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46 days for DMX


DMX arriving late to court? Well, I don’t think any of us saw this coming. Knowing what a level headed, punctual, upstanding member of the community DMX is, I was shocked to hear that he was late to his sentencing yesterday, sent to Rikers for the night, and hit with 10 extra days in addtion to the 60 he was supposed to get.

Crazy right? Yeah I know. So now, provided he can behave himself, he will be spending the next 46 days in the care of the NY Corrections Dept. This judge obviously doesn’t like hip hop because she refused to accept X’s perfectly reasonable excuse for showing up 3 hours late to her courtroom: He’d had an asthma attack. Of course he did. He’s a busy entertainer who’s under alot of stress, so why wouldn’t he get an asthma attack at precisely the time he was supposed to be in court? Damn system, always trying to keep a brutha down.

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4 Responses to “46 days for DMX”

  1. SEEUNO YBN Says:

    dmx is real hip hop thats why after they commercialized him they noticed he was really 4real and that started them trying 2 muzzel the dog. i think him the lox mary and mase nedd 2 chip in and make a label for y-o fuk double r they traitors………….LET DMX AND THE LOX GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. e-dubbs Says:

    Tell DMX, Bill Blass is back!

  3. krome Says:

    Dmx is a heavyweight in a world full of featherweights realist nigga alive nuffin can keep this nigga down WHAT!!!

  4. Will Says:


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