First GRODT Casualty


Ok, so maybe I spoke a little bit too soon when I said it was bullshit that a hood flick might incite violence:


WEST HOMESTEAD, Pa. — Gunfire in the Loews Waterfront movie theater killed a man Wednesday night, West Homestead police said.

The victim, identified as Shelton Flowers, 30, of Wilkinsburg, was hit in the thigh and chest. He died later at UPMC Presbyterian.

Allegheny County police said a confrontation broke out between Flowers and three other men in the bathroom.

Flowers had just left the 9 p.m. showing of the new 50 Cent movie.

The theater has pulled the movie until an investigation is complete. If you ask me 50 probably paid somebody to pop off on opening night, because as we all know, his big release dates are always accompanied by acts of violence.

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2 Responses to “First GRODT Casualty”

  1. e dubbs Says:

    It’s good that they pull the movie because a dude is shot AFTER seeing it. Thats like pulling a movie if a dude went home and killed his wife after seeing it..

  2. Mo'Nique Says:

    even though i dont like 50 they shouldn’t had pulled the movie because of that. they didn’t pull the Matrix after them calumbine kids did what they did and shit they killed more than one person plus dem selves. they did it because its a black movie. now lets ask 50 this where’s Bush when u need him.

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