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Damian Marley ft. Nas – Road to Zion *Video*


Road to Zion – Damian Marley ft. Nas  

The video for Damian Marley’s Road to Zion featuring Nas. Good video, but I had to laugh at George Clinton and The Game being locked up with Nas, and Damian handing out postcards with the Lion of Judah on them(??). After Nas analyzes the card, he manages to escape the prison he’s in and reunite with the young Marley back in a project hallway. At that point the video ends, but there’s no doubt these two righteous men hung around burning incense, praising Jah, and chanting down babylon.

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37 Responses to “Damian Marley ft. Nas – Road to Zion *Video*”

  1. dp Says:

    I dont know about rightouesness but the video is a good script

  2. Matt Says:

    The video is of no importance but the song is incredible. Deepest lyrics I’ve heard sense Pac.

  3. Nathan Says:

    Hey man this song is great i love it and the video is nice to. Just like matt said deepest lyrics ive heard sense pac too.

  4. Ishaara Says:

    I am from Trinidad, W.I. and if no one loves Damian Marley, US TRINIS LOVE HIM, WANT HIM, and he must SING FOR US at all times. Oh, Nas did good in the conscious video, but you can’t touch any of the Marley’s.

  5. baz Says:

    Great song. Especially Nas going like, “I was guilty of materialism”. And then The Game showing up was funny too.

  6. zimbabwe Says:

    Nas is a living legend….deep lyrics everytime you step pon deh scene….. keep rockin…Damian Marley one love still

  7. Mo-Orlaye Says:

    reggae&hip-hop collaborition watter match! Nas did it again with a another crazy verse. While Damian sauce it up to make a perfect song. i can’t wait to hear more from both revolutioners.

  8. BigBoogie Says:

    The vidoe is off the hook, big props to both of the nigga’s

  9. Fiyah Lion Asher Says:

    But the police had codes on their hands symbolising their humanity slaves to Babylon, the people they took where on Missing posters, meaning that kidnappers are the same as police.

    Some of the police have “terrorist” look meaning their crimes is no different from the terrorist crime.

    And the notes he hands out have a deeper meaning…

    Im on my way to Zion to seek the conquering Lion

    Ras Thord Asher 12 tribe of Israel Rasta from Sweden

  10. Brooklyn.. Says:

    ahhhhh mannnn…..Yo… I was eating a sandwitch and the video came on and oh my god ….yo the track is beyond FIRE……i aint eat the rest of my sandwitch till the song went off….(and im a hungry nicca)!!!……overall…great combination great way to the start the new year off ….i hope it gets alotta air play…………

    game and george clintin was a little funny in the back but i thought it was tight just showing that everybody who you think are rebbels in there own way …..wanted to people know that there own that road ….revolutionar warfare baby!!!

    (and for the record ….pac was not a great lyricist!!)

  11. swedish ethiopian Says:

    who could think that hiphop-reagge would be good?

    i think nowone but with this song i wanna her more hiphop reagge songs!

    funny that the game was on the vidieo to ..

    does he belive at lion of judah to??

    i thought he was a christian..

    God bless you and may he be with you!
    keep it real!
    // the ethiopian christian girl .. love!

  12. edem Says:

    hey this is a master piece…very concious…..

  13. nonso Says:

    yo….nas is still da king,believe it or not.the radio stations wanna condemn him,rappers wanna crucify him and critics wanna bury him.But Jah will forever be his ressurection.trust that!long live da king.one love to damian marley and all them,marley family.

  14. Tragic.easT Says:

    …gives me hope.
    might start watchin BET again 2 see if they give it alot of spins…

    ..nah, neva mind.

  15. LilBxman Says:

    Some people think that “Road To Zion” is a Hip-Hop & Reggae or Rap & Reggae song, well it ain’t people, it’s just REGGAE!!! Somebody gotta tell those freakin’ morons and Radio hosts that even though Nas is featured in it with Damian Marley it’s not 1/2 Rap and 1/2 Reggae it’s still Reggae!

    Other than that, Damian and Nas did a great job in the video expecially with after his big hit “Welcome To Jamrock”. At 1st I was like “What the hell is this s***”, when I heard it on the radio. But after I listened to it I said I gotta get that song! Hey I gave them props though!

