New Game – 120 Bars

New Game freestyle over the Hustler’s Ambition beat. He talks about 50’s GQ cover and calls him ‘Chicken Little’.

The Game – 120 Bars 

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97 Responses to “New Game – 120 Bars”

  1. SEEUNO F.U.C.H Says:


  2. GGGGGGGggg-Unot Says:

    Game killed them all oh men

  3. e dubbs Says:

    50 makes more off Game albums than Games does. He lost.

  4. eskay Says:

    >>50 makes more off Game albums than Games does.

    does he really though? that’s an urban legend.

  5. djseik1 Says:

    Fiddy is over!! He’s just a hater. Cus of him, The Lox can’t even drop an album. His whole career is based on another person and he hated on Ja, and he’s doing the same music but only worse.

  6. e dubbs Says:

    Only urban legends are The Lox being tough.

  7. RenB Says:

    Fitty just mad that Game now knows how Wanksta his crew are also Games Flow is crazy while fitty is singing love songs and dance shit. That ain’t no gangsta he punked out. Get over it Fitty, “hate it or love it Games on top you a wanksta an’ you goin’ get shot all over agin it ain’t no sin you runnin yo’ mouth like you king of the men.” shut the fuck up.

  8. AtoZ Says:

    Get off Game’s tattoo, SEEUNO F.U.C.H. Shit, I’d have have a tattoo of something to remind me of my grandmother too.

    e dubbs, let’s say The LOX ain’t tough, so what? Nigga, they more street than fiddy or any them niggas he ride with (not including Mobb Deep, of course.) At least they don’t sell out and go on GQ magazine wearin’ the most outrageous shit and then release a movie losing to a fuckin’ Chicken, straight up. Don’t even talk. Period.

    And if you’re the consumer to his music, don’t matter that 40 Cent get money from Game’s album. You buyin’ the quality of his album and it’s good shit. If you think I’m shittin’ you and it’s ‘cuz of 40 Cent’s envolvement on his album that makes it good, get the Doctor’s Advocate. Word up. Don’t speak.

    And to add on, you ever seen 50 make some straight dope shit like them 400 bars, 120 bars, 300 bars, etc.? Candy Shop don’t count, heh. Rap doesn’t even have to be all street too, it can be conscious, political, etc. and still bang. Y’all commercial cats got banged in the head with this wack candy, lolly pop shit.

  9. T Nelson Says:

    this 50 vs game shyt is a little redundant i wish they would just move on and do something creative.

  10. T Nelson Says:

    This is real beef

    [Mos Def]
    Beef is not what Jay said to Nas
    Beef is when workin’ niggas can’t find jobs
    So they tryna find niggas to rob
    Tryna find bigger guns so they can finish the job
    Beef is when the crack kids can’t find moms
    Cause they end up inna PINE box or locked behind bars
    Beef ain’t the Summer Jam for Hot 97
    Beef is the cocaine and AIDS epidemic
    Beef don’t come with a radio edit
    Beef is when the judge is callin’ you “defendant”
    Beef, it comes with a long jail sentence
    Handed down to you in a few short minutes
    Beef is when your girl come through for a visit
    Talkin’ bout “I’m pregnant by some other nigga”
    Beef is high blood pressure and bad credit
    Need a loan for your home and you’re too broke to get it
    And all your little kids is doin is gettin’ bigger
    You tryin not to raise ’em around these wild niggas
    Beef is when a gold digger got ya seat and a
    A manicured hand out like “pay me nigga”
    Or I’m tellin’ your wife
    Or startin’ up some foul rumor that’ll ruin your life
    Beef is when a gangster ain’t doin it right
    Another gangster then decided what to do with his life
    Beef is not what these famous niggas do on the mic
    Beef is what George Bush would do in a fight
    Yeah, beef is not what Ja said to 50
    Beef is more than Irv not bein here with me
    When a soldier ends his life with his own gun
    Beef is tryin’ to figure out what to tell his son
    Beef is oil prices and geopolitics
    Beef is Iraq, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip
    Some beef is big and some beef is small
    But what y’all call beef is not beef at all
    Beef is real life happenin’ everyday
    And it’s realer than them songs that you get at Kay Slay
    This has been a Black Star PSA
    From Mos Def, Pretty Flocko, black Dante
    And the Black Star embassy, B to the K

  11. SEEUNO dn Says:


  12. Mike G. Says:

    Get a day job Game. Nobody cares about you dissing them. You are not going to destroy your blueprint! You hate the dude yet you copying all his business moves.

  13. krome Says:

    Fuk Mike G you and fiddy can go and catch juk of eachova Game is a G and no matter who hes dissin BBC bak him all the way and as for following nah he jus knows smart buisness manouveres when he sees them

  14. eskay Says:

    woah woah, break it up!

    >>smart buisness manouveres when he sees them

    best spelling of maneuvers ever.

  15. dpgc Says:

    when is game going to stop dropping gunit cusses though ? like , every one of them that comes out is dope . but it’s getting a little much . we get . gunot . right . move on .

