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Sheek Louch arrested


As if yesterdays announcement by Kiss and SP wasn’t bad enough, HipHopGame is now reporting that Sheek Louch was arrested sometime last night:

LOX member Sheek Louch was arrested last night after police received a tip that he had a stash box and guns in his vehicule.
None of those items were found in Sheek’s car but the police did arrest him and locked him up for a suspended licence.

A tip huh? The night before his album drops? I wonder what rat bastard could have phoned that in?

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9 Responses to “Sheek Louch arrested”

  1. e dubbs Says:

    He was on the radio today saying that the police told him “50 cent us”. You gotta love it. What I found funny was that this Stephen Jackson faced fool had the nerve to say his album is an album that you can listen to from begining to end and compared it to some of the great albums from the 90’s era. He should be locked up for purgery.

  2. Mo'Nique Says:

    Damn can u sell a record first shit. get a fuqqin grip on ur balls an roll em niqqa.

  3. Rizoh Says:

    “He should be locked up for purgery. ”

    LOL…man it never ceases to amaze me how we wind up blogging about the same thing everytime. s..it scary lol.

    i hope Sheek didn’t get someone to snitch on him. rappers nowadays are suspect

  4. e dubbs Says:

    sidenote, is it just me or does sheek look like Doobz from Sporty Thievz in that pic? See pic on right hand side..


  5. Fresh Says:

    Damn damn damn James!

    You’re so on point about 50/Yayo.

  6. Mike G. Says:

    Yeah like 50 got time for that. Like 50 know what Sheek is in and riding around with. It is a well known publicity stunt to get arrested with a album on the way…

  7. Mo'Nique Says:

    do it eva really work do it if not they dey need to stop da bullshit.



  9. RedAlert Says:

    Who cares what these people do it affects us in nooo wayyy at all, i listen to sheek’s after taxes album because it’s awesome, and I also listen to fifty………not as much but he’s got some awesome songs, like how we do……….I also listen to Rock, 70’s 80’s, pop,country etc If music is good, listen to it, I’ll tell you if sheek didnt get arrested I still would buy his album…….Spice1 is the best rapper ever………But take a listen to NOAH23 from Canada…….

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