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Lil Flip: Defender of the South


SOHH has a story today about Lil Flip and how he now has beef with Paul Wall. Yeah I know, who cares. But in the story Flip also goes on to defend Southern Hip Hop:

"These niggas is trying to say that down south niggas ain’t lyricists," Flip explained to SOHH.com. "Just ’cause we don’t rap about dope and how big our guns… Every song can’t be about crack and dope. Fuck that. Tell some stories. Put some motivational shit out there. Let the kids know it ain’t just about selling crack."

Ok first of all, could there be a worse guy to stand up and defend the Durty than Flip? I mean I can honestly say I think he is the worst rapper I’ve heard in my life. He makes Mike Jones sound good and that’s saying something. I’m dying at that statement that people are saying they’re not lyricists. Gee, I wonder why Flip? It wouldn’t have anything to do with you would it?

How are you gonna say all we talk about is dope, crack and guns? I know he’s talking about NY even though he didn’t say it, but its all good. Please negro, didn’t you just get beat up by T.I.’s skinny ass? Like SOHH said in the article, all ya’ll talk about is Candy Paint and Sizzurp. 

Face it, Houston Hip Hop is garbage and ya’ll got about 5 minutes left. The only dudes in H-Town that get props from me are Bun B, and Scarface. Oh and that kid Chamillionaire is aight, but I haven’t heard enough to co-sign him just yet. Lil Flip, don;t make me post your high school picture nucca!

(Sorry in advance for this post, it’s been a slow news day, what do you want from me.)  

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48 Responses to “Lil Flip: Defender of the South”

  1. Rizoh Says:

    Anyone who refers to H-Town rap as garbage must not listen to Houston rap. Apart from the two vets you mentioned, there are tons of others that are not well known but much better than a lot of what you hear on radio. Take Godwon for instance, he restored my faith in Houston and hopefully the world will get to know him someday. I mean this cat can rhyme and I aint talking about candy-paints,flossin and ice grill.
    Anyway, Houston’s home of underrated gem if ya get my drift

  2. eskay Says:

    ^ There you go, put me on. I just wanna hear good lyrics, thats all….!

  3. Rizoh Says:

    yo E i’m a hook you up with Godwon. Get at me on aim: rizohceros.
    But for now, check out his websites godwon.net and myspace.com/godwon

    He also appeared in The G Code video with Geto Boys and has featired on HipHopGame time after time.
    jus get at me doggy

  4. e-dubbs Says:

    Dawg, look at that dudes face. Who cant take anyone with a face like that serious. He can’t defend himself against T.I., how can he defend the south?

  5. EJ Says:

    What do you mean his face? Are you attracted to him? fag

  6. HollyHood (future g- unit artist) Says:

    Man, Paul Wall VS Flip?????? Thats crazy imagin flip vs mike jones?? NO COMMENT

  7. HollyHood (future g- unit artist) Says:


  8. Matthew Alderete Says:

    Fuck all yall hain on texas we can rap better than any mc from any R.I.P. DJ Screw

  9. put in yo own work Says:

    how the fuck is T.I little skinny ass gonna say he can knock lil flip out

  10. Justin Says:

    1st of all TI didn’t hit anybody cuz he was too busy taking a punch from Z-ro. TI’s homie out of P$C hit flip but he didn’t get no where after he hit him cuz shots rang and everyone scatted

  11. htowntx Says:

    man alright how can you say h-town rap sucks???? lil flip aint houston. hawk, fat pat, esg, big moe, big pokey, botany boys, z-ro. just to name a few. flip sucks he used to go hard on freestyles but hes garbage now.

  12. cloverghustla Says:

    htowntx dont know wut he talkin bout
    u an ass cuz Trae and guerilla maab
    dumb ass
    stupid shit

  13. 7OF7 Says:

    Lil Flip defending the south? Damn right, who else paul wall, mike jones, slim thug. Boy please (Bum B is the shit at this time) but ya’ll dont know about have ya heard Where THe LEan At?, Purple Sprite, Getting some all freestyles flip be wrecking on the Freestyles. T.I kingofdasouth? LoL LOL.