  16. Black Ass Nigga Says:

    These G-Unit diss songs are getting old, I hope he doesn’t talk about this on his next album

  17. the truth Says:

    hot song. and so what chicken little beat 50 movie. lets make a movie about one of yall and it won’t make no money. yall niggas hate so much u get blinded by your hate. everybody knows every lil kids parents took them to see chicken little thats in every theather while get rich was in select theathers casue of racism. now who do u think will win in sales. u already know. for game to be dissing somebody why does he copy them so much. he jacks banks hunger for more symbol and makes it his blackwallstreet. he copy’s all of fiffty’s buisness move i mean get your own life. game is a hot rapper and fiffty is a hot rapper. for a person in here to say either is wack u take rappers as one of your homeboys and not as just a rapper. some niggas are emotinal

  18. weecho Says:

    Game is a wankster, I went to Compton High with this dude, he was str8 crippin’ it during them highschool years. He tattooed his old ladies name on his chest but once she had a “change of heart” he tatted over it with the huge ass NWA…. total wankster, dont believe the hype about how tough this dude tries to be. What suppose gangsta gets a butterfly tatt on his face??? how gangsta is that? i guess his tattoo artist was trying to tatt a tear drop but it came out looking as a butterfly. wankster should have gone to see Mr. Cartoon for a OG Tatt.

  19. weecho Says:

    Even Lil Easy-E disses this wankster, Lil E even popped up in a few videos with this wankster and Lil E str8 out disses his ass.. too damn funny here is the link to hear the song urself.

  20. Nils Says:

    Jo I’m from Belgium and i think 50 and Game are bitches. I’ma pimpslap them hoes. I aint wearin them shoes , I aint seeing them movies. MAKE MUSIC damn money lovin dick suckers. They prostitutes , I tell ya.

  21. deez Says:



  22. /> smith Says:

    if you cant see 50 is jealous of game then you must be stupid, because even young buck knows game did nothing wrong, im still down with g unit, but 50 is my least favourite rapper in the group, he used to be hard til he started singing, jada ripped him, and now jada cant rap nemore. You wanna talk about being truly hard in rap look at camron, got shot twice for his lambo, if it was 50 he woulda got out and gave it to the guy. 90% of these guys arent thugs nemore, its their rhymes that matter and when it comes down to it, game is a better rapper. Unless u like rhymes like “if u be a nympho, il be a nympho”, then maybe 50 is better, but if u can appreciate a good rhyme like ” ill whip ya head boy, and thats for kanye west, I’ll whip ya head boy, with my tec” then game hows hes the better rapper. But i cant convince these fgaggits who know shit all about the situation to like game over there beloved 50. Ax About Me

  23. e dubbs Says:

    AtotheZ.. Mobb Deep are 2 of the softest dudes to ever spit anything.. They make the LOX look tough.

  24. lilmonk02 Says:

    can someone tell me the lyrics to 120 barz plz

  25. Godfatherburriedalive Says:

    Hey Smith!

    If you don’t know what to say, just shut ur thrash. How can you say fiddy is jealous of that lil Mr POTATOE HEAD.
    I Fuck with G-UNIT right but lets face it. Game is a dope rapper but u don’t expect him to finish G-unit.

    He has said what he has to say on 300 bars and we’ve heard it, now he’s spittin 120 bars, I’ll advice him to spend his energy on his new album.

    Afterall, if you look at any hiphop site today before you see any article on game, you’ll see sone three or four about fiddy or g-unit. Talking about Jada or the lox, yes he can spit but who is beggin for freedom from Diddy Now?
    All them cats are just hattin on G-unit and the more they hate, the more fiddy get more attention, popularity and more money. For me nothing you can say about fiddy will make me hate him or not buy his album.

    I believe when you are making money money like fiddy, ur view towards life is meant to be different from when u wr selling crack on street. So if you think he’s a pussy for the style he has adopted, that your own problem. The guy is good opportunist. Not many people knows how to make use of good opportunity like this.

    To all G-unit Haters, GET A LIFE!!!

  26. thizzinmaster69 Says:


  27. Will Says:

  28. g-unitnigga Says:

    game is madd that hes not on tv since like the summer… when fifty is on every music channel, on da big screen, on ur video games, and in ur fridge….g-unit is gettin dat green like crazy.. game is trash he loses..

  29. g-unitnigga Says:

    he CANNOT beat lloyd banks 1-1 anyways

  30. Mr.COrnejo.! Says:

    ha you fucking, fucks
    G-unit = 50, banks, buck, yayo, mop, mobb, mase, and olivia.

    Gunot =50, banks, buck, yayo, mop, mobb, mase, and olivia.

    same fucking shit fucking haters.

  31. e-double Says:

    talk about taking ish personal.. its not that serious yall

  32. G-UNIT GIRL Says:

    first off if it is 50 that is stoppin the lox from droppin an album he is doing them a favour cos if they drop an album it wil flop and 50 may not be good at rappin but he got alot of people at g-unit records that are good like buck or banks but they don’t get the spot light like they should and the only reason game mad cos 50 went at him on the emonional track and game knows his album won’t sell he sayin he going 2 do a song with good charlote that should be some thing to laugh at

    XxXx g-unit girl xXxXxXx

  33. Sizzle Says:

    50 Cent is shit, but better than the Game. The game sucks shit. He is soooo bad it’s unbelievable. His voice sounds like when i fart. The faggot claims he’s gangsta and isn’t and has never been in a gang. Game sucks ass.

  34. deefactor Says:

    game is a better lyricists than 40cents point blank! hell, i’m a better lyricists than snitch! the game will destroy him!

  35. state property Says:

    fuck game,fucking protectionagencyassniggas,Bss,Csss,LK,all yall PUSSY.

  36. eskay Says:

    ^Internet gangsters unite!

