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Stray Shots


  • New Cam video for ‘Love My Life’  from the Killa Season soundtrack.
  • NYCNN – All New York Hip Hop, All the time.  
  • Very interesting interview with U-God over at HipHopGame.

    HipHopGame: Why do you feel that you’re the black sheep of the Wu?
    U-God: Because I’m the light-skinned dude in the group.

    He also has some choice words for the RZA.

  • The Game is a very conflicted young man. With G-Unot carved into his head, he wishes 50 good luck.

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8 Responses to “Stray Shots”

  1. Cam is horrible Says:

    Why is cam still making music …after the 4 stories he told the cops about getting jacked…they now say it was a pub stunt…well no shit he need to do something to dustract you from the fact he is straight butt…..I think it would do Nah Right some justice to just keep any dipset news where it belongs …in the trash

  2. Jim Jones Says:

    ^ I know that’s you Betha!

  3. Mo'Nique Says:

    look cam is butt we all now that. the rest of the crew is fire; j.r. writer, jha-jha, hell rell, milk, 40 cal, jim jones, freaky zeeky, tha whole dipset crew. but on game what da fuqq is wrong wit dis man first he don’t like 50 and got sum shit cutt into his hair which i think is ugly who eva agreed to do that should be shot repeatly and then ran ova by a 18 wheeler. for serious.

  4. SEEUNO YBN Says:

    game is my nigga cause no matter what hes doing he always makes a statement and i respect rappers who dont dikride

  5. krome Says:

    what is wrong with cam cant he hear how shit he is

  6. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Stray Shots Says:

    […] 1. Singing on hooks. 2. Playing Bat Mitzvahs. We’ve seen it happen before, and now my friends, it appears we are seeing it happen again r […]

  7. dp Says:

    well carved. who cares what this dude thinks of 50 cent. everybody wants to be a commodity. he makes us look!

  8. rofl Says:

    Ya’ll have no street knowledge, only knowledger you have is what yopu hear on music cd’s and see on tv or movies, so yall opinions mean nothing about camron because you have no idea about the street life so fall back

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