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Lil’ Ballerina P


I hate to even post this, because 1.) it’s so disgusting and 2.) I just know some people are gonna come in here and try to use it as an example of how 50 is that nigga, but here goes.

In the new issue of Vibe you’ll find the most disgusting interview I’ve ever read in my life with Havoc and Ballerina P of Mobb Deep. Here are some snippets:

Vibe: So, I guess it didn’t bother you that on "Piggy Bank" 50 said to Jadakiss, "I’ll do your little ass like Jay did Mobb Deep?"

H: Nope
P: When he said that line, he was just talking about what really happenned. At Summer Jam, Jay-Z put up a picture of me when I was a little kid in my grandmother’s dance school. We’re all bigger than Jay now.


Vibe: Havoc produced "Don’t Need Your Love" on The Documentary. And P, you did "Dead Bodies"on the Alchemist’s album with Game. Will you continue to work with him in the future?

P: If Fif tells me, "Yo don’t give that nigga no verses," them niggas ain’t getting no verses, man. It’s not gonna stop my money, ’cause I’ll get money from somewhere else. I’ll be like All right, cool. What verse can I do? That’s where I’m gonna get money from, then.


Vibe: How does your G Unit affiliation affect your relationship with Nas?

P: Who that? You’re talking about Milkshake? He’s not in the picture no more. He left the radar.

So there you have it, Prodigy has officially lost what little scraps of respect he had left after getting Summer Jam’d by Jay, robbed by Tru-Life and punched in the face by Keith Murray. The saddest part is, there was a time in the 90’s when this dude was considered a top 5 NY M.C. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  

(Pic stolen from Snicka.com)  

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34 Responses to “Lil’ Ballerina P”

  1. T Nelson Says:

    wtf 50 must be slipping niggas e-pills mobb deep have always been on some stand alone type of shyt but i guess when u start cooling off you do what u gotta do…….. i cant wait to see how e-dubbs sucks 50 off to this story

  2. e dubbs Says:

    Damn.. You really must envy me, homie. You gonna make me get ya girl pregenant, you keep it up.

    But my main response to this article is that Prodigy was NEVER a top 5 NY MC, EVER.

  3. SEEUNO 36C Says:


  4. Mo'Nique Says:

    okay, okay once again wtf is this bullcurkie but Mobb Deep right now aint nuthin but some 50 cent butt plugs all in his shit tastin his grits an shit. they sum punks gonna say if fif say dont make no verses for dem cats if u wanna make money dats sum bullshit if i ever heard it speically if u aint have no prolem doing it b4. and now i hear BME is joining G-Unit because Gay-Unit is not doing so well so they trynna merge wit BME click an the first artist to be released on G-Unit is Lil Scrappy an if dey fuck him ova an dey change his sound or any shit like dat its gonna be some prolems cuz dats my fuqqin baby right der. oh yeah MOBB DEEP sum str8 “take it up da azz by 50 cent BITCHES”.

  5. buddy bredrin Says:

    Dem Nah right. Money shudda neva change a frenship.Idyot bwoys dem!


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  7. d Says:

    Niggers are apes

  8. eskay Says:

    ^ your mother is a hairless dog

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  10. N.A.T Says:

    This is the first time I saw this picture, when I seen it, I was like “Whoa”
    I got love for Prodigy and Havoc. Prodigy was only 8 years old, its not like he doing that shit as a grown ass man. Every body have skeltons in their closets. The picture don’t mean nuthin. Fuck that, I ain’t on nobody dick or nothin, cause I don’t dick ride on no niggas. Real niggas make moves, that what mobb deep did, MOVED ON. Jay is a bitch, to show some bullshit like that. Thats some lil girl shit, to go down to a kid’s level and do something like that. Thats childish. Jay did all that shit at the summerjam. But didn’t show up at the source awards. That proves it all Jay is Pussy. Real niggas take it to the streets. BY the way, Who ever said niggas are apes, suck a dum dick. Word Up

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    This entry was posted

  12. MEGA' Says:

    A few years ago Prodigy was one of the illiest lyricist in the game; but niggas fell of trying to keep it grimy. They could have moved major weight if they would have been about chips instead of that ignorant bullshit! In my opinion “The Infamous” is in the same category as “Illmatic”, “Reasonable Doubt”, “36 Chambers” and “Ready to Die” But now they gotta suck fifty off in order to get paid because the didn’t capitalize on their strength when they had a chance; it’s a fuckin disgrace! But hay do what you gotta do to feed the seeds.

