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The NY Post needs to get a clue


Somebody at the NY Post needs to get a clue.  Check this shit out:


November 14, 2005 —  The mystery man who pumped nine bullets into 50 Cent was later hired as a bodyguard for the rapper’s arch rivals — Murder Inc. founders Irv and Chris "Gotti" Lorenzo, federal prosecutors say.

Standing next to the shooter that day in June 2000 was Queens drug kingpin Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, who helped fund the record label with dirty cash, prosecutors said.

McGriff was in a Murder Inc. office later that day, taunting the shooter for not finishing the job, prosecutors said. The suspected gunman, whose identity has not been revealed, was later assigned to protect Ja Rule, a star for the label, now called The Inc.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office wants the judge presiding over the Murder Inc. money-laundering case, which begins tomorrow in Brooklyn federal court, to allow them to bring up all of the supposed shady connections between McGriff, the Lorenzo brothers and 50 Cent. 

They’ve got to be kidding me. I guess this may be news to the conservative, Rethuglican demographic that The Post caters to, but not to the 8 million or so people who’ve heard 50’s first album.  I can’t help but laughing reading this shit, especially this: "The suspected gunman, whose identity has not been revealed".

Get a grip, everybody knows it was Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum, notorious Brooklyn stick up man and associate of the real 50 Cent and Mike Tyson. You would think that The Post would know this since they reported that Baum was the shooter a month ago on the same day that SOHH and AHH ran similar stories!  That’s that good NY tabloid journalism for you. 

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5 Responses to “The NY Post needs to get a clue”

  1. Rizoh Says:

    LOL, yo E leave THe Post alone! they fell off a long time ago just like the New York Times

  2. eskay Says:

    “Hit the skinz hard, she’ll hang on to the bedpost
    Then I drop my load, then get up and make some french toast
    Run and get the paper and it won’t be the Post
    After that you know the flavor I’m ghost!”

    -Grand Puba, Skinz – 1992

  3. ethan brown Says:

    For this post and your earlier post about Queen Reigns Supreme being something like ‘Ghetto Qu’ran’ in book form you more than deserve a complimentary book. E-mail me your contact info. and I’ll send one right out…

  4. Rizoh Says:

    heyy what about me, lol

  5. L P Says:

    it wuznt hommo… fifty said that shit to get niggas thinking that he wuz that important. hammo stuck niggas up and bodied dudes in his life. for a nigga thats a pro at that shit for him to shoot a nigga nine times and not hit a main organ, kill em or make him brain dead is like reggie miller missing a free throw… that shit never happened.

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