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The Boondocks – Episode 1


After what seems like forever, the first episode of the Boondocks finally debuts tonight on The Cartoon Network. I’ve always loved the comic strip, and even though it hasn’t been as good as it probably could be lately, Huey is still the world’s realest little kid.

In this pilot episode Huey, Riley, and they’re grandfather go to a party at the home of a wealthy white neighbor and while Huey explains to the white folks how Ronald Reagan was the devil, Riley helps the guy’s grandson test out a bullet proof vest.

It was funny at times and liberal use of the N word is always good for a few laughs, but I felt like they could have come with a stronger debut episode. Even so, all in all , I’d say it was entertaining and we can always use shows that aren’t afraid to say this kinda shit on TV and not worry about who gets offended. 

The Boondocks Episode 1 



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5 Responses to “The Boondocks – Episode 1”

  1. Mo'Nique Says:

    this show is aff da hook. im lovin how dey got Charlie Murphy playin da rich white man son and he is crazy az shit. tell me u aint feeling tha show and i will show u a hata.

  2. T Nelson Says:

    yeah the show was great but white people going to cancel that shyt the first chance they get lol

  3. Mo'Nique Says:

    u aint neva lied cuz that show got to much truth in right now. “the white man do like chesse” gets me out of trouble ery time “why don’t we talk bout my bills ova some velveta chesse” yyyeeeaaaa.

  4. e dubbs Says:

    i was going to post a link to download this episode because i was afraid cartoon network would never let it air due to the fact that the whole show is basically airing out honkeys. Hands down best cartoon ever, kids need to watch this! Learn who the enemy is at an early age.

  5. ollie Says:

    yes i like eminem but everyone that is comenting r motherfuckers

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