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Kanye on Barbara Walters Tonight


Oh boy, you just know some classic statements are gonna be made during this interview. We already know that Kanye kept it gangsta and didn’t back down from his Bush comments (which I would hope he wouldn’t), but who knows what egomaniacal statements this guy is gonna utter with a straight face. The reason for the interview is Kanye has been selected by Walters as one 2005’s Most Fascinating People.

From the interview:

Barbara Walters: “During a telethon for Hurricane Katrina, Kanye caused a storm of his own.”

Kanye West on the telethon: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

Walters to West: “Do you think what you said then you still feel today?”

West: “I spoke from, I spoke from my heart, and I stand by my statement.”

This should be interesting. I hear Barbara also spits a freestyle and works the boards in the studio with Kanyeezy.  

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6 Responses to “Kanye on Barbara Walters Tonight”

  1. Mo'Nique Says:

    i seen it and one part that i found funny due to the added commentary my fatha gave was when she was talkin bout the N word (nigga) she said that is a word that she will neva be able to say but my fatha said that she had an interview a long time ago with Richard Pryor when he was in his prime and she said “do ever think you will stop using the word nigger? i could never say that word i find it offensive.” Richard: “you ain’t have no problem sayin it just now” that was a very educational lesson in media history.

  2. e dubbs Says:

    Good looks.. DV-R is gonna be in effect.

  3. eskay Says:

    >>i seen it

    wait this shit was on last night…? gottdammit! fuck it, I’ll just look for a clip of it to post here. damn dubbs I don’t believe you of all people missed this

  4. e-dubbs Says:

    Basically.. My wife was telling me something about it two nights ago but I wasnt listening because I was watching NBA TV. I’m sure I’ll find a rip of it and get it to you if you dont have it already.

  5. DetroitDexterDiplomat Says:

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  6. God Says:

    you are all retarded. i hope kanye gets run over by a train…

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