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Eminem – When I’m Gone


New Eminem from his upcoming ‘Best of’ album, Curtain Call. This is one of 3 new songs that will be on the CD. Sorry about the dirty, radio ripped copy, but whatever. WARNING: This song is a big Hailie/Kim lovefest.

Eminem – When I’m Gone

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8 Responses to “Eminem – When I’m Gone”

  1. That radio dude Says:

    Mojo is a good friend of mine where did you get the audio?

  2. e dubbs Says:

    get this undercover racist culture vulture outta here.

  3. eskay Says:

    >>Mojo is a good friend of mine where did you get the audio?

    I stumbled across it on the Internets.

  4. KillaKrome Says:

    when hes gone no1 will give 2 shits hes a punk medicore at best its about time he did what he promised and topped himself

  5. Nah Right » Blog Archive » 2 New Eminem Joints Says:

    […] ough the beats on both of these are decent, I’m not at all impressed like I was with ‘When I’m Gone’. ‘FACK’ is 3 1/2 minutes a […]



  7. MySteeK Says:

    e dubbs…racist culture vulture??? yer so fuckin lame its not even funny. dont hate on Em cause he took the light from every other rapper in the game and made it that much harder for another black man to shine, only this time in they own world. Oops…my bad, did I jus say that??? I only speak the truth, and the truth is yer upset that the best…yes, let me repeat that…the BEST lyricist in hip hop is a white dude. Get off Ems dick and keep it movin dawg…dont be mad

  8. MySteeK Says:

    People tend to compare 1 artist to another am i not right??? Course I am. With Eminem, u compare him to his older material. He’s that good man. Why do ya’ll think he makes songs like FACK?? He hasnt got shit else to prove to u fuckin people! Deep down ya’ll know Eminems an artist the industry fears. Go head…beef wit um. See if he dont end ur career faster than he did to Ja’s…yer all so fuckin caught up in yer own world that yer blinded by his stroke a genious that he leaves everytime he opens his mouth and words come out. Point is, Eminem is the nastiest artist pound fer pound. Who else u know wit better content, structure, wordplay, delivery, flow with an unmistakable voice that goes right thru ur soul. Not to mention when u throw in the mix the ability to produce hit after hit along with business skills that makes wallstreet cringe…who the fuck else is left? ya’ll just LOVE to HATE dont u. Keep it movin, this shit is finished right here. Go buy Curtain Call u dumb fucks

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