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Tonight’s the Night

Thursday, October 27th, 2005


Well tonight is the big night. In about 10 hours Hovie will take the stage at Continental Airlines Arena in NJ and let somebody have it. The big question on everybody’s mind is who? Well the AHH Rumors section came through with a last minute theory this morning:


This is the big day, everybody. I know some aren’t even motivated to know whats going on tonight at the “I Declare War” New York Powerhouse Concert with Jay-Z and Friends, but I have gotten the rumors. I pierced the Def Jam walls to get the scoop from within “the building.” Don’t quote me – I ain’t saying nothing. Anyway, I heard that Jay is going after 50 Cent – not Game, not Dame and not Jim and Cam’ron. Now, on top of this, rumor has it that Jay-Z will be joined by an all-star coalition of supporters (hint: enemies of 50 & G-Unit). I’m not going to mention the names of the people that I heard are now down with Jay, but lets say that a lot of beef was squashed for this to happen – if its going down. Honestly, I have a hard time believing it, because it would be so incredible if it occurs. We’ll see. Now, if you want to join into the conversation, head on over to the Ill Community and jump in. 

I can’t even lie to you, I hope this happens. Like I’ve said 50 is outta control and needs to be made an example of.  Who better to do it than Jay? Now picture this: Jay and Nas vs. 50? Or how about Jay and Kiss vs. 50? Either way Curtis loses. I don’t care what anybody says, Curtis can’t win in that situation. Sure his movie will do aight, and he’ll still sell records, but this would mark the official beginning for the end of G-Unit. Mark my words.

Notorious B.I.G. – Duets tracklist

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

When I first heard about this Biggie Duets album I was kinda skeptical ‘cuz Puff done already ruined one Biggie album since he died, plus this project just has PROFIT written all over it. This tracklisting that I just found at Spine doesn’t make me fell much better:

01. Hold Ya Head f/Bob Marley
02. The Most Shady f/Eminem, Obie Trice & P Diddy
03. Spit Your Game f/Twista, Paul Wall & Bone Thugs
04. Whatchu Want f/Jay-Z
05. The Funk f/Nate Dogg & Redman
06. Get Your Grind On f/Big Pun, Fat Joe & Freeway
07. Living The Life f/Snoop, Ludacris & Faith Evans
08. Somethin f/The Game & Mary J Blige
09. Nasty Girl f/Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge & Avery Storm
10. Living in Pain f/2Pac, Mary J Blige & Nas
11. Want That Old Thing Back f/Ja Rule & Ralph Tresvant
12. Recognize a Pimp f/Too Short & Webbie
13. Three Bricks f/Raekwon & Ghostface Killah
14. What’s Beef f/50 Cent & Mobb Deep
15. Hustler’s Story f/Scarface, Akon & Big Gee of Boyz N Da Hood
16. Breakin’ Old Habits f/TI & Slim Thug
17. Mi Casa f/R. Kelly & Charlie Wilson
18. Just A Memory f/The Clipse
19. Running Your Mouth f/Snoop, Nate Dogg, Foxy Brown & Fabolous
20. I’m With Whateva – f/Lil’ Wayne, Juelz Santana & Jim Jones
21. Here We Go Go f/Q-Tip, Babs & Aasim
22. Ultimate Rush f/Missy Elliot
23. Make It Hot f/Ness & Aasim
24. Wake Up Now f/KoRn

Lets start off with the first single, Nasty Girl. Diddy, Nelly, and Jagged Edge? Shoot me now. And how about number 11, Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant? Oh yeah that’s the collabo Biggie fans have been waiting for. See Diddy’s problem is he’s just so flagrant with his exploitation of Big’s memory now, that he doesn’t even try to hide it. How do Q-Tip, Babs, and Aasim even end up in the same room together, much less on the same Biggie song?  

Cam and Dipset – Get em Daddy Remix

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005


As expected, Cam addresses the alleged carjacking:  

Cam and Dipset – Get ’em Daddy Remix


"I ain’t see stars, I’m a G par, threw the Lamb in 6th, drove to the ER." 

"They mad cuz my car’s like an elephant, trunk in the front…"

Stray Shots

Tuesday, October 25th, 2005


40 days on Rikers for DMX. Yeah, that sounds about right.

UPDATE: I don’t know how I missed this all day but apparently when X was leaving the courthouse a reporter asked him if he was looking forward to going to jail. X, of course, threatened to crack his head open.

Now that the dust has settled from the Great Cam’ron Carjacking of 2005, here comes all the publicity stunt, murder plot, conspiracy theory talk.  

50 40 Cent is at it again, and this time he’s being aired out for what he does best, profitting from images of violence and degradation.  But don’t alot of rappers do that, you ask? Sure, but I enjoy their music. 

