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B.I.G. ft. The Game – 1970 Something, plus more…


I got a couple of B.I.G. related items today:

B.I.G. featuring The Game – 1970 Something 

XXL article on the making of Ready to Die.

This month’s issue of Trace Magazine feaures exclusive, never before seen pics from the night B.I.G. celebrated Ready To Die going platinum.

Bonus: The Party and Bullshit video – Features X-Clan, Puff, and Kim and Cease looking about 16 years old. Biggie himself doesn’t look a day over 17. (For some reason the Still Tippin’ video is at the end of the clip. Whatever.)

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23 Responses to “B.I.G. ft. The Game – 1970 Something, plus more…”

  1. SEEUNO SAP Says:


  2. Mo'Nique Says:

    who is delvon

  3. eskay Says:

    that’s our boy from growing up. he’s doing 20 to life.

  4. Mo'Nique Says:

    oh…srry 2 hear dat ya another brother to fall victim to the justice system.

  5. strechy Says:

    biggie is tight

  6. s dawgy Says:

    bone thugs and biggie will reunite

  7. strechy Says:

    biggie lil short fat shit

  8. strechy Says:

    biggie lil short fat shit

  9. strechy Says:

    biggie is thight

  10. s-dawgy Says:

    bone thugs and harmony will rise with biggie again

  11. cecil Says:

    just kidding im straight i go out whit girls only girls im going out whit a girl now name klyne

  12. tupac Says:

    i love you biggie why did your crew kill me dawg

  13. biggie Says:

    i love you to pac i told them not kill you they said the’ll put a slug in my head why did your crew kill me

  14. tupac Says:

    i dont know!

  15. strechy Says:

    biggie biggie biggie dont eat me! take your fat ass to kfc,
    buy your self a 6 peice meal now $5.99 thats a deal.

  16. alia Says:

    imma slut im in love and going out three guys and two girls

  17. cecil Says:

    im gay

  18. cecil Says:

    im gay and retarded

  19. cecil Says:

    im gay and love guys

  20. cecil Says:

    just kidding was sup wanna talk shit bitch email bitch gaisha@aol.com bitch or you could be scared as hell like a little bitch pink ass trick suck my d*c*

  21. strechy Says:

    my name is strechnuts from the motherfucking KBS bitch ESall night long punk ass bitch

  22. sam Says:

    sup than cecil punk ass bitch

  23. sam Says:

    biggie is the shit but fuck the game

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