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Cam ain’t talking


It’s funny how the police and the media can’t fathom how Cam wouldn’t cooperate in the investigation of his shooting last month in D.C. Come on people this is Killa we’re talking about here, you know damn well that man can’t talk to the hop out boys. A couple of writers at The Washington Post seem to understand:

Snitch? Never. He’d lose all street cred. His rivals would pounce, his CD sales would crash, his cologne and liquor sales would dry up, the game would be over.

It’s a tough argument that’s been getting alot of press this year because of all of the Stop Snitching shirts and DVD’s, but in the hood there really isn’t any argument. Not snitching is like breathing, it’s a reflex and its really not up for discussion. And most of the time, if you like breathing, you’ll abide by the unwritten rules. I like to think that the part of my life where I’d be in a situation where I’d be asked to snitch or I might be snitched on is over. Then again Cam probably thought so too. The truth is you never know when you might end up on either end of an investigation and what choices you’ll have to make.

Just out of curiosity, let’s have a little survey. Please leave your answers in the comments:

Snitching, is it ever ok?

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10 Responses to “Cam ain’t talking”

  1. Cam is horrible Says:

    Why do you keep posting stories about this fucktard he is not snitching because if the truth came out that sume 13 year old selling snickers bars for school bitch slapped him in his fake lambo so cam tried to shot him and shot the door i say Nah Right shoulc not report anything on Cam anymore … I would rather you tell me about the next Big Daddy Kane album …..

  2. eskay Says:

    ^ I’ll put you in the ‘snitching is ok’ category

  3. e-dubbs Says:

    90% of these dudes with these stop snitchin’ tee’s are the biggest snitches around… I’d snitch a dude out depending on the situation… Who wouldnt snitch out a child molester or a rapist? So, yeah. You can snitch if the cause is right. Real talk.

  4. e-dubbs Says:

    by the way, Lox snitchin’.. What you call going on the radio and saying Puffy robbed us! Help! Boo! Hoo! Waahhhhhhhhhhh… pass the rats some cheese and a tissue.

  5. Mo'Nique Says:

    i agree wit e-dubbs on this situation. snitching is okay giving tha right situation. if you witness a murder and u know the person(s) who did it n ur whole neighborhood knows them and is cool wit them snitching is not in ur best intrest. them are rules that ppl out side of the hood don’t know unless told. they were talkin about this on the news that the stop snitching attire might be banned from schools in Laurel but u know how that goes. i don’t get it when i was in elementary bout 8 years ago i was told by teachers to stop snitching they called it being a tattle tale. now most kids are prolly confused right now because of this. society needs to decide if they want input from others or not.

  6. nigga_4real Says:

    yall bunch of fuckin idiots yall gunna snitch yall gunna get shot u no a rapiest fuckin kill da nigga u no a child melester kill the white boy dont go ratin 2 da police bout dat shit or u will be da 1 endin up in a coffin 6 feet deep nigga pce

  7. e dubbs Says:

    why do I have the gut feeling “nigga_4real” is a whiteboy…? Am I the only one?

  8. Mo'Nique Says:

    nope (giveing tha shifty eye) he sounds real shiesty.

  9. Tragedy Styles Says:

    No disrespect to Cam but that’s straight dumb. Your 29 years old and you don’t know what snitching means? Which one is he talking about because the slang one makes more sense then todays one. Snitching is to get into somebodys business (To Tattle Tell). To report is to save your own life. In America, the Whites don’t give a damn about you, so any Crime you commit (Revenge) your history and your so called street cred will be lost, your rivals would pounce, your CD sales would crash, your cologne and liquor sales would dry up, and the game with you will be over. I don’t give a fuck what yall say, I can’t take matters in my own hand. I’m too old for that. I don’t want cops knowing who I am. (I’m dead serious, I was born on top of new york city parks after my parents left the Church after New Years Eve) And I deffinatly can’t tell the cops my name and everything, they would want me to submit everything. So I’m a play it cool like an Outlaw. Just prey to God Cam, or anyone who you believe in and none of this will happen. I did it, now it’s your turn.



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