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Cam and Dipset – Get em Daddy Remix


As expected, Cam addresses the alleged carjacking:  

Cam and Dipset – Get ’em Daddy Remix


"I ain’t see stars, I’m a G par, threw the Lamb in 6th, drove to the ER." 

"They mad cuz my car’s like an elephant, trunk in the front…"

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5 Responses to “Cam and Dipset – Get em Daddy Remix”

  1. Mo'Nique Says:

    get em daddy but will ever come back to d.c. after it is played:\

  2. Cam is the Worst Says:

    i hope he gets hit by a bus or how about “cam got slamed by a dogde rama”

  3. blazedadon Says:

    all you haterz stop front’n on dipset like they aint the hottest hardest flyest street team ever aint nobody touch’n them get cha money up you swagger jackers look out for my mixtape unsigned hype

  4. Carlos Says:

    Can we say “Bitch” boys and girls. I feel that Camie is acting just like the woman he is. Thats not to say that all woman behave this way, just the ones whos crush was not welcomed or whos d–K was pulled out to no return. Cam’ron, guuurhl pleez!

  5. killa Says:

    yaw all trippin on some dumb shit cam killed it in this shit on dome real muthafucka’s DipSet

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