  14. pilarsito Says:

    It’s sad when people don’t have a life when there talking in rap, Get flip’s freestyles and 1st 3 albums and you wouldn’t have any fucking room to talk. The only reason Flip flipped to commercial is cuz generic ass N.Y m.c’s ( if your favorite N.Y rapper don’t fit the role then don’t make him play the part, I’m even saying 50% of the N.Y rappers,) had a cookie cutter pattern and it worked for them so Flip went to N.Y and it worked for him ,but I come from a spoken word backround and we don’t fuck around with lyrics. I can rythme better than sayin harlem and problem, and party with bacardi, and hating on everybody for the decline of my success, yall got alot of commercial shit that just sucks so don’t say shit

    If I was born in New York, they would’ve said I was grimey
    I would’ve been king, my chick would’ve been your highness
    So don’t get mad; like it’s it’s a fluke I’m famous
    yall just mad cuz everbody loves texas like raymond

    from a austin texas poet/activist/graduate/director/m.c
    to all you hating East coast rappers Yah Mean

  15. thomas Says:

    u cant say that lil flip aint h-town. the dude is the fuckin king of the south and he got crowned that by the best dj ever to walk this earth (for those dumbasses out there that would be screw). he couldnt defend himself against T.I cuz T.I and his crew jumped him at his video shoot… last time i checked thats some hoe ass shit. flip defends the south more than any other bitch out there. if screw was still here it would be a dif story but its sad that he aint cuz we wouldnt have all this bullshit out right now. so if u wanna talk shit about texas rap at least listen to it first and get some info on to.
    screw, hawk, pat, mello

  16. Freddy P Says:

    We all know lil flip will kill t.i. on the mic. T.I. ain’t no real rapper all he doing is trying to diss somebody and get the last hit but lil flip said t.i. is a gold artist. He know that Luda and Lil’ Flip and can kill him on the streets and in the booth. Cause that underground stuff by Flip is Fiya

  17. Screw Dat... Says:

    Already about that lame ass bullshit dat nigga said about h-town rap. I live in da A-state (Arkansas). We been bangin da screw out da trunk. All y’all NYC muthafuckas try 2 dictate whatz suppose 2 be hot in rap. We know rap started up there .Fuck all dat shyt. Da people know what they want 2 listen 2 and it ain’t y’all shyt. Thatz why we have underground and y’all got dat shyt up there 2.
    Like dat boy E-40 said, ” I don’t rock mainstream I rock underground all dat other shyt is 2 sugar-coated and watered down.”All y’all NY muthafuckas talk about is lyrics this and lyrics that. Fuck all dat shyt. Y’all need 2 get cha weight and quit hatin on da dirty. We got shyt on lock and key and ain’t bout 2 let up…And if y’all hate h-town so much why y’all talkn bout screwin shyt up in y’all music. Last time i checked Beanie Seigal did a song with Bun B about Sippin on Dat drank. Also on sum otha wack ass attempt 2 be southern didn’t Dipset do crunk music (No disrespect i like dem niggas) And didn’t they make that fake drink “Sizzurp”…

  18. Screw Dat... Says:

    R.I.P.- DJ Screw, FAT PAT, and Big HAWK…
    Dirty South 4 EVER…BITCH

  19. Remix aka the kid Says:

    u the hardest nigga out

  20. Come on Now Says:

    I think that the Bay area and the South can shut this whole rap/hiphop thing down. Music doesnt always have to be about who is the most well-spoken. Oh and dont talk about T I being so damn skinny. I love him. :)

  21. Bro0kLyn MaMi Says:

    Yo Ya need to St0p hatin On NYC ThEy the Realezt out there right now..ya say all we talk about is gunz and dope ..but they talk about they life story and the real HOOD!..all ya texanz rap about is your candy paint grills nd what u be sippin on in da club…that Ish is mad wack already..AtL Rappers are way better and they actually rap about stuf…and ya 15minutez f fame is bout to be up …ya mad becuase ya aint lyricist…but why make a song if its about stupidity like ya when they be twistin up words to sound like they rhyme when they dont! any NeW YorK Iz the Sh*t and ya cant take that from uz we created it…Its a real urban city..the real hood…not no suburbs where everyone is tryin so hard to be gangsta because they ass is bored…any wayz ya need to0 give us our propz and move on with ya life jus admit it we the best!!

