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50 Cent doesn’t care about Black People


From Contact Music:

Rapper 50 CENT has lashed out at fellow hip-hop star KANYE WEST for accusing US President GEORGE W BUSH of racism in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The IN DA CLUB star believes human intervention could not have prevented the effects of the hurricane, which killed over a thousand people in the US gulf states in August (05), and sees no point in reprimanding the President for something which was beyond his control.

He says, "The New Orleans disaster was meant to happen. It was an act of God.

"I think people responded to it the best way they can.

"What KANYE WEST was saying, I don’t know where that came from."

Now here’s a perfect example of a topic 50 should steer clear of. Two months after the fact, he wakes up and has an opinion about something. Where was he during that telethon anyway? Instead of trying to dictate to Dre who he can and can’t work with, he should be following his example and donating at least a million. We all know you got it killer, ‘cuz that’s all you talk about.

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14 Responses to “50 Cent doesn’t care about Black People”

  1. e dubbs Says:

    when your in the tax bracket 50 cent is in, you gotta support Bush. Its logic man.

  2. eskay Says:

    yeah he’s a Rethuglican.

  3. T Nelson Says:

    profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?

  4. T Nelson Says:

    yo e dubbs what exactly does 50’s dick taste like

  5. Mo'Nique Says:

    ^^ haha haah haha hooh eh eh he. thats exactly what i been sayin sumbody else sees it e dubbs u r ridin 50 cents dick a lil bit to ruff and from what T sayin u gots ta know how his jolly rancher taste. but back on topic with him dissin Kanye because of what he said about Bush the fuqqin truf hurts and u gots to admit it. now if 50 wasn’t in that tax bracket he would be feeling tha same too. he would prolly be protesting outside tha whitehouse. with his self made g-unit sign. but if u (e-dubbs) feel that 50 is right then thats you just like that is Kanye. u know what for him to talk that shit i ain’t see or hear anything about him helpin peolpe affected by KATRINA so we can see he don’t care bout black people as well and its a shame when he is black. fuqqin Curtis “Uncle Tom 50 Cent” Jackson. that should be his name. oh yea i like that eskay “RETHUGLICAN” lmao

  6. Ves Says:

    there he goes again. 50s’ hangin out with those damn white people too much- its official- that guy’s hood pass is revoked…

  7. e-dubbs Says:

    i see we got some homo’s in here love talking about another man’s reproductive sex organ.. he rich, yall poor.. be mad.

  8. T Nelson Says:

    aint nobody mad. its just u get on your knees everytime something is posted about him.

  9. e-dubbs Says:

    nope.. i know it makes yall mad, so i run with it. Be mad. He winning, I’m co-signing. Yall jumped from dick to dick of every artist that attempted to get at 50 only to be deflated when ish backfired. Yall got multiple johnson juice on ya chin. Be mad.

  10. duke Says:

    50 is right !

  11. eskay Says:

    That's Racist!

  12. e dubbs Says:

    that .gif is “fiyah!”

  13. Mo'Nique Says:

    ^^luvin it

  14. fuck d4l Says:

    50 cent is still to me a bitch but regardless what any of us say that nigga is fuckin rich as hell and all this shit yall niggaz is talkin still aint gonna change the fact that hes richer than all yall so find somethin better to do other than sit on the computer go get some pussy fuckin lames

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