Says:

    its a crazy line of support they got i know if i’m even suspected of laundering like Prince and Jay i aint going no where near court unless i have to….one side note i read on mtv that professional poker player Phil Ivey was at the trial to support Irv…. i just thought that was an odd pairing Gotti and Ivey.

  6. T-Money Bags Says:

    I guess all charges against Ron “Gutta” Robinson have been dropped:

    But it doesn’t mention why or if he’ll be testifying.

  7. devious Says:

    I got niggas on my nuts/
    bitches at the boom boom getting pimped they sluts/
    if I swing the L you catch a blow/
    killing you softly like lauren/
    i’ll have the gat pouring/gimme my “W”
    my mind contains nothin but trouble/
    I bring the cain
    cash check or credit/
    gimme the cash/
    cause the check or credit
    could be insufficient/
    & ak don’t except that when he only cook in the kitchen

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