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Stray Shots


Is Jay-Z about to cop The Source? Aside from the obvious conflict of interest, I think Jay could probably return the mag to the old days when it was still relevant.

Speaking of Jay, R.Kelly recently filed another, new lawsuit against him seeking 16 million in damages for the macing he caught from Jay’s boy, Ty Ty.

Ever wonder what exactly Jay does as part owner of the Nets? Former Net Aaron Williams says not much.

Meanwhile, the downward spiral of Dame Dash continues.  

It’s funny how after Kiss and Nas align themselves with Hova, 50 all of a sudden changes his tune.

At the premier of his movie, 50 continued to fuel rumors that he is a closet Rebulican when he co-signed Bush’s gangster.

These niggas in France are willin out. People here better pay attention, the next time something like that happens, it could be on your block.

Hip Hop Karaoke anybody? Yeah, me neither.

Nas associate Quan speaks on his recent arrest in VA, his deal with Atlantic, and the Jay and Nas lovefest.

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One Response to “Stray Shots”

  1. KillaKrome Says:

    Word at last the source is a shyt magazine that licks every artists ass their interviews r so plastic i hope now some real ish gets printed up in thur as for R Kelly throw fire pon him i dont understand y so much people are addicted to that deformed rabbit fiddy hes a punk ass snitch hes a blatant sell out an i hope dre tells him to fuck off soon. fiddy has single handedly tuned hip hop into a fukin joke fiddy has all these fukin whiteboys (middle class gangsters) finkin their the shit sombody put an end to that fukin punk

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