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Prodigy Loves 50 Cent


I’d heard about this a while back, but I’ve been looking for a good picture as proof. Whatever it is that Prodigy and 50 have going on is really sick. First Prodigy declares: "50 Cent saved me, not Jesus Christ", and now this? It kinda makes you wonder, no?

From SOHH:

Earlier in the episode, 50 and Prodigy of Mobb Deep revealed that they had tattoos of one another. Fif showed a Mobb Deep tat scripted on the back of his right wrist while P showed off a G-Unit tat on his right hand.

On a seperate note, what exactly is that thing standing behind Ballerina P?

(Pic straight jacked from DubCNN and flagrantly cropped. Holla at me.)

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8 Responses to “Prodigy Loves 50 Cent”

  1. KillaKrome Says:

    Does ne1 sense these 2 are becoming a bit 2 close???? i dont thjink yayo will be very happy

  2. KillaKrome Says:

    oh yeh what happend to the other memba of G-Unit the 1 wiv the mighty chin i hope its sumfin really bad

  3. Mo'Nique Says:

    i told ya g-unit stood for gay-unit nobody believe me now it’s all comin to light. i don’t know who u talkin bout killa but i think you talkin bout lloyd banks

  4. |KillaKrome Says:

    yeh dats him where he at? I used to use him to get to sleep and im tired

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  6. HollyHood (future g- unit artist) Says:

    ohhh dats cute

  7. N.A.T Says:

    I just think P got mad luv 4 50. I don’t know why but shit happens

  8. N.A.T Says:

    p is dealin what a lot of shit, but did u listen to pearly gates, it don’t give u the right to diss any religion, even if u believe in it or not. thats fucked up.
    but thats somethin Prodigy gon to have to deal wit. i luv hav and p but thats only in rap musik. be careful bout shit u say my nigga, 1 luv

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