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Stray Shots


Green Lantern signs with the Russell Simmons Music Group. I’m sure he’ll fit right in with all the big name artists over there such as Rev Run and Black Buddafly(?!?).

Who will be the next dead rapper?

50 Cent says violent video games are good for kids!? What’s next 50, smoking is good for your lungs?  

Has Dre dopped Game from Aftermath?  

All sorts of fuckery going on in the Murder Inc. trial. I gotta say, SOHH has been on their game with their coverage. You’re probably wondering why I haven’t been covering it, but don’t worry I should have a special feature up in a few days.  

Damn they’re really trying to kick Kim while she’s down. Now they’re trying to blame her for a shooting that she wasn’t even at and had nothing to do with.

And finally a quote from Nas: “To Jay-Z’s credit, I respect him lyrically. And to 50’s credit, I respect him lyrically, but not on a level of Jay. 50 will never be on a level of Jay so it’s kind of a shift for me to switch up and do something comical, even though to MC is to have fun."

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5 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. e dubbs Says:

    I think that qoute from Nas is not even noteworthy. I am shocked he even respects 50 lyrically. I expected him to say he respects him from a business aspect.

  2. Mo'Nique Says:

    me too that seems questionable to me.

  3. Rizoh Says:

    Another classic update Eskay.

    I think Nas was making a chess move by saying that . He knows 50 is going to read that interview.

  4. Krome44 Says:

    I think Nas is actually chatting sense for once. Jay is the stronger lyricist if Fiddy takes it a way Jay doesn’t like Fiddy anyone smell Nas and Jay z collaboration’s. it would be very funny but an enemy of an enemy and all that.

  5. Ves Says:

    im not surprised at anything NAS says anymore, after all the stunts he pulled in the past… c’mon. NAS’ interviews are always crazy, he must be on dust this time though, mentioning himself, JAY-Z and 50 in the same category. WHOA!

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