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Beanie Sigel jailed for child support


Not-So-Teflon Beans was jailed today on an arrest warrant for 26 large that he owes in child support to two of his baby mamas. Damn Beans you can’t serious. I hope this is some kind of misunderstanding, because this is the type of shit I’d expect from Young Cheezy, but not you dog. Your supposed to be a standup dude. What ever happened to "Tuck kids under covers, buy cribs for they mothers"? Come up out your pockets Beans and support you chil’runs.

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4 Responses to “Beanie Sigel jailed for child support”

  1. SEEUNO D.I.Y.M? Says:

    i guess nobody wanna hear about the truth im the only one commenting on you beans write the check my nigga you platinum

  2. monique Says:

    that’s real

  3. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Beanie Sigel Shot Says:

    […] where he is being treated and expected to recover. Damn it’s been a rough 12 months for Beans. I’m glad to hear he’ll be ok an […]

  4. primo Says:

    I think people should mind there own buisness I know he’s famoue and it is hard too but still just because you did’nt pay support don’t mean you don’t take care and love your kids

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