  37. e-dubbs Says:

    ^ what he said… gangster nerds are everywhere.

  38. Nosferatu Says:

    Game is so fucking whack it’s damn near comical. This nigga is desperate for attention.Name droppin like niggas is paying him or some shit.Even if u feeling this nigga u gotta be real and admit without 50 he would still be sitting on the sidelines at Aftermath.Dre didn’t even put out a cd by the God MC himself Rakim so u know this clown wasn’t bout 2 no shine over.Game got Kicked the fuck outta G-Unit.not the other way around.Dude was running round screaming G-unit on every mixtape till they kicked his azz 100 feet in the air.Them niggas is ignoring him and it’s killing him,they wont even answer his whack ass back,,lmao.Any nigga rocking a butterfly tattoo on his cheek got questionable sexual tendencies at best.300 bars had a few hot lines in it but 120 bars is straight up garbage.Dissing Mobb Deep is dumb cuz they aint even addressed him since they been with 50.Corny ass rapper making the west coast look bad.He dropped about 10 rappers names on that track,shit is sad.Gimme Ras Kass,Phil Da Agony,Kurupt,Planet Asia or Krondon any day over Hurricane..ooops i mean Butterfly Game.

  39. og loccy Says:

    yo fuck all u neggaz, any ways i swear GAyME says ive been bangin nas for a while in dis faggot track no homo man suck a dick n cut another check

  40. PapOOse Says:

    yo all this ish iz entertainment niggaz round here iz crazy specially 50 i aint gon sign 2 that nigga if his life depended on it so all yall get ur mind tight and go cop THUG-A-CATION when it come out YA hurrd!!!!!!!


  41. state property Says:


  42. state property Says:

    FUCK U2 edubbs

  43. Slimmy Says:

    Hey guys, I from Czech Republic and I got problem with understanding what the hell is Game sayin’… Do you know where can I find lyrics? I can catch up every 3rd word… thanx.

  44. eskay Says:


    you Google gangsters should relax. remember talkin shit online is like busting at the sky, you ain’t killin nothing. anyway, if you ever really wanna talk shit, scroll on up to the top of the page and look at the header image. that’s the block homey, Yonkers NY. holla at me.

  45. eskay Says:

    Slimmy, go here and scroll down.

  46. Slimmy Says:

    Eskay: thx man, you really helped me

  47. Nah Right » Blog Archive » The Game - Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin’ DVD Says:

    […] me is dropping the Stop Snitchin – Stop Lyin DVD, which he’s been promoting with his 120 Bars freestyle. Although Game recently wished 50 the best of luck at t […]

  48. AtoZ Says:

    fiddy is just a lolly-pop music maker. nothing else to be said.

  49. WeStSiDe_HuRRiCaNe Says:

    Yo, you faggot ass niggaz~!! FUCK ALL YOUR GANGSTA WANNABE NERDS~ You guys dont know shit about the game, First off..50 cent is a HATER and yes everyone knows it, i mean wtf did kanye west do? And 50 is now trying to cook up beef with kanye datz plain trip. Also i have to admit, Yes 50 cent’s music is good and shit but he’s still a hater. Game doesnt give a shit what u Game haters think about! and in 120 bars he says its just a game of chess, he isnt copying 50’s moves he is trying to prove that he can do better than 50. You bitches are whack~! You dont know ANY hood shit~! G-G-G-G UNOT~!

  50. jim Says:

    the game is a strait up fag 4 real, he’s on g-units dick like i dont know what
    who gives a fuck oh wow 50 lives in coneticut now i bet have you people on this chat are white and from rich neighborhoods so stop frontin like your down with the whole urban lifestyle and whats up with all this shit with white people tryin 2 prove themselves to black people thats strait up gay! i dont gotta prove myself 2 nobody i’m from the block, grew up with harldly any money. I hate it when white people act black, i’m white and i accept it sure i talk slang everybody does but at the end of the day i know what color i am. Black and white people are always actin fake for real and its not just white people followin what black people do, it goes both ways stop faking your sports teams black people stop wearin all the championship teams jerseys and actin like you always liked all these teams like the lakers, detroit , san antonio etc….. and white people quit followin them when they do it cause it makes me wanna just beat the shit outta you too. None of yall in here can talk about rappers actin fake and shit when you do the same shit that most of them do, anyways im gettin tired of typing so i’m outta here…… Va motherfucker, route 1 bitch…. shoutouts to my homeboys rondell and robert… east lee ave my dogg melvin…. tracy dont think i 4got about you.. oh and by the way i aint thug/gangster/ wigger holla!

  51. caff Says:

    What the fuck is up with this nigga Game? Has anybody from G-unit responded to anything this dude said recently? Son running around carving G-Unot in his hair and shit. Dude on some gay shit if you ask me. 50 not worried about that lil basketball playing ass nigga. Dre need to smack Game too.

  52. deefactor Says:

    the game is iller than 40cents point blank!

  53. I.S.W Says:

    first off any guy or girl who uses g-uint in their emial address or name tp post up on this bitch. is stright ass my nigga. yall just probably started listening to rap not to long ago. these conversations are completly irrrelovent. 50 ass! Game ass you know what fuck that rap right now is mad ass and anybody who supports it now is mad ass to. and fuck you bitches

    I’ll. Say . Whatever

  54. C'Chedda Says:

    Thanks ta dat nigga Jim for puttin’ in his two cents but we give two shits ’bout yo wandering-off-da-subject no-bread-havin’ livin’ condition

  55. mikedapimp Says:

    eskay said it best GOOGLE GANGSTAS!
    Thats what all u lil gay ass whiteboys on here are.