    The bro0klyn mami Reppin NYC to da fuLLezt!!

  22. joshua Says:

    dmx am abig ass fuck dmx

  23. THA Chi-Town Boss Says:

    Look, I’ll put this in plain english: T.I. is a BITCH! cant get no simpler than that. How do u go and diss someone who barely whoop yo ass. It’s obvious that he’s scarred of Black Al Capone and ZRO who handed T.I. the real ASS BEATIN. and if you listen to his diss records, not once did T.I. make a diss towards those two. T.I. said he went to ClovaLand to talk to Flip about gettin a deal on a song goin. if thats the case why would u roll into town in a black truck? This little bitch is just mad cuz Flip wouldnt let him in on the game over remix. I dont doubt that he would have went hard on the remix but that aint no valid reason in my book to get mad at a nigga. As far as him callin himself the kingofdasouth? LOL. Please. This man tryin to say he the king over everybody in the south that was out there b4 his ass? And if anybody says that he’s the ‘KING’ over THREE6MAFIA, then they dont know shit. It’s also about who u been on a song wit and who youve had on yo shit. Flip can say he done been on a song wit most of the best out there, includin them “OSCAR WINNIN KINGS OF MEMPHIS” Flip’s been on more regular songs than T.I. has on remixes, so what does that tell u? and if u add up on the remixes that flip has done to his regular songs, T.I. dont even come close. T.I.’s ‘KING’ album to me, only 4 good songs, maybe 5. It’s even real sad when this nigga said on the song ‘3 Kings’ on Slim Thugs cd “Im from the a but i got all of Houston wit me” when he doesnt. It’s only a matter of time b4 he fucks up and pisses off UGK, and just like Luda did wit Chingy, they gon kick his ass to the curb. And if he’s lucky, he’ll end up like his friend while he was on tour, DEAD!!! and then what? “Long Live The KING of THE SOUTH” LOL. I’m from the CHI so our radio stations play an equal amount of each region, east coast, west coast, down south and of coarse the midwest. I got respect for anyone who doin what they can to put themself or region on the map. but u only hurtin the goal when u too busy dissin someone from the same region. T.I. says he wants to help put the south on the map. aint doin a good job at it. wanna say the beef over wit Flip? why u still makin diss tracks? “I’m Talkin 2 U” just about explains that he still has a problem wit Flip along wit others. and if u hate a nigga that much, y tha fuck would u put 2 of his music videos on your own top 25? T.I.’s top 25: “They way we ball” at #19 and “Game Over” at # 8? most of yall probly didnt know that. makes u think, dont it? and just for laughs, i’d like 2 see T.I. try and diss THREE6, 50, or even Eminem. not hard guess to figure out who’d win that war.

  24. Flipper P Says:

    some are you are dumbasses…..lil flip will merked T.I in a freestyle and in fighting….lil flip crew clover G vs T.I. crew PSC…man clover g will fuck them up……T.I. screaming to everyone he’s the king of the south….ScarFace is the fucking king of the dirty south

  25. Dnice"Reppin CT Holla Says:

    First Of all i wanna holla @ all these ni99az from the south real quick……..NYC Started this rap so on the real yall niggaz need to stop and think twice before dissin NYC…………..An this Is to the ni99aZ in NYC……….Stop HATIN on the damn south……….Its 2006 DAMN IT look how many ni99az from the SOUTH IZ STR8 DOIN…….jeezy paul wall mike jones T.i. young joc slim thus bun b Pimp Lil flip RICK ROSS…………thats not even a tenth of the list them ni99az in the south RULIN HIP HOP right now so everybody need stop hatin on everyone………..this beef shyt iz gettin wack on da real Flip iz nice But this ni99a TI raps about real ……………………………DAMN………….I GOTZ madd love for the Dirty …………….My ni99az in greensboro NC holla @ me HOUSTON STAND UP ATL STAND UP…..im Out holla @ me