  16. remy, brooklyn Says:

    shout out to All music Lovers. This is real lyricist singing, none of that 50 crap. damien and nas put it down, big time tunes that is. 1.

  17. MigL Says:

    smooth, good to hear nas doing his thing again, and now marleys kid is making his rounds with a nice raspy voice full of emotion. Good song will depenitely get it and start introducing it to the world.

  18. lito Says:

    dis song is of da chains. i love it

  19. G-Man Says:

    This song is FIRE! The lyrics are blazin on this track. Can’t wait to hear more from D. Marley.

  20. reggae boy Says:

    I just watched the video right now, i had to watch it twice to make sure that was the game!!!! maybe he should hook up with jr. gong, that would be some tight isht

  21. Jamaican_princess Says:

    I’m really proud of Damion’s accomplishment, and for making Jamaican’s proud.

    I dont think it was his best video (Welcome to jamrock is) but it’s good. REAL GOOD.

    Proud Jamaican

  22. Viva Mexico! Says:

    thats a friggin awesome song…

  23. riZa Says:

    remember nas with i know i can, be what i want to be, if i work hard for it, i can be what i wanna be. this is i think one of the reasons he caught up with jr gong. Reggae is all about the other perspective of life, alot of people may like his music but only a few really understand whats life is all about. over & out from belgium antwerp

  24. chuks da don Says:

    chuks da don says nuff respect to all a dem peeps who made da video possible..i aint talking about nas and damien and all them other cats on the video am talking about all those dogs behind the scene men..i give props to the producers and d directors for they rock..one luv men

  25. Marta Says:

    questo pezzo è magico,incredibilmente fantastico….

  26. david Says:

    where can i watch the video, i saw it only once on late night mtv and cannot seem to find it, please email me back

  27. Eldridge Cleaver AKA Plug Industries Says:


  28. Enzo ganja man Says:

    THis song is so good but that nasa guy no way..not me style

  29. African Says:

    This is a tune which has exposed Nas’s ignorance. I used to think Nas was an intelligent person but his anlysation of Africa is WRONG, How can he talk about Mugabe in that way when Mugabe is trying to give black people of Zimbabwe land, it only shows that some of these artist dont read the right information they only follow media reports and start proclaiming intelligents. Stupid Nas should know misinformation leads to ignorance and ignorance always leads to tragedy, Nature abhors a vaccum you need to do reseach my yute

  30. learn spanish Says:

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  31. nough skrilla Says:

    African :ou r rather ignorant,Mugabe is holding guns to innocent bodies in Zimababwe,you never heard of that and you r callin your self an afrian,You dummy.I dont think you are an african,You should learn things from Nas becos he read and knew what’s up before he sayn it on music,Dont try to hate on God son,he is the jesus christ of this rap shit.

  32. SNITCH Says:

    what is fucking shit r u talKing about (NOUGH SKRILLA)…nas is my best rapper so stop abused him ……u dont even happy that his talk about african can u see other rapper talk about african……


  33. nick Says:

    this video is the shit

    Tabari Cook has this song for his part in tales and it is so bomb!!!!!

  34. SonofTheSoil Says:

    Me figures Nas and Marley be the tighest Combination since Pac and Dre. But what is this I hear about “President Mugabe holding guns to innocent bodies In Zimbabwe”. As a Zimbawean I feel he is entitled to his opinion but maybe he should pass by sometime on a Holiday visit and he will be the first to agree that he is wrong. If he is not wrong he should perhaps compare the situation here to what is happening to people of color in his own backyard and I will be waiting for that admission in the form of a Remix. I’m not hatin on Nas, Hey I loved “Hate me Now”.

  35. yupee Says:

    that video was fuckin cool
    checkout the performances of my best rapper, he has done it again.
    nas is the best lyricist rap artist i have ever seen.

  36. sniper Says:

    Listen SonofTheSoil,

    I’m from Zimbabwe as well and I don’t know how you missed the episodes of Mugabe sending tankers to the high density areas some years back. I was surprised at Nas’ awareness of that issue.

  37. Nah Right » Nas & Damian Marley feat. K’Naan - Africa Must Wake Up Says:

    […] funny I found last night: they used eskay’s description of the video for Road To Zion on the song’s Wikipedia […]

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