    Game is a straight sucka.That change of heart shit was just terrible.That nigga was supposed to be in the street gettin bread and gang bangin so he say.Then what the fuck was he doing on a tv show for a measly stackhouse?(stackhouse is 1,000.00 for all u white boys who aint heard that one yet)If u a hustler u wouldnt even play yourself out like that.No matter what anybody says game is what he is becasue of 50.Before he got down with the unit, count how many songs he had on the radio.Or count how many mixtapes he was on.Or how many of these artists that game dick rides like they so cool wit him.How many of them niggas put him on a song.NONE,ZERO,NOTHING .Before 50 put him out game was just the nigga on the xxl cover with dre and eve and busta.He was one step away from being the next hitman.Does anybody remember him.He was the next great west hope down wit dre before game.He played his self.Game is a hater.He mad at 50 because jimy iovine gave 50 a label deal off rip.He thinks he can just be that guy.50 had to work hard to get to the top of the industry.Game think he can just come in and be in that spot because hes down wit dre?And black wallstreet will never sell no records.If game is so big then why hasnt interscope signed black wallstreet.That sneaker he got comin out is busted.Niggas aint rockin 310 motoring shoes here in detroit.He signed shyne?Who the fuck cares.By time he gets out (2010?)the music buying public(white people) wont even know who in the fuck he is.

  56. R.V. Says:

    120 Bars Lyrics


    (50 Cent Sample – Just A Touch: Intro)
    This is real shit..
    if my record sells slow, i’ma show you my dick
    if my record sells slow, i’ma show you my dick
    if my record sells slow, i’ma show you my dick
    if my record sells slow, i’ma show you my dick
    if my record sells slow, i’ma show you my dick
    if my record sells slow, i’ma show you my dick

    Hear the breakdown, no 400 bars yet, i dont need that
    i’m gas, your whole clique is ass, i mean that
    G-Unot cocksucker better believe that
    i say it one time watch the whole world scream back
    G-U-N-O-T now thats for Billboard rest in peace
    and since my nigga died i been stressed, no sleep
    contemplatin’ suicide in my Lexus Jeep
    i tried twice, but i couldn’t make my death complete
    i guess you could say Mya got the best of me
    came back from the dead to address the beef
    kiss my converse ***** and accept defeat
    cuz i hate it when bullies try to test the weak
    thats when i go bishop and juice and start flexin heat
    you can get it in the stomach, just like Rahim
    cuz runnin with a snitch is not quite my thing
    i tried to take Buck with me, but he stayed on the scene
    guess all i could do now is pray for Supreme
    when i finished my next album, 5 million and countin’
    anticipatin’ tellin’ the world i did it without him
    if Aftermath was a family, that didnt have a mother
    i’d be Dre’s newborn, you’d be the jealous older brother
    yeah, daddy love us, but in the meanwhile
    you talkin’ behind his back and in his face you smile
    you moved out the house you a failure now
    and lil’ game grew up to be a problem child
    i’ll whip yo head boy, that’s for Kanye West
    i’ll whip yo head boy, with the back of my tech
    yep your ****in’ group fell flat without me
    you mad, what you gon’ do rap about me?
    your bars are part-garbage, hooks is mediocre
    and your new shoes look like Reebok Penny-loafers
    tryna walk in my shoes a block
    Hurricanes in stores the day after Christman nigga **** Reeboks
    you a steroid addict, you need detox
    hopefully you make it out in time to be on Detox
    cuz Black Wall Street expandin’ yeah i bought 3 blocks
    my CL so smooth it shouldda come out with Pete Rock
    and lets not forget who made me hot
    it was Dr. Dre that took me out the weed spot
    you want credit forget it, i did it on my own
    gave you 300 bars then said i’m gone
    but im back, this is rap, and a fact is a fact
    they say once you turn snitch you never go back
    heres a picture of Ja Rule mother****er hold that
    what goes around comes around, get used to the gold plaques
    homie got cheese but he dont feed no rats
    i show the world my dick if Lloyd Banks go Plat
    i’m lyrically insane Lloyd Banks know that
    he told me i was like a Big Daddy Kane throwback
    started with one brick, built my own company
    and dont spread news about it unless it come from me
    guess who’s the boss, nigga my squad is deep
    but Glasses Malone is not signed to Black Wall Street
    nigga don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t believe the hype hear that mic
    and don’t be alarmed this is not a diss
    but mis-using my logo kinda got me pissed
    and i got enough beef, now Lil’ Eazy dissin
    he dont write his own raps so i gotta forgive him
    i got love for your pops and i always will
    so on behalf of Eric Wright ma nigga you gotta chill
    im the reason new Westcoast niggaz got a deal
    while i was doing mixtapes, they was watchin college reels
    fo’ real you mother****ers aint got half my skill
    i run this shit like OJ and pass for the steel
    tryin so hard to be a gangsta nigga you see-through
    posin like 50 on the cover of the GQ
    button up shirt with the cut-off sleeves
    i got twin desert eagles nigga suck on these
    i got the CEO flow yeah my bars are sweet
    like Hov will take over chewin’ out Mobb Deep
    like Pac on Hit Em Up chewin’ out Mobb Deep
    dont one of you niggaz got sickers, **** it talk is cheap
    when i see you, and i’m gon’ see you
    i’ma strip you down asshole naked, and thats how i’ma leave you
    then i’ma find Havoc make him walk through Queens knew
    with Black Wall Street tatted on his back
    nigga signed to G-Unit now they buss their guns
    but last week it was “My nigga Game what up dunn”
    see thats what the **** i mean you cant trust these rap niggaz
    and you wonder why i always say **** these rap niggaz
    so i’ma break it down for Emcees and friends
    if you dont hear your name let the beef begin
    aint got shit against Hov, i like the nigga style
    Nas is my nigga i been bangin’ him for a hile
    i **** with Fat Joe he got the streets locked
    and that’s the same reason i **** with Kiss in D-Block
    place Eminem in the number two spot
    and Snoop is like my big brother we both raise by the Doc
    Young Jeezy you hot, we both new to this
    while i’m in the ATL shout out to Ludacris
    cuz your uncle Scarface show me that crime pays
    just like Paul Wall got me sittin’ sideways
    and i cant forget about the homie Mike Jones
    who.. Mike Jones.. Skee screw the ****in’ song
    i **** with Slim Thugga and my nigga Bun B
    cayne do that without sayin’ free Pimp C
    and thats the reason why 50 tried to pimp me
    so i went window shoppin’ and bought two Bentley’s
    im in the driver seat mother****er dont tempt me
    turnin Spider Loc against me cuz you scared to come get me
    Cuz know what’s up, Bloods still got love for um
    come to the block, i shake off the rub for um
    as for G-Unit, mother****er its a rap
    Mase made it out alive thank God for that
    if Dipset dont get you Jesse Jackson will
    and if all else fails i’ll see you in hell
    way that G-unit spin that when you come to L.A
    i have a nigga parkin’ cars dressed up like Valé
    he gon’ turn back Pastor when a gun in his face
    the real chain’s still in Chicago but i’m takin’ the fake
    you can call who you want, i aint givin’ back shit
    unless Olivia show the whole world she got a dick
    can’t seem to save a life but she talk a lot of shit
    and i want my 10 g’s cuz Yayo caught a brick
    i guess my G-Unot tattoo is a smart move
    cuz in the end you lost a 100mill to a cartoon
    3 years after you got tatted by cartoon
    the beef is over, G-Unit gon’ fall apart soon.. soon.. soon.. soon (fades….)