That M.O.P. album that was supposed to drop is being pulled back off of shelves and being repackaged apparently because Koch tried to market it as a G-Unit release, which it is not. I can’t really blame them for trying although they should know that the boss over there doesn’t like people eating off his name or his crew, just ask the family of the Real 50 Cent.

The Game is building a state of the art recording studio and office in Atlantic City. The complex will be the home of this new imprint Black Wall Street East. I’m not sure this was a wise investment since his career may be coming to an abrupt end in about 48 hours.

What’s better than this Black Rob interview: "… [shouting] I don’t see Cam, Jim Jones… I don’t see none of them niggas out here right now. Fuck them! You tell your people that." Alrighty then…

The Murder Inc. Trial got pushed back like a Ja Rule album.

The Source is suing BET for a 100 Million for refusing to air the Source Awards. They’re are also thinking about hitting Flex with a lawsuit after he let them have it on air the other day. Meanwhile Tony Mayo, who had previously told Benzino that he had better watch what he says about his daddy boss in the magazine, had some harsh words for the Boston M.C. (if you can call him that). He also goes on to make all types of excuses for his shitty album sales. His argument is, hey 250,000 is good for a little soldier like me, especially since Kanye dropped the same day. Right, keep telling yourself that.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, and would somebody tell Jeezy to break his baby moms off a little something? Yeaaaah!

I miss the old New York

Monday, October 24th, 2005


You said it.

Via HypeBeast

Are you a Window Shopper?

Monday, October 24th, 2005


There’s been alot of Anti G-Unit stuff posted around here lately, so just to be fair and balanced I figured I’d post the cover of the new G-Unit mixtape, G-Unit Radio part 15.


Grand Theft Auto: D.C.

Monday, October 24th, 2005


So I was just going to post all of this in the comments section of the previous post, but Cam is such a classic character I said what the hell. I honestly can’t think of a better rapper to get shot and live, and I mean that the best possible way. You can be sure Mr. Giles is gonna bring the level of trash talk to new heights in the next few weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a freestyle addressing the whole situation within the next 24 hours.

Video of Cam leaving the hospital "They did a sloppy job"

Video of Cam arriving back in NY from D.C.

As expected, the mainstream media wasted no time trying to connect the shooting to ‘a fued with another rapper’. From the Washington Post:

Giles has been in a fairly public feud with rapper Jay-Z, who next week plans to give an "I Declare War" concert aimed primarily at Giles. But the two artists are known to keep their animosity to their music. Giles also recently filed a federal lawsuit against another artist over a songwriting credit.

A fairly public fued? Since when? Maybe after Thursday, but so far, nah no fued.

The Washington Post also reports that the Dips started arguing with each other at the hospital about why they weren’t there for their fearless leader when the ish hit the fan.  

Over at Sohh they’re debating whether Cam did the right thing by not giving up the car.  Of course alot of people are gonna say "Oh he’s stupid, he almost died over a car" , but I have to disagree. Who’s to say that if he woulda gave up the car, they wouldn’t have popped him anyway?

UPDATES: Only in the world of Hip Hop does a carjacking lead to a press release. "He even asked the nurse for her phone number when he woke up…"

"It takes more than a botched carjacking to keep me down" 

Grand Theft Auto D.C. – Part 2 

Breaking News: Cam shot in D.C.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005


According to AllHipHop, Cam was shot 3 times early this morning while leaving a club in D.C. Witnesses say 3 gunmen approached Cam and tried to get him out of his blue Lamborghini, but Cam wasn’t having it and tried to drive off. The g unmen then riddled the car with bullets, hitting Cam 3 times. According to the story at AHH, the wounds are not life threatening, and Cam is in the hospital recovering. Cam previously made headlines in the blue Lambo when he was arrested in Harlem for driving it with a suspended license. I’m glad he’s alright, but somebody has to say it: you couldn’t buy better marketing for an upcoming album and movie, especially one called Killa Season.

UPDATE: Peep this report from D.C. news. Who’s better than Cam: "…I see a guy jump out, he says ‘yo give up the car’, I looked at him and said, you crazy…"


Bad Album covers: Rev Run

Friday, October 21st, 2005


This is just uncalled for.

Smack’s Back

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

redsmack.jpg jeezysmack.jpg

gamesmackjpg.jpg jimmysmack.jpg

fabsmack.jpg bucksmack.jpg

For the last year or so we’ve had to turn to copycat productions like On the Come Up and All Access when we felt like having a gun pointed in our faces or being threatened by unsigned rappers crews. But not anymore, the originator, Smack DVD, is back with not 2, but 3 new volumes. Parts 9, 10, and 11 each come with alternate covers featuring Redman, Jeezy’s Snowman, The Game, Jim Jones, Fabolous, and Young Buck. These are so new that the Smack website doesn’t even know about them yet.