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You know even though I’ve been seeing all these Jam Master Jay articles lately somehow I didn’t realize that yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of his death. I knew it was coming up but somehow it crept up on me and none of yall said anything, and damn I can’t remember everything for crying out loud. So anyway, better late than never right.  The fact that after 3 years the cops know nothing is ridculous. I mean sure its been far longer since both Biggie and Pac, but this is Jam Master Jay we’re talking about here, without who there’d be no B.I.G. or ‘Pac. But I guess and the end of the day that doesn’t necessarily mean anything to homicide detectives, just to us.

RIP Jay  

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17 Responses to “JMJ RIP”

  1. e-dubbs Says:

    JMJ put 50 on.. God bless him for that!

  2. eskay Says:

    ^ then 50 turned around and had him assasinated.

  3. e-dubbs Says:

    “You could be next!”

  4. eskay Says:

    50’s definitely the next rapper to get killed, I think we all know that.

  5. e-dubbs Says:

    No way, you got a better shot at killing the president before 50. His security game is so CIA’ish. He’s a boss forreal.

  6. boosie the bluesman Says:


  7. BlackIce136 Says:

    I dont know if any of you ever met JMJ. I did. I f he were alive today, he wouldn’t even remember. I was an intern working through a high school TV program. We were on a public access channel and did a show called teen lifestyles. If anybody knows what Im talking about get at me. Anyway, the woman in charge of us kids, got us a gig at a B-ball game where a bunch of stars played against a radio team. Me an my man interviewed JMJ. I have since met a lot of Hip Hop stars and have met, interviewed, and even performed with some. J was the one that seemed most genuine. ALL OF THE OTHERS were obviously being interviwed.

    JMJ talked to us.

  8. Plug Says:


  9. Biddick Louvear Says:


  10. Lanna Jouja Says:


  11. Enon Says:

    Its mangos son

  12. cut that bitch off Says:

    wash yo nutz

  13. Lubara Simpkins Says:

    Hey lads

  14. Jakk Crakker Says:

    Hoo wanna baddel

  15. Boosie Says:

    shits disgusting b.

  16. Jud Buechler Says:

    yo fam

  17. proffesional white folks handler Says:

    good lawdy lawd

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