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Catch a Flick or Die Tryin


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post should in no way be interpreted as support for 50 Cent or his movie.

I’d just like to stand up and say that the idea that a hood movie will insight violence and should be handled differently that any other violent movie is bullshit. I mean really when is the last time something popped off at a movie, wasn’t it like Juice or something? You may have noticed that GRODT is being released on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday which is when most movies drop. Apparently, the idea here is that negros are less wild on weekdays, and just in case they do wild out, their will be a minimum amount of white people caught up in the black-on-black or black-on-hispanic violence. 

In this article, some box office statistic guy makes some absurd statement about how the extra security is normal for movies that appeal to a young male audience and that they even beefed up security for Jackass. Yeah alright, I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t ever remember seeing extra security at any movie without  a hip hop soundtrack. The article then goes on to say how much of an honor it is for the movie to start on a Wednesday. Somehow I think that in this case, it’s for different reasons than Star Wars.

On another note this whole billboard non-issue is a major waste of breath for everybody involved. Is it wrong to put them up in the ghetto which is already infested with guns and violence? Sure, it probably. Is having them there or not having them there going to make even one little bit of difference for better or for worse in the hood? Of course not.

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8 Responses to “Catch a Flick or Die Tryin”

  1. SEEUNO YBN Says:

    fuk 50 i hope he gets shot while hes shittin on his bday next his son holdin his moms picture speakin 2 his grandma on the phone…..DBLOCK4LIFE….LET THE LOX GO 2!!!!!!!!!!

  2. e-dubbs Says:


  3. Ves Says:

    whoa–easy see–but i agree– Dee Bee eL O Cee Kay!!!

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  5. KillaKrome Says:

    Ruff Ryders 4 life

  6. Mo'Nique Says:

    it’s really dipset or three 6 4 lyf…or ruff rydas 4lyf yeah.

  7. KillaKrome Says:

    fine ruff rydas 4 lyf happy but really it aint about three 6



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