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Ice-T & Jay-Z being sued


Now I knew that Jay had stolen the chorus for 99 Problems from Ice-T, (Nas groupies always bring it up when claiming Jay is a biter), but I don’t actually know the original song, and I sure didn’t know that dude from 2 Live Crew was on it. Well he was, and now he’s suing Ice and Jay for unpaid royalties he feels he’s owed. Brother Marquis, pictured above with ‘friend’, joined 2 Live Crew even before Uncle Luke and shortly after the crew moved to Florida from Cali. I can’t really be mad at partner for going after what he thinks he deserves, plus it must be hard watching Ice on Law and Order every week and Jay rubbing up on Bey, while you’re at home with your fat, gay, whiteboy lover.

(Of course I’m kidding about the gay lover part, that’s just some dude who took a picture with him. I would normally have let the joke ride, but this guy obviously likes to sue people, and I ain’t got it.)

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2 Responses to “Ice-T & Jay-Z being sued”

  1. Fe Says:

    I read that stuff on allhiphop.com and I’m wondering: does he sing the hook on the original track ? That is the only reasonable cause I see for him to sue them like that.

  2. eskay Says:

    yeah I don’t know, I’m trying to get my hands on the original so I can see, but I’m not holding my breath, Home Invasion isn’t exactly an album you come across everyday.

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