  26. H-Town Reppa Says:

    H-Town Represents. Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, D4L, Bun B, Lil Flip. And lets not forget the Ghetto Vaquero, AKA The Tamale King Pin, AkA, the Versace Marriachi. Thats right CHINGO BLING. Reppin H-Town Mexicans. He sells Tamales and will take you to the TAco Shop.

  27. Boricua4life Says:

    Fuck H-Town rap. NYC is where its at. Faboulous, Jay-Z, Diddy runs the city. and oh yeah, our Latinos will destroy your latinos anyday. We got the Bronx, we got Puerto Ricans, Fat Joe is the shit, he will crush chingo blings stupid mexican tacos and tamales anyday. New York Forever.

  28. lil_Trell str8 from da miltown Says:

    h-town rap is garbage as hell..i dont even fuck wit south rappers but t.i and lil wayne..fuck flip flop ugly ass

  29. chea!! Says:

    I luv new york and I m a texan yall niggas need to stop all that hattin on which side is best, the south has da rock and i guess we’re not letting it go. I just want to say TI is a fake as bitch, publicity stunt cake as nigga him and his PSC ( pussy squad click) thats why his ass got stompt by z-ro and TI was almost killed because of this fake TI called z-ro and flip out and z-ro beat him up and now is serving prison time till 2010. some rappers are dumb no disrespect, but clame to be tuff niggas are making songs with paris hilton and ricky martin. these nigggas are killing hip hop.

  30. KJ Says:


  31. MIKE Says:

    T.I ain’t no king of the south he just talking shit 2 get big that is what slim thug and paul wall triyng to do Lil fip made the way 4 them 2. so yeah he is defending the south of course who else would……….nigga come on now damn…………….

  32. MIKE Says:

    Paul wall in a chump shit chamillionare hates his ass too. The T.I beef got to where it is today cuz T.I.P was talking shit bout flips dad. T.I is not the king of the south and dumbass people are thinking that he is and that is false. That is a major overstatement. Paul Wall is a sorry ass rapper he is only there cuz he is white,but flip will wreck his ass for real.

  33. n/a Says:

    hold up why all ya’ll niggas talking bout houston’s rap is garbage. We got some of the best rappers down here. That nigga T.I. is a fake ass nigga so, dont be sayin what he raps about is real cause all he talks about is crack. and before u start talkin about how we cant rap down here just listen to that nigga z-ro, he is a real nigga, and he stomped that nigga T.I. Plus T.I.’s disses to lil flip are wack. Lil flip always punks that boy in a freestyle. Ex: “i’ma tell u like this u a bitch and u know it how u get out of jail early u a snitch i can show it, here goes my dick u can blow it since i stay on yo mind i know niggas that dont like u that stay in yo town.” That boy T.I. always gets wrecked on even by Luda. So next time u talk about H-town first listen to our music first.

  34. nick Says:

    damn… first of all, nyc rap is shit. ill give it to fat joe, but whoever says tht rappers like diddy can rap is a fukin dumass cuz he cant rap for shit. houston definitely kills nyc. but, you gotta give props to the yay- they get stupid, dumb, and hyphy over there. RIP Mac Dre…

  35. NITEmARE Says:

    fuck everybody that diss the south and who diss lil flip

  36. D_Ruff1 Says:

    Dirty south ain’t shit…its not hip hop..it might be rap…repetitive chorus chants….Lean wit it rock wit it 125 times ina row…Shoulda lean 125 repetitions…and oh yeah DJ Screw is not was not the greatest dj ever..RIP…but its true…he couldn’t have carried a crate full of records into a show for Chi-Town or NYC dj’s…ever hear about someone by the name of Capri…come on now…i ain’t hard to slow some sorry ass southern rap music down and draw out that draw…