  13. dj Groove Says:

    Mobb Deep will survive. Why? Because they have always keep it hardcore. After meeting them up close, both of them cats are about as tall as my daughter but they still have more heart and balls than some bigga nigguhs (sickle cells and all). Jay Z is a talented leech. He attached himself to Jaz O (stole his name and style even), attached himself to Original Flavor (outdid them on their most unknown but famous cut “Can I Get Open”), attached to Dame & Biggs to build a semi-solid record label (Rockafella) and now he’s reattached to Nas for support after boasting about nutting in his baby momma and throwing the used condom in Nas’s kid’s car seat (if that happened outside of rap music somebody would have been shot). Jay is a great lyrisict but he is also a male version of Jenny Lopaz who jumps from one person to another to build himself up. Lord know what happened to Amil and Rell but I’m sure Memph Bleek is going to find out. 50 has sold his soul to Interscope but has become a better businessman for it. I’mma call that nigguh Hoodini if he pulls this dream team rappershit off but if he doesn’t I’ll also be the first in line booing.

  14. How to Get the Girl of your Dreams Says:

    P will always be a great lyricist. The stuff he was spitting in the mid 90’s was undenyable.

  15. EfYu Says:

    What a pair of fucking sell out coons….

  16. Menz Says:

    Fuck Mobb DEEp particularly P is a Snitch

  17. Just me Says:

    WOW…I would have never thought someone would say that about NAS but like they say….I guess they have to do what they have to do to sell records…

  18. Angel Says:

    I have always been a Mobb Deep fan way back to Peer Pressure. But I really feel that by signing to 50 they really sold their souls. On one of the g-unit mixtapes they were on, P had a verse that said “50 cent saved me not jesus christ”. How you gonna say that dawg, that is wack. Right now P is embarassing me I can’t even go around saying I like Mobb Deep anymore. One thing though I like how Havoc is staying quiet, you go my nigga just stay quiet and collect them checks. Bad boy’s move in silence.

  19. Prodigy Says:

    Mobb Deep Rules

  20. oStradamUs - Abdellatif Rochdi Says:

    Will you judge someone by his childish story ?? Prodigy is a big career he’s the one of the biggest rappers in world, i even cosider him better than the playing Snoop Dog as this one lost his old good carreer.

  21. presto Says:

    looks more like MJ than ballerina, and in 88 it was cool to be a michael jackson fan, so jay basically exaggerated

  22. F.O.N Says:

    Baqk in the day Prodigy was one of the top 5 mcs in the 90’s. That nigga can spit. Listen to:

    apostle warning, shook ones 2, cradle to the grave, drink away the pain, bloodsport, animal inscint, Extortion, any song back in the 90s-2003 was hot wit prodigy in it.

  23. Richie rich Says:

    Havoc is ok P is a gaylord who has been dissed by everyone

    When it comes to paper and status and record sales how can he compete to jay

    he is just 50,s bitch and when 50 decides to diss them (and he will)

    what tha fuck they gonna do then

  24. HoodyG Says:

    That’s right, I mean, you gotta be loyal and not be like gayme and monique, stfu you little slut or I will do your lil ass like my homie did your mammie. YOu should back the fuck up. You peopl edont know how it is to make mllions…at some point u dont give a fuq no mo..fif is doing good…just let those records flow in…thats all I need…we care for the music bitches…not for their background or personal lives..

    GGG..GGGG….GGGGGGGGG U know what it is niqqa

  25. Kokane Says:

    Mobb iz da best but the only reazon day aint sell iz becausse evryone iz g-unot now but i’tl pass when buck comez out and witda change of heart footage and plus prodigy waz like 10 years old and at dat age u do wateva ur parents want u to do its not like game when he stripped when he waz a grown adult g-unit and why iz ja rule back hezso washed up LOL and can’t beleive sumone from LA actually haz a tounge ring game iz a faggot and hiz relationshiip wit diz gurl won’t last hez to much of a ladies man but banks iz more of a ladies man and i thnink dre likes 50 betta styll even though hez not producing any songs fo dem diz yr and i think dre shoulda gave buck a free beat for defending him at the vibe awards oh ye and all u g-unot luvers rememba when 50 confronted fat joe on da stage and joe needed hiz bodygaurd to come and defend him when he had juz said thx for all da security in here courtesy of g-unit joez juz a fat faggot who neva gets any action

  26. D-WEEY Says:

    for one yall need to stop hatin on 50 they nigga makin money pointblank and second mobb deep didnt sell their soul they was gettin shit at they old record label and they went to gunit now they got money u nigga is stupid u dont think u make changes to do somethin better and right now beivele it or not gunit is the best thing out right now rather u shoutin gggggg unit (which i am) or ggggggg unot (which im not) everbody has gunit on there mind.. and these picture are old how u gone dig some1 child hood up nigga look like he was 6 7 doesnt matter wat u did at that age but unlike them they didnt strip when they became men like gayme did them nigga loyal the rest of u nigga hatin on them and shit is dumb stupid get ya mind right gggggggggggggggggggggg unit
    get at me

