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50 Loses to Animated Chicken


Now, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t loving the fact that 50’s movie completely flopped this weekend, so I won’t say it. But I’m loving it.  The funny thing is I was talking to somebody, I forget who, just last week about the possibility of it not doing well and how great that would be. We both pretty much agreed that it would be pretty much impossible for that to happen…and then the numbers came in:

1 Chicken Little            $80,774,000     3658
2 Zathura                     $14,000,000     3223
3 Derailed                    $12,800,000     2441
4 Get Rich or Die Tryin’ $18,203,000     1652

Now in all fairness it should be noted that those numbers after the gross are the number of theaters each movie was showing in, and as you can see GRODT was shown in far fewer theaters than the other 3.

That said, GRODT had one of the biggest marketing pushes I’ve ever seen for a Hip Hop film, and it was released two days earlier than the other movies. In the past few weeks it’s been pretty hard to turn on the TV and not see 50 promoting one way or another.  This guy has books, soundtracks, re-released albums, and even video games all meant to sell you his fake gangster image and ultimately make you come out your pockets.  It looks to me like the public has had enough of what he’s selling.

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16 Responses to “50 Loses to Animated Chicken”

  1. T Nelson Says:

    I saw the bootleg of 50’s movie and if you heard his first album you’ve already seen the movie. i wouldnt waste my money on seeing it. If u gotta itch to see it just listen to Many Men for a hour and a half its the same thing.

  2. strongchef Says:

    T said it best and eskay it was me u were talking to about it and I said fuck for too 50 but still thought he was gonna do crazy numbers. That being said I seen the movie (I paid for derailed and seen grodt) I cant lie I enjoyed the movie even thought the acting was to be desired…

  3. eskay Says:

    >>(I paid for derailed and seen grodt)

    Nah Right…!?

  4. Fe Says:

    I read the reviews and I’m waiting for my man with the bootleg to come around.

  5. Mr Belvedier Says:

    Damn man!!!! U people r makin fun of how 50’s movie did compared to CHICKEN LITTLE but u forgot one fact!!! CHICKEN LITTLE started in 3600 theaters & GET RICH in 1600 so cut the crap!!!
    Moreover, nobody forces u to go & see the movie or even enjoy it so pliz, STOP HATIN!!!!

  6. eskay Says:

    >>but u forgot one fact!!! CHICKEN LITTLE started in 3600 theaters & GET RICH in 1600 so cut the crap!!!

    how did I forget that when I mentioned it right there in the post, I even bolded it for the visually impaired. So like I said, yeah those other movies opened in more theaters, but no lie, the first time I even heard of Zathura was when I saw it in second place. 50’s been marketing GRODT since before it was even finished filming.

    face it, he flopped. its ok it happens to the best of ’em.

  7. eskay Says:

    Oh, and it should also be noted that this was Chicken Little’s second weekend in theaters, which is not usually a movies strongest selling period, so 50 got wupped by 2 week old left over chicken.

  8. strongchef Says:

    whoooo that shit is stinky ggggggunot

  9. e dubbs Says:

    face it, he flopped. its ok it happens to the best of ‘em

    I bet D-Block wishes they could get that kind of flop.

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    […] to his head, he wishes 50 good luck. 50 is probably gonna need it too, after the very public L he took this weekend to a chicken, he has now lost the […]

  11. Mo'Nique Says:

    i told ya that this was going to happen but him losin to a fuqqin chickin is fuqqin hillarious u got to admit it i would have neva thunk it. next tim he make a movie he need to make sure that he release it b4 a cartoon comes out b-cuz tha g-unit gangstas might get side-tracked and go see tha cartoon.

  12. (. --) Says:

    Chicken Little

    Chicken Little. For those who really likes chicks.

    Will sky fall or somenthing else will happen?

  13. Wordlife Says:

    I got the bootleg and I’m glad I only paid 5 bucks for it. Going to Theaters to see that crap would be a waste of time and money.

  14. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Stray Shots Says:

    […] lking to on his new track ‘Child Support’?  After a very high profile flop in theaters last month, 50 now wants to get into movie produc […]

  15. A Pills Says:

    I bet D-Block wishes they could get that kind of flop.

    shut yo ass up pussy bwoi. fuckin G Unit stan. I saw GRODT on bootleg for free and I still felt like i wasted money. Fuckin worse movie ever made. Fuck 50 he a pussy bwoi



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