    (Game Talkin’)
    ****** ass niggaz
    I Guess i win nigga
    Life is a game of chess nigga, some kings, some queens
    Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Pastor ****in’ Mase, you niggaz is pawns
    Fitty, or Boo-Boo, or Curtis, or Chicken Little..Hahahaha
    Stop snitchin’ stop lyin’.. in stores December 6th.. the DVD
    Its a tell all mother****ers.. yeah.. my Documentaries be better than your movies nigga..
    I drove by your house nigga..
    Go buy the DVD.. $16.99 nigga.. at your local record store.. Blockbuster.. Sam Goody.. Warehouse
    Shout out to the moms and pops.. for helpin’ me slay them ******s
    Pop off nigga.. Hahahaha…
    Pop off nigga.. Hahahaha… (Screwed..)
    Pop off nigga.. Hahahaha… (Screwed..)
    It’s Me.. the G-A-M-E.. gone’

  57. R.V. Says:

    The Game murders:
    50 Cent a.k.a The Snitch
    Get out the way, ho! Tony Yayo
    The G-Unit Toy Soldier a.k.a. Lloyd Banks a.k.a. 50 Cent Hugger
    Young Buck a.k.a. No Cash Nigga from Cashville a.k.a. Temporary Replacement for Yayo
    Olivia a.ka. The Man With A Big Dick
    and The Has-beens, Mobb Deep and Ma$e (What happened guys?)

  58. R.V. Says:

    The only niggaz who like 50 Cent ain’t
    niggas dey wyte people
    The Game iz tha illest rapper this year
    why wyte people gotta ruin this
    Game iz for real he records song with
    members of different gangs (People Nation Stand Up), but he still real
    Who da fuck iz mikedapimp anyway.
    Some fuckin asian, ghetto ass wannabe
    rappers always do that like the West Side Connection, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg.
    Eminem is still tight. He iz the reason for fiddy’s success.
    Everyone knows G-Unit iz gay. That’s not disresspecting them… dey gay fo real tru fact. Not proven that Young Buck is gay but fiddy, yayo, and banks are fo sure.
    If u dis agree wit me then fuck u

  59. snoopblue01` Says:

    to u dumb mofo as far as 50 being gangster who cares the music is selling as far as you saying game is gangster how can that be when he was on change of heart regardless of how broke he say he was he was a gang member i dont know any broke gang bangers myself cause the ones i do know hustle 4 thiers going on tv makin a fool out yourself and next youre gonna say the homies let that go down with a ring in his tongue and his eyebrow how gangster is that and by the way if it aint nobody else in the g-unit camp gangster we know m.o.p & spider l.o.c is why you think nobody say shit to them

  60. snoopblue01` Says:

    and as for you r.v fuck you too cuz the only way to know that they are gay for sure dumb ass is if you were gay for sure and fuked them and if yuore a girl and tried to fuck them maybe youre just ugly for sure