  37. tyflo Says:


  38. mario Says:

    yo all niggaz talk shit bout h town suck my dick . u all niggaz are sick. fuck nyc. fuck ya all fuck 50 cent got jayzs dick inside his mouth while rappin . fuck p diddy if u think hes a rappa he isa gay runnin across nyc streetz is u all niggaz iant know bout rap plz dont bring ur fuck over here u know im sayin sut ur fuckin mouth up lil nyc ganbage..fuck ti hes a big shit

  39. rudedogg Says:

    lil flip iz da shyt! TI iz jus skin and bones, lil flip will beat his ass kuz TI is da greatest wannabee. LIL flip all ur albumz are da best in tha south, the defendin champion of the south. TI’s album is tha wackest shyt out there, not even one good song mane ur played out

  40. George Lopez (Da Freestyle Prince) Says:

    A man lil flip is one of the most unrated artist out there. He inspired me at a young age. So yall can kick rocks wit da media hatin fxxk boys. Oh yeah just to make a long story short, I Need Mine touches down May 2. And check out my boy’s mixtape I’m A Balla just a lil some to sweep u off ya feet. (ta, ha, ha ,ha)

  41. The Rippla Says:

    Fuck wat yall pussy azz fuck boi’s is saying.Da south is taking ova.Fuck new york,Jay-Z,Nas,Fat Joe,fuck them motherfuckas they dont know what they B talking about.Them some lames.I mean i’m not up there wur they is at but i stunt just like them mothafuckas u hurd

  42. D. hitter Says:

    Man come on step your game up before you make stupid commets, cats from New York been hating on southern cats evey since we’ve came up on the scene, hip hop isn’t who’s the best lyricist because when it comes down to it most rappers are talking about the same thing anyway they just have different ways of expressing themselves the streets is the streets no matter how you say it, Hip hop is about what the people like and what the people want to hear and the people don’t wanna her that bullshit ass New York music ya’ll had your time to shine it’s over now take it like a man. Flip doing his thing T.I doing his thing Rich Boy doing his thing and New York wellllllllll… New York is another state man this Alabama talking yall pussys need to just STOP HATING.

  43. tank nigga Says:

    Yo, 1st of all nyc rap game over, they got a couple nice dudes but aint nobody new comin from nyc, its all bout dat south shit. That’s y u hear ny dudes tryin 2 get w down south niggas and get that crunk shit goin

  44. FUCKYOU Says:

    you obviously dont know shit bitch. saying mike jones is better than flip is complete bullshit. h-town rap is fucking dope and your a huge fag. And there is no way in hell that that gay ass bitch ti did shit to flip. “next time you take your shirt off bitch get some tat’s”, “theres no way that fag could be my position, how can you defend yourself if you got malnutrition”. enough said queer

  45. fuckthat Says:

    we all know U.G.K are the greatest rappers to ever set foot on this planet. But flip better than T.I. come on.. thats just bullshit

  46. ja Says:

    aint no way in hell ti is fucking with flip ti is hot write now because of these dickridaz i’m talking about his fans and the media because that nigga is pure garbage if anything ti is an embarrasment to the south because he’s fake he’s a fucking dickrida himself he can’t rap worth shit and he run his mouth to damn much KING OF THE SOUTH what?????????????????? who lied to him lil flip on the other hand has to be one of the most underrated rappers ever if you don’t believe me check out his freestyles and his mixtapes so before you start hatin ya bitch do ya homework mike jones what??????? ti what?????????? paul wall what?????????? hell nah WACK

  47. jfoxgotraps Says:

    Flip is the King of the south. Dont put a blog hating on somebody, that makes you look stupid. You obviously dont know flip or his music. Dude is real. He keeps it on hundred. Do your thing flip and fuck these hating ass blog geeks

  48. jfoxgotraps Says:

    flip is the shhhit!!!!

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