  27. u niggaz some bitches Says:

    yeah thats like some political shit pullin shit outta someones past like game was a stripper, yeah in adulthood, p was what 8 when he did that shit, yo it was his grandmama you dumb asses i bet if your grandma had you at that age youd be doin some a that same shit, you niggaz love hatin i bet if u had any talent and 50 wanted tu sign you, and had u rollin in phantoms and wearin 50 thousand worth of jewels u niggas would be all on his nuts too, so stop frontin u niggaz just neva guna get the shot like these niggaz did, so fuck all a u

  28. capo Says:

    I’ve always liked Mobb Deep ever since Shook Ones dropped, but I gotta say something…

    Of course the Mobb was illest in their early career (1995-2000), and then it was all downfall from there (2001-2006), and even worse after signing with G-Unit.

    But think about it…
    1) So much shit happened to Prodigy in his downfall years, he got shut-down by Jay-Z’s “Takeover” and those ballerina pics at the summer jam concert, he got rocked in the face by Keith Murray, robbed by Tru-Life, has a fucked up voice from sickle-cell, and got dropped from Loud and Jive in less than 3 years. If all that shit happened to you, and all of a sudden a superstar like 50-Cent wants to sign you, I guarantee you would accept!!!

    2)Also, Mobb Deep arent the only rappers who cant spit rhymes anymore, NOBODY spits ill rhymes like back in the 90’s, Havoc even says so in an interview, how back in the day, rap wasn’t really the music of choice, so you had to be very original, and catchy (Songs like “Shook Ones”, “G.O.D. Pt. III”, and “Quiet Storm”). But nowadays, so many people like rap, that is doesnt even have to sound good for people to buy it, they just want some hip-hop.

    If you ask me, I’d say the dirty south fucked up rap.

  29. the don Says:

    The Dirty South didn’t fuck rap up. Lyricism has been dead in the mainstream for a long time, long before the South took over as the “mecca” of rap music (for the time being at least). Back in the days, so many niggaz was underground that you had to be lyrical to stand out. Every region got they own style, and what’s wrong wit us is that we hate other regions cause they don’t sound like us. East Coast claims that the South killed rap, when it was the redundacy of what they were saying that turned people away. East hates the west because of the gangsta rap that originated from there (and then subsequently stolen by Biggie…….I hate to say it, but Big swagger-jacked the gangstas rap and brought it to the East. During this time, nobody really gave the South a chance. The South had to soak up what the other regions came out with, and create a style off of that. The South took the drug game (cause anybody who knows anything about the crack game knows that 70% of coke comes from the south to the north) from the East Coast , and the love of cars and the gangsta rap from the west, mix in heavy bass lines and good production, and the Dirty South is born. In retrospect, I think that we (Cause I was born in the South, but moved to Jersey when I was 2.) hate all rap right now because we’re no longer the mainstream. I must admit that I was the same way. It took me having to visit my cousin in SC to realize that they got love for us, and respect us, but we need to be the bigger man and give them some respect, because most of them came from nothin. Living conditions are worse down there than up here, so they do what they gotta do to survive. Besides, for all the hype about Jay-Z bringin New York back, I don’t see him signing any of our rappers. He’s signing all down south rappers and making them big. If the King of New York won’t help his own kingdom, then why should I care about us?

  30. Pee Says:

    Listen up niggas, bitches, fans , haters. Believe it or not, dis be Prodigy of Mobb Deep. I came up on dis shit to see wats really poppin and to see wat people think about da Mobb, not that i too much care. The whole G Unit thing is bangin, so fuck yall niggas who against it. 50 brought us back up. We been in da game for a long time now, we started dis shit, so we gon finish it. We started out back in like ’92, but now its ’07. we cant be rhymin like how we did back den, its a whole new era, rap styles change, we gotta keep it real though, and hol it down. Fuck fake niggas. I suggest niggas go & cop cd’s like the infamous, hell on earth, murda muzik, h.n.i.c., buy it or bootleg it, dont give a fuck, its on me. I feel those are da most strong.
    Bitch ass niggas aint no da real deal. QB dun, waaddup.

  31. Gdot Says:

    I forget who said he wasn’t, but P definitely used to be a top 5 MC. Not even NY MC P used to be in your top 5 across the nation!!!! If he wasn’t then you didn’t here enough Mobb. There’s more to music then just what gets scanned.

  32. snort_snortCRAZY88SINCE88 Says:

    Bong BITCH!

  33. the truth Says:

    if u guys trippin off of P wearin micheal jackson when was lill u must think lilwaynes the biggest fag in the rap game for str8 givin baby some tounge

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