  61. TOTCD Says:

    The Game was allways yellin G-Unit till 50 kicked him out
    Now he tryna get them to flop
    Tony Yayo didn’t flop he sold 500,000
    Gold certefied
    That ain’t flop man
    He’s gangsta and game is not
    Stop screaming G-Unot
    Cuz you know that 50 is hot
    Havoc produced one of yo tracks man
    You stayed in contact with him now he on G-Unit
    Know you startin to diss him
    Game you won’t see 5x platinum no more man
    the maximum you will sell is 3 million
    Andhe’s mad at 50 cuz the documentary sold 5 mill and the Massacre sold 8 mill
    That’s why
    He’s the one that’s jalous
    Why did he choose Fat joe and jadakiss side
    He was on G-Unit and he isn’t loyal
    That’s bullshit
    Game what would you do if Nu jerzey Devil would produce a track for Memphis Bleek
    Now you see where I’m gouin
    Potato head
    Stop dissin G-Unit you did all the damage that you could do
    You stole 1/4 of their fans
    But you lost 2/4 of yo fans cuz those where G-Unit fans
    know what I’m sayin

  62. eskay Says:

    I never argue about sales but let’s be real Yayo flopped and Game didn’t:

    >>Tony Yayo didn’t flop he sold 500,000

    As of Nov. 9th which was the last time Yayos album even showed up on the charts he was at 422,485. Barely gold after 3 full months is considered a flop for a G-Unit release.

    >>the maximum you will sell is 3 million

    you act like that’s bad

    >>He was on G-Unit and he isn’t loyal

    don’t you mean he wasn’t a good little soldier?

  63. Propaganda Life Says:

    This beef ish is so played out now.

  64. G-Unot Gurl Says:


  65. Ray Loc Says:

    yo peep this shit cuz im from that one star state californi~A and i barely listen to this nigga game, mainly cuz he just came out but i mean you niggas dont realize GUNIT is a fuking gang stfu and realize this shit B, he good when he sit down and put his thought into it but ya wonderin why 50 aint hot like when he did his first album?? guess CUZ HE WAS MONEY HUNGRY niggas he was fresh out the hood now his life done changed he deserve to smile that nigga been through hard times, that nigga Game too and the way 50 did him was WRONG so if u havent gotten it by now i’d be cussin at this nigga 50 by making mix tapes to make my fucking money back but if u havent noticed now im not on EITHER side me as a fan my job is to do is fuking buy they album as long as they keep that shit straight hood, word to motha ya need to jump off both these niggas dick like u they MAN-WOMAN shit…there i said my piece

  66. B_MASSEY Says:

    The Game is the truth and fuck that ni66a 50 snitch and any who love him. C-51

  67. ali G Says:

    Black wall….get at me

  68. MC Says:

    First of all let me set this shit straight

    Game and Fifty are both good rappers, any blind ass bitch who argues with that is a fuckin tool and doesn’t know rap… its obvious what 50 and game are doin, doesn’t the situation sound familiar to anyone? lets see, 2 of the best rappers of all time got shot for doin the same shit 50 and Game are doin, creatin beef with each other so they can both make more money…sounds a little familiar to Pac and Big’s scheme. They’re playin all you kats for fools if you think that this is just beef they got with each other…theres a reason that these guys are beefin, and that reason is to boost record sales and make money, the same thing that happened with pac and biggie. Game is the only one out g-unit that could survive and still sell records outside of g-unit besides 50, buck and banks don’t have what it takes, so what does 50 do? figures out a way to make WAY more money by makin beef with a dude thats in g-unit, since game is the only one who can hold it down by himself cuz he’s got that west coast style and sick flow, of course he’s the right choice, not to mention the west coast has been needing a new face for hip hop since pac died….i’m in no way tryin to say that game is like pac, cuz he isn’t by any means….but do you really think after 50 and game broke up if they were really beefin they’d put game and snoop on how the west was one tour? your trippin if you do, this shits all about makin money boys, thats why these guys are major, cuz they’re smart about how people react, like all the clowns that are buyin into this whole beef bullshit like they’re gonna meet outside and round for round, ya’ll sayin fifty is a business man? fuckin right he is, all the industry is is business and gettin fans to believe what you say

    and as for jim, R.V. and “mikedapimp”….you have to be the stupidest mother fuckers on here, actin like black and white has somethin to do with any of this shit, “white boys ruinin this” “black kids wearin sports jersey” man who gives a fuck if it wasn’t for shady this talk wouldn’t even be happenin, and if it wasn’t for dre it wouldn’t be happenin either, so quit actin like you know the game or the streets cuz and are hard as fuck cuz your black or were a poor white kid growin up, that shits like sayin all dogs are pitbulls, where ur from or what u look like or who ur down with has nothin to do with it, the games about who can call out the fake bitches from the real and who hustles puttin work in and who wishes they could hustle, white or black you still bleed the same blood…

  69. c woods Says:

    game is the shit gggg unot fuck all u haters comin straight out of roseburg Or. say somethin Ill spit back

  70. MC Says:

    yeah c woods i feel you game is the shit

  71. c woods Says:

    damn Mc u got a lot of shit to say but its all legit so
    speak the real and keep it the same peace

  72. c woods Says:

    mikedapimp ur a gay ass racist bitch im white whats
    it got to do music is all colors punk

  73. c woods Says:

    damn Mc u got a lot of shit to say but its all legit so
    speak the real and keep it the same peace

  74. Noztradomuz Says:

    I like 50 and I like game. I like game more though because he IS gangster, by the special edition DVD of the documentary, if THAT is fake, they must have some REAL fuckin good actors. 50 DIDN’T write game’s shit. 50 doesn’t name drop 1/4 as much as game, and even if he did game is still way more lyrically talented than him.

