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From MTV News:

50 thinks the president is "incredible … a gangsta." "I wanna meet George Bush, just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him," 50 told GQ. If the rapper’s felony conviction didn’t prevent him from voting, 50 said he would have voted for Bush.

From Rapdirt.com

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, "In an interview in GQ, rap artist 50 Cent says he is a big fan of President Bush…this increases President Bush’s approval rating among African Americans to one."

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20 Responses to “G.O.P.I.M.P.”

  1. e dubbs Says:

    These comments are mind boggling but I can bet I would laugh my ass off if they had video footage of 50 saying this.

    This guy loves to say stuff thats totally outta left field.

  2. Ves Says:

    OH 50s Republican now. OK… the guy had a good year, makes a few mil, got a nice white republican fan base, it make sense. i dont want to hear nothing about a struggle or a hood in his raps. besides KANYE SAID IT BEST…

  3. Ves Says:


  4. Billy Sunday Says:

    50 is a fake azz homo thug and he COULD have voted because felony convictions in NY State don’t waive your franchisement. Being incarcerated at the time of an election waives your right to vote.

    50 knows how simple minded motherfuckers are so much so that niggas think their right to vote will expire in 2007.

    I wish America would wake up to the fact that GEORGE BUSH doesn’t care about anybody if you dont got maddd scrilla, Blacks and whites included.

  5. Rizoh Says:

    ^True talk. I been telling people Dubya don’t care white people either.

    But yo Eskay that’s a funny pic, i never imagined George as a pimp before.

  6. eskay Says:

    >>he COULD have voted because felony convictions in NY State don’t waive your franchisement.

    you know, I didn’t even catch that, but you’re right. i was just talking to my boy about that shit the other day. what a dumbass.

  7. Ves Says:

    yeah S, ill co sign Billy , im living proof…

  8. e-double Says:

    I was thinkin’ about 50 cent and his comments about how he thinks he has alot in common with G-Dub.. And he is right..

    George Bush is the President of the United States of America who some people will say is the most power country in the world.. 50 is the president of Interscope who some say is the most powerful label in musik.

    George Bush although hated by almost everyone you ask still found a way to get re-elected. 50 Cent hated by most still finds a way to sell awhole lot of records and reign as hiphop’s most powerful figure.

    George Bush invades foreign countries for no reason whatsoever…. 50 Cent starts beef with fellow rappers for no reason whatsoever..

    George Bush has a gang of peolpe who he can sick on other countries even if the people he sends do not support the cause(Army, Navy, Marines and Airforce).. 50 has a gang of artists who he uses to attack his enemies even when they probably dont want to be involved in the first place.

  9. e-double Says:


    George Bush has ties with many companies and business ventures which he makes way more off of than his paying job as President of the US of A…. 50 has Gunit clothing, Movies, Videogames, Sneakers, Vitamin Water and who the hell knows what else which probably pay him more than he makes off selling records.

    …Feel free to add on.

  10. T Nelson Says:

    I just heard 50 IGNORANT ASS on Shady Sirrus radio and he was on there saying fuck Chicken Little and all the kids that went to see it instead of his movie

  11. eskay Says:

    oh yeah, you shoulda heard him on Hot 97 talking about shooting little kids. he’s a real role model.

  12. e-dubbs Says:

    S, dont hear you criticizing kiss for his idiotic comments.. both parties perpetuate negative stereotypes.. but if your gonna call Curtis on it, call Shawn and the 2 dwarfs on the same thing.

  13. frankly Says:

    this thread is dam funny lol

  14. T Nelson Says:

    negative is one thing but when talking about bucking at kids come on

  15. Mo'Nique Says:

    he spoiled and mad that no one came to see his movie and gonna get mad at tha lil snotty nose kids who just wanted to go see chicken lil save the earth from aliens. fiddy should have saved tha earth from alien rappers and galathic drug dealers with the help of his chicken unit and maybe he would have had more sells in tha box office and maybe even got a toy deal with McDonalds.(wrote this with a look of dissapointment and a very long disagreeable sigh)

  16. Krome44 Says:

    yo fiddys just saying what we all knew hes an idiot

  17. e dubbs Says:

    Nothing idiotic about his business abilities. Yall so mad.

  18. Mo'Nique Says:

    e what are we mad at? plaese tell me por favor



  20. plug Says:


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