    I don’t want to argue record sales and all that shit though. The point I’m making is who’s real? 50 Slang coke without the cola and got shot for it. Game sold 2 pounds of weed and got blasted for it. They both are multi-platinum artists. Game still goes back to his hood, and kicks it. Even when he started buzzing and had a million dollars, he was still loc’n. 50 buy’s Tyson’s mansion, and signs mobb deep to add a more street feel (which is still okay, I LOVE outta control remix) but it comes down to this.

    Fuck who’s in who’s camp, the cars, the tattoos, the gunshot wounds. Both men are artists. 50 is putting out shitty club hits, and game is putting out some pretty valid disses. Game wins the lyrical battle, but in all honesty people need to drop the beef shit.

    Do you remember RZA, GZA? Ghostface killah? Do you know who Rakim is? Have you ever heard kool g rap? You fucks are too caught up in the beef. Let it slide. When 50 booted game I was PISSED, but then I said hey fuck it. I’ll buy both albums. Enjoy the MUSIC, not this stupid mother fuckin feud.

  75. nastysinceJay Says:

    i believe g-unot will fall but because of 50 bien commercial now banks need 2 get at game cuz banks iz a beast but we need old 50 now

  76. BWS4LIFE Says:

    Game Is The Illest Rapper Out There….. Fuk 50 And The “unit”…..

  77. Huzla4real Says:

    That mos def shit is the real shit. Non of them is really gangsta, if they were, there wouldnt be no song bout 5o o bout The Game only one of them will be makin songs bout how him kill the other. That dont means they was gangstas, this shows they bouth are smart. Whatever if this shit inspires The Game to writte shit good for him he be makin’ more money. 50 gets more inspired on girls and in my opinion i think his realer, at least to himself. Why he went from wanksta to candy shop? Koz he is rich, he’s not gona lose time doing more bullshit now he just get paid on his kompanys so he kan fuck all day. i love u both. I wanna hear what Younk Buck got to say. Put that Country shit up!!!

  78. Huzla4real Says:

    The Mexicans love U

  79. K6A Says:

    You Kno what if 50 is makin more shit than game it still doesnt matter cos 50s a fuckin idoit who everyone hates and mobb deep are idoits who signed jus cos they know theyll sell if they wiv him i like mobb deep and m.o.p but i hate the new shit they make now, mase is just a prik ne way ne one who can be a church dik hed and come bak hollarin murda ma$e agen is jus a dik, shyne is more real than these and i dont even like shyne but games signed him and wen he getz out he can shoot one ov them an get sum more time in jail, i h8 g-unit now they are just makin shit records in fact aftermath is just makin shit records nuthin fresh eminem is stil the hottest thing on the label and hes less than half ov wat he used to be, rocafella is the shit now anyway rekognize fagotz

  80. Jaceyon Taylor Says:

    You you niggaz is crazy. Don’t classify my nigga Game wit that fake ass 50 Cent. Game is the real deal, best lyricist since Kool G. Straight up gangsta from Compton reppin Bloods to the fullest. He’s a gangsta first, a rapper second. He ain’t no ma fuckin wanksta. He respects who he should and the rest he says fuck em. You’ll see when its all said and done Game will be classified as one of the greatest. More flow than ya motha fuckin low low.

  81. annon Says:

    the main reason why yayo flopped in sales was because of the advanced realease on the internet. If you haven’t realized, Tony Yayo’s album was on the net MONTHS ahead of his release. It was so much ahead of the release date that people did not even care to buy his album. It was not Yayo’s fault that he flopped though, but more on the fault of the advertising campaign of Yayo’s Album. o chyea chyea

  82. eskay Says:

    so the fact that it was trash had nothing to do with it?

  83. game has no game Says:

    game is got tight rap but i heard game was a stripper back than so that backs him a sissy and 50 cent is da best rapper alive

  84. Huzla4real Says:

    Yayo didnt sell koz he kan do much better than that, i heared him on the g-unit mixtapes back in the days and he was much energetik and fluent than in this cd. A lot of jail and shit maybe made him tired and shit. Whatever Yayo i bought it and its a good cd. Fuck all of them but keep improving. U gonna hear me in a year o two. Its dani, dont need no super name when u a super person. From Barcelona to Tijuana selling hash and marihuana. Fuck em!

  85. Mdog Says:

    yo game might be dissin 50 alot but 50 dont care hes making maddd money and plus spider loc is oin fire now dissin game “Bang Bang” “bitch boy” and check this spider loc battled game at dmx video shoot and killed em …Thats why game scared to

  86. shotgun jay Says:

    game iz gangsta he kool wit eazy son wat yall talkin bout 50 a bitch who aint good at muzik he jus a good snitch dude dun ratted out half of new york

  87. SaNtAnAoNfIrE Says:

    y’all is bullshit kid when 50 came into the game evuronewas feeling his shit noww y’all wanna hate on em like bithches cuz hes a boss and he dont give a fuck who he beefs with. just fukin know the cats real story ya’ll is drinkin some fukin hatorade u fakeass wannabes games a bitch peace

  88. Rjay jizzle Says:

    put it like this it’s just a publicity stunt they just trying to make money

    none of them got anything on the greastest rapper of all time……2pac and biggie

  89. G Says:


    i just downloaded Spider loc – Bitch boy
    The Game – Spider Joke

    Spider got murderd… ouch… i wonder how ghost unit is feelin..

  90. joel aka doughboy Says:

    like always fuck 50 and his crew because it ggggggggggggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt blackwallstreet for life
    wat my nigga game

  91. 0.5 Says:

    i’m going to put this shit in straight english so everyone can understand. If you were a real gansta you wouldn’t be here you would be somewhere else doing some gansta shit. secondly none of us know these dudes and yet we are at each other throats for them, talk about being stupid. yeah i got to admitt game is lyrical more than many of the g-unit rappers at least thats how i see it but come on hating on game or g-unit is not going to do fuck any of us here. i can bet every dollars i have including my dimes and my nickels that every member of G-unit, game and every other person involved in this beef have more money than any of us here. we are all taking sides and i bet many of us here only bootleg these people that we are willing to kill for music. come on if you are really a fan go out and support your so called cats. i know this is far from the point but i’m but, i grow up in a project but that don’t make me gangsta. so we all need to stop talking about who is gangsta from who is not because none of these dudes really are. to me rappers and actor are no different.
    I have yet to see a comment posted by any of these dudes that we raving about. they have better thing to do, they are probably thing of rhymes or better ways of making money. this is just my view man you don’t have to agree and no i’m not a sissy but i just think these words need to be said.
    My words to these cats although they are not going to see it are:
    Good luck fifty and g-unit continue getting that money and live the american dream.
    Good luck to you also game i think you are lyrical and hope you next ablum sells.
    Thats it for now i’m going to listen some hate it or love it one of my favourite collaboration.

  92. WTF Says:

    man game is the shit i seen the dvd all that shit man he killa on the mike no one can fuck with him in g-unit aka g unot all them bitches they went got mase wtf is that now he is all gangsta now

  93. g-unit Says:

    please the best rhyme game did was Ggggggg-unit hes a joke listen to 50 cent – im not rich, still lying yeah shit on game GGGGGGG-unit

  94. Rek1 Says:

    If u enjoy g-unit think about it: stop listen to music4life i’m not just an hip-hop fan i like a lot of kind of music but in THE WHOLE MUSIC HISTORY g-unit is the worst shit ever made.Game is good i heard his “Bars” serie and his dissings always f*** this commercial shit a.k.a. g-unit

  95. jo-z Says:

    the game is whack,even when he tryies 2 diss 50cent he has 2 put 50’s voice on it to make it hot, and when you diss someone you have to come with ur on rhymes, but game takes 50’s lyrics to diss him like i whip you head boy and born to be a problem child and others, yoh that’s not how we do it on streets you got do you man, i believe that game ain’t real but still lyin, game is over!!!!!!!!

  96. yung 1 Says:

    fuck game dat bitch ass nigga. 50 gettin money all day every day. and i bet game scared of da g’unit crips datz why he made da song. him and his hurricane shoes dem shoes look like they been threw a hurricane…hahahaha..fagot ass nigga ggggggg’unot killa bitchest fuck game fuck blackwallstreet lil fagot… dat homo needs to come out tha closet …..bitch was a strippa fo a few years…. betchu he still is..anyone followin da game is a bitch nigga just like him..nigga wasnt even a blood. game exposed his thong and 50 threw him out …so its ggggggggggggggg’unit all day every day

  97. mongrelmobsta Says:

    game is dope
    run dem streets loc
    gunit wanna give u 10 strokes
    provoke da smoke hustle mack 10s & coke.
    5o still snitching still cocksucking fag
    seen em posing front page gay porno mag
    buck still talking crip shit
    gon get gat by game and dipset.
    loyd banks wack rhymes neva commit a crime
    i throw him a dime 100 bars then i shine.
    olivia she a man with a 3 inch erection
    her shit was a dud she make 50 a good selection.
    ill burn my whole gunit collection
    like game said 50 bitching and snitching.
    crip wannabes dick riding drdre
    they gon end up dead by games a.k.
    mobb deep they neva go plat
    pac murdered these cats they talk ass crack.
    mase go back to church you pussy before u get slapped.
    i got the hood on lockdown red rags and gats.
    the gunit clique gonna get shot up
    stabbed and knifed and 6feet under.
    in the name of GAME you niggaz gotta chill
    comptons most real chromes and steels .
    the game will murder any fake cats
    from 50 to yukmouth .jay & have gold plats.
    on the real most faggots aint got half games skill.
    shit is foe real hurricanes and gunots and pacs heels.
    yo game my nigga bloods up and cristyle
    we put dem faggots on ice they gon be there 4 a while.
    like game said COMPTONS most across the belly
    he prove you lost already ya niggaz deelin wit emotions
    like bitches fags fakes snitches game on da road to riches.
    ether.hitemup.breathe.300bars.who shot ya.dope disses.

    thats 50 bars 4 you dickriding disrespectful lame niggaz.
    get off the internet you computer thugs.
    ggggggunot fuck every hater in every state.

    blackwallstreet is back
    str8 gold plats u niggaz better
    lean back. paper stacks macks
    astma attacks hay stacks.
    gunit know game bring pain and
    drama ridin dat 64 pala talkin to 50 momma.
    myas fly ass was nice cause game fucked it
    you niggaz iz pawns lame fake and insane
    fucked up in ya brain game hating cockstains.
    um a end this shit like CUBE PAC